Crouch jump PUBG

All you need to know about PUBG crouch jump in one place.  Tie up a separate button for the jump and a separate button for the normal jump. This binding will not only be useful but will also exclude the possibility of using an action that you don’t need.

You have the opportunity of jumping at any speed. If the jump happened at the right moment, you’ll crash the window frame. Then you just need to press the “squat” button and bend a little, without jumping or jumping. The key to successfully performing this trick is by practicing.

Note,  that not all windows are suitable for bind crouch jump.

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Combination of keys

Open the settings menu.

Make sure that you have found the control section. Then scroll down to the controls for Sprint, Jump, and Squat. By default, the spring should be tied to the left offset, the jump to the form, and then squat to the left control.

From here, all you need to do is to install additional squat controls with jumps. Add the Shift + space macro as an auxiliary input for jumps and squats.

After changing these mounts you can use the squats whenever you like!

Advantages of Flat Jump

Now let’s see what benefits we get by adding this thing to our gameplay. The first thing you should pay attention to is whether we get more speed when performing this trick. When using this trick our character does not use the required animation to jump. Therefore the speed of jumping is much higher.

The second advantage is that with this jump we “fly” further. This is very useful when the area overtakes you quickly and you need to overcome as much distance as possible in less time. Saving time and less unnecessary actions is one of the main things in PUBG that will help you win or at least stay on the map as long as possible.

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