Samsung Confirms: Foldable and 5G phones to be launched next year
Samsung Confirms: Foldable and 5G phones to be launched next year

Samsung has released Wednesday findings for the third quarter of 2018, revealing it has reached a new high level for the company. But phone sales did not help in achieving a new record, though Samsung said in their press release that the side phones had steady sales during this period – it’s about the Galaxy Note 9 and S9.

But the most important detail of the announcement relates to forecasts for the next quarter and 2019, where Samsung confirmed that foldable phones and 5G phones are emerging for the near future.

Samsung posted $57.45 billion in consolidated quarterly revenue, a 5.5% increase from last year, and $15.42 billion in operating profit, up 20.9%.

But the Korean company has been cautious in the opinion for the fourth quarter of the year and the beginning of 2019 in their press release.

Storage devices and OLED devices for mobile devices released the third quarter of Samsung to new levels, but storage space gains may fall in the next quarter. However, OLED’s orders will remain strong in the fourth quarter, says Samsung, “thanks to the continued high demand from key customers.

In other words, Apple is buying lots of OLED screens for the iPhone XS series.

Phone sales will increase in the coming quarter, but revenue is expected to decline due to “increased marketing costs”

Samsung called Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9 as factors that would help boost shipments in the fourth quarter. These are the phones that Samsung announced in previous weeks, coming with triple cameras.

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