Samsung may soon fulfill its promise, which it once made, to introduce frameless TVs. Sources suggest that the South Korean company plans to introduce ‘zero bezel’ TV during the CES 2020 event earlier this month, with mass production of the TV set to begin in February.

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More concrete details are not available, but it is suggested that the design will conceive the screen and the main housing of the adjacent TV to eliminate the usual frames, and this will apply to models 56 inches or higher.

Samsung has so far confirmed nothing about the project, so rumors have to be taken with caution. However, it is interesting to note that Samsung in early 2019 had protected the trademark for the brand “Zero Bezel”, which may indicate the company’s plans.

The assumption is that such a TV, if it appears on the market, will be very expensive. Samsung is developing the chips needed to support 8K, while combining exotic design with a large panel would mean that even “ordinary” 8K TVs would be priced high.

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