Reasons why your smartphone heats up or goes off, how much risk is that will blow up

Do you happen that your cellphone suddenly turns off while you use it? Do you get it to make a call and note that he is getting burned?

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Is it normal? The answer is yes. But there may be some causes. They relate to the “brain”  of the phone or other external factors. Here are some of the most common factors:

1. Needs a break.

We often use the cellphone for hours using various applications, Wi-Fi or photo and video programs. Sometimes even 20 minutes are too many.

How can we avoid it? Take a few minutes off. Your cellphone needs a break (maybe you too). It is also advisable to turn off applications you do not use and lower the screen brightness.

2.To much Sun (or cold)

Did you leave your phone exposed to the sun or extreme cold? It’s a bad idea. Your phone may be smart but not prepared for this.

How to Avoid: Always protect the phone from the sun and extreme temperatures. Put it in the shade. Avoid direct light. Do not expose it to moisture.

3. Has a Virus

You may have installed a virus as an application.

How to Avoid: Do not install applications from unknown sources. If you have already installed an unsafe application, delete it and then format or reset the phone

4. Your cell phone protective is “drowning” your phone

It’s possible that your cell phone’s protector is causing more problems than solutions.

How to avoid it: Remove the protector temporarily and notice if that is the reason why your mobile is being overheated. However, this will help the device cooling more quickly.

5. The battery is defective

Lithium batteries are delicate. Your cell phone battery status may have much to do with excessive heat.

How to Avoid: Avoid charging full battery (better at 80-90% than 100%). Use good quality mobile phone cables, sometimes charging the phone with the wrong cable may be the key to the problem.

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