(QHD+) iOS 14 Official Wallpapers Download

iOS 14 includes 6 new backgrounds

As every year along with software ads, during WWDC the world is rewarded with new wallpapers for all iPhones, but also for others, why not. iOS 14 includes 6 new backgrounds and you can download iOS 14 Wallpapers here below. This time the “light mode” and “dark mode” versions are also part of the alternatives. So in total, there are 3 each in two variants.

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(QHD+) iOS 14 Official Wallpapers Download

As always Apple will introduce new wallpapers when bringing the iPhone 12, but let’s celebrate the release of iOS 14 at the moment. All the six wallpapers, three in light and three in dark shades, are elegant, minimal, expressive, and luckily for you are all available now to download in 2408 X 2408 pixels resolution at your device. 

Here’s the preview of the new iOS 14 wallpapers:

Download iOS 14 Official Wallpapers

If you are waiting for some fresh iOS wallpapers then make sure to download and try the latest iOS 14 wallpapers on your iPhone device. Below we are providing links to Google Drive and Google Photos to easily check and download these new iOS 14 wallpapers on your phone:

That’s it! Enjoy the new wallpapers. Let us know your thoughts about these new iOS 14 wallpapers in the comments section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.

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