Utopia P2P Ecosystem

Now information flow beyond the Internet runs with enormous speed. Thus, cyber attacks, data leakage, and espionage have more possibilities to escalate. Companies gain a billion worth income by accumulating the information Internet users leave as digital footprints. This business is allowed despite the fact it intrudes on one’s privacy. As long as you approve of the Term of service when installing apps, software, and using websites, you allow third-parties to collect data and analyze your behavior. Tracking mechanisms make data mining easy and global so that marketing departments and corporations could expand their influence. When you input sensitive data through popular messengers, browsers, online bank cybercriminals can reach the central server and steal precious details. Even more dangerous to commit payments via public Wi-Fi. When you are informed about global tracking, you might have no idea how to stay protected. Encrypted services open the huge potential for hiding your persona and bypass hacking.

Utopia is an all-inclusive P2P ecosystem combining a private messenger, browsing tool, mailbox, wallet, and Mining bot. Let’s plunge into the details and functions!

Why is this private messenger secure?

The active users joining Utopia multi-purpose networks are proliferating day by day. What are the reasons security geeks and privacy-conscious persons pick this communication tool:

  1. Excellent encryption. The technology of encryption Utopia puts in practice is the most up-to-date and verified. Quick Elliptic curve and 256-bit AES guard the input data, transactions, file storage, and all the possible ways of domestic interaction.
  2. Decentralization. Utopia is functioning a principal data storage server outwardly. The elimination of one guarantees that intruders can’t obtain the sensitive files transmitted in-house. P2P contact is a clue approach to avoid security breaches.
  3. Anonymity. Utopia users don’t reveal their real ID so that the ecosystem is fighting against identity theft and criminality. You will never be asked to attach a valid phone number, email, ID, social accounts. The members are recognized by an automatically generated code individual for each user.
  4. All-in-one. Utopia supports top kinds of web communications along with crypto operations. The multi-use instruments are at your fingertips all day long, and you can use them all in the same window. To do that, switch on the Hybrid model, and conversations, balance, and contacts perform simultaneously.
  5. Gratifying Mining. You will receive tokens in payment for the time you use the toolkit and presenting online. Local money arrives at your account flawlessly – simply enable the Mining tool in the setting.

A glimpse on Utopia ecosystem toolkit

uMessenger. The domestic instant messenger is a protected area for various aims – communications, file sharing, local file storage. You are free to exchange texts, media, and organize group conferences. What is crucial, while connection to several members though Utopia messenger, your communication is encrypted by default despite the members count.   Take advantage of funny stickers, engaging online games inside the messenger, combining security and entertainment!

uMail. The integrated mailbox tool is serving to exchange encrypted data across the network users. Essentially, you can email to someone who has registered via uMail, no sided services. This rule improves your safety. Also, users can create Templates for the frequently written emails submitting them to drafts. This hallmark makes the correspondence fast, clear-cut, and obviously five-star secured.

Idyll browser. The internal web searching instrument purposes of defending in-house browsing and page viewing. It is created to see solely websites produced with Utopia making the security proved and the data not accessible for intruders. Idyll, as opposed to similar tools, doesn’t amass metafiles, never accumulates the cache, browsing history, and keys. The browser is ad-free so that you only search for the information you really need! Plus, you can add your webpage easily and free of charge.

uWallet. Local crypto payments, transactions, card issuing, and trade are the principal purposes of uWallet. Members take advantage of flying transactions with other users within the networks improved with additional protection. You can issue a crypto card customize to your taste and design. Plus, you can enter Utopia as a merchant to market your products and services. To make money and create a business, you need to sign up as a merchant.

Finally, Utopia is a not a simple encrypted messenger. It’s an indispensable toolkit for individuals who are striving to defend sensitive data on the web, cover their lives from institutions, and obtain free coins! The tools are accessible free of charge – try on your computer and stay secured!


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