Samsung Galaxy S7, phones vulnerable to hackers

It has been discovered that smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S7, have a bug on the security chip. This puts at stake tens of millions of users against hackers targeting spying, researchers told ‘Reuters’.

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It was considered that the Galaxy 7 and other smartphones manufactured by Samsung Electronics <005930.KS> were immune to the known weakness known as Meltdown, the virus that affected most of the computers, smartphones and other computing devices in the world.

researchers from the Austrian Technical University have announced for ‘Reuters’ that they have discovered a new way to protect Galaxy S7 mobiles from Meltdown attacks. It is expected that the team will soon publish their findings at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.

Researcher Michael Schwarz said, “There are potentially even more affected phones that we are not yet aware of. There are potentially hundreds of millions of smartphones affected by Meltdown and now they can not be protected because the vendors themselves are unaware of it. ”

Galaxy S7, currently used by more than 30 million people, according to Strategy Analytics research agency.

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