Galaxy S10+ Olympic Game Edition
Galaxy S10+ Olympic Game Edition

Samsung has launched a Galaxy S10+ Olympic edition to celebrate the Summer 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

With the event being held in Japan, it should not be surprising to find out where the exclusive version of the phone is available – although consumers will not have to wait until 2020 to get it: it’s on sale now for $1,000.

This is not the first time Samsung has launched an Olympic version of a phone.

First, it was the Galaxy Note’s Olympic edition in 2012, followed by the Galaxy Note 3 Olympic Edition in 2014, the Galaxy S7’s 2016 Olympic edition and the Galaxy Note 8 Olympic Edition in 2018.

The Galaxy S10+ Olympic Game Edition is not so different from the Galaxy S10+ Standard Color Prism White model, with the main difference being the inclusion of a Tokio 2020 emblem at the back.

There is no information as to whether Samsung is planning to bring the Olympic Games edition to other markets.

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