Colorado is the place to go when you’re looking for awesome scenery and great photo opportunities, but that’s not all the state is good for experiencing.  Colorado offers a plethora of various experiences to explore, and it’s a great spot for those who love the outdoors.

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Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or solo, there’s something to keep you stimulated throughout the length of your vacation.  Take a few moments to check out some of the excellent reasons you should choose Colorado for your next vacation, and start planning today.  

Breathtaking scenery 

You’ll have the best road experience ever on the highways through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  You can see snow-capped mountains, gorgeous red-rock formations, and prairie grasslands all in one drive.  

Just make sure you keep your mind on the road, so you don’t pick up a traffic ticket while in Colorado.  There’s far too much beauty to explore to waste time being pulled over, so keep your driving p’s and q’s on the brain.  

Legalized weed 

Colorado’s also a recreational state for marijuana.  You can feel comfortable smoking that joint out in the middle of the woods without the fear of being arrested for a chill time.  Keep in mind that the same rules apply for smoking weed.  

Even though its use is permitted for those who are of age, you are still not allowed to be smoking and driving.  Treat it like alcohol if you’re not sure of the laws. Otherwise, research local marijuana laws to keep yourself in the legal loop. 

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Winter sports 

If your interests lie in outdoor winter sports, Colorado is the place to go.  You can go skiing or snowboarding any time of the year, but why not visit Winter Park Resort in the wintertime for a more authentic experience.  

Cultural experiences

Colorado has loads of culture to dive into if you’re a culture vulture in the area.  The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a great place to stop, for starters.  Then get to know the history of the state by visiting the History Colorado Center.  

If you’d rather explore the performing arts, Denver has the answer.  The Denver Performing Arts complex is host to various events and activities throughout the year. 

Offbeat experiences 

If you’re looking for a different sort of experience, you will find plenty in Colorado.  Not only is the state home to a large polygamist community that feels all kinds of weird when you’re just driving through, but you can also find haunted buildings and ghost towns to explore.  

You can also set your itinerary for Colorado to take part in Frozen Dead Guy Days.  You’ll get a chance to see a cryogenically frozen body on display.


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