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Why spend money on a domain when the name is not perfect? Here’s how you can choose interesting names for web pages that will differentiate your brand.

Do you remember when you first registered on Instagram and the name “Jeff” was not free? Sorry for you Jeff’s other, but there are many of you out there.

Say No to Bothering: Tips to Find Interesting Names for Web Sites

Well, the same problem occurs when you are choosing your web page name. There are about 330 million domain names registered online and this number is growing by 2-3% each year.

This makes it difficult to find the perfect web address for your business or brand. You need to be creative. Below are some tips on how to choose interesting names for web pages, which will make you differ from the rest on the internet.

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What are the interesting names for WebPages?

Choosing the perfect domain name requires commitment and should be well thought out. It will be even bigger if you try to change it later. So you have to be comfortable with your decision.

There are some basic principles that you should be mindful of when choosing your domain name.

#1. Be short and appealing

You want the name of your web site to be a concise presentation of your brand or business. Try to be less than 12 characters, otherwise your visitors will not remember what to look for.

You will want to be unique. In the process of processing the idea, search for domains that are close to what you have thought. You will not want people to go to someone else’s site.

It’s a good practice to write your ideas in a paper, look closely, read them aloud, and choose the ideas that are most appealing and worthy of the brand.

If your web address is attractive, your visitors are likely to remember you.

#2. Keywords

Keywords are extremely important for displaying your site in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). If you stay on the 38th page of a Google search, then the game is over. Try to include one or two keywords that will give you better results for your web page name.

#3. .com versus other suffixes

Mostly the researchers are used to writing .com at the end of a web address. Using domains .com is a sure way when you are not clear about the right extension.

Nowadays there is a variety of suffixes for domains beyond classical ones like .com, .org, .net etc. The right suffix is ​​subordinated to the “target” clientele. If your web site is to focus on a community defined by state borders, then using ccTLD domains may be the right choice. For example, if you want to reach mostly UK customers then buy domain There are also other options with new gTLD domains like .online, .shop etc.

If you need it

If you still have trouble finding a unique domain even though you’ve been following these tips, there are other online sources that can help you.

There are many generators for domain names on the web. They let you type one or two of the keywords that best describe why your web page will be, and then provide you with a list of available addresses. Some allow you to register your domain name directly from their site.

It’s not a perfect way, but it can give you ideas on how to choose attractive names for web pages. The best thing would be for your idea to come from your mind, as you are the person you know exactly what you want. Be creative, think, and try out different things by taking into account these tips.

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