Sandals for Men: How to Sport Birkenstock Sandals like a Pro

For men, summer is incomplete without sandals. It is a hassle-free yet stylish way to flaunt your summer look. But most men aren’t comfortable with sporting sandals because they are not familiar with how to wear men’s sandals in a stylish setting. It can turn out to be a fashion blunder if your footwear doesn’t match your overall outfit. Therefore, you must understand the basic principles to avoid fashion faux pas. Whether you purchase men’s strappy sandals or slide-in ones, it is crucial to consider your style, age, and body.


Sandals are an important part of men’s footwear collection. While simple, they are premium cushionfoot beds that provide comfortable foot support. There are plenty of brands that are providing mens sandalsand Birkenstock just excels in what it does for comfort and style.


A Brief History Of Birkenstock

The brand has been able to carve out a credible identity in the market with its orthopedically inspired shoes. Over the centuries, Birkenstock has provided unparalleled products to the customers. It was in 1896 that Master cobbler Konrad Birkenstock started designing footbeds that were flexible and comfortable. Over the years and with the inclusion of technology, Birkenstock footwear became the epitome of comfort. The footwear from this brand is healthy, comfortable, and good for your feet.


How To Pair Birkenstock Men’s Sandals?

Birkenstock has an extensive collection of men’s sandals that you can fall for. Here are how you can pair them.


Sandals with Shorts 

During the summer, sandals and shorts are a truly winning combination. You can wear the Birkenstock men’s rubber sandals with shorts for casual summer events at the beach or even the city. Depending on your taste and body, your shorts can vary in length, while the sandal you choose will influence the type of shorts you wear. If you are trying to achieve a sportier beach look, try Birkenstock men Arizona Birko-Flor sandals, designed for support and comfort.


Sandals with Long Pants 

If you are getting ready for a casual occasion, or if the weather isn’t sunny, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your summer look. You can wear men’s comfortable sandals with long pants as well, whether you are strolling in the city and enjoying a good time at the beach. The best combinations include cotton pants and a t-shirt with Birkenstock’s Arizona Essentials EVA. Cropped trousers work best if you want to show some ankles.


Clog Up The Party

The most beautiful and most versatile of all the different styles are the men’s clog sandals from Birkenstock. There are many varieties and versions available, which can give you a selection of color options and aesthetic designs. The best part about these sandals is that you can wear both sporty outlooks, casual ones, and even luxurious ones. The Boston Oiled Leather Brown is a versatile pick from the clog sandal collection.


Birkenstock has always offered plenty of reasons for men to dress like gentlemen and complete their look with men’s sandals. One pro tip would be to avoid wearing socks with sandals – never!

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