Realme 5 and 5 Pro with four cameras, will be launched this month
Realme 5 and 5 Pro with four cameras, will be launched this month

For Realme, jumping on four cameras is happening, though initially it won’t bring the 64MP sensor.

It appears that the company is taking a slow approach to updating the camera device on their phones, with the initial phase of adding four cameras, and in the second phase is upgrading the camera sensor to a 64MP unit.

According to one of the latest posts from the phone manufacturer on Twitter, August 20 is the day for the launch of the company’s first four-camera phone.

It will consist of a main camera, an ultra wide angle lens, a super macro camera and one for portraits.

If, however, you want to expect the four-camera phone based on the 64MP sensor, you have to make a difficult decision. You have to outbid the Realme 5 or 5 Pro and wait until October or more for the 64MP phone launch.

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