Today there are plenty of premium watch brands that people would trade anything for. More than a timepiece, these premium watches have become a mark of luxury. Among these luxury brands that have been in the industry for decades, Seiko has remained a prominent name. Watch enthusiasts indeed consider Seiko watches as timeless collectibles.


Indeed, it is a big statement that rightly highlights the dominance of Seiko watches in the market. There are plenty of reasons people prefer Seiko India for all their watch needs. They have a watch for every style and preference.


But, have you ever wondered what makes Seiko watches unbelievably popular in the global market? There is not one but an abundance of reasons why this watch marque is people’s first and favourite choice.




#1 A Budget Brand

Since we were kids, we have been told that quality doesn’t come cheap. Indeed, it is true in many cases. However, Seiko has broken the barriers and bent some rules by creating a handful of premium quality watches at jaw-dropping prices. Affordability is the major highlight of this watch range. Never compromising on the quality and offering affordable watches is the major catch of this watch brand.


#2 Service Anytime Anywhere

You never have to worry if someday your Seiko watches start giving you trouble. There are many servicing outlets of Seiko around the world that make it super easy to get the watches repaired at the earliest. Calibrating and repairing the watches from Seiko is a straightforward approach. Technicians can deconstruct and rebuild the automatic movements for precise time.


#3 Value Retention

Watch collectors are often worried about the value loss that happens over time. When people decide to resell their watches, there would be a 15%-25% loss in the actual retail price. But some of the limited-edition Seiko watches have the real value retention power. The usage and experience of the Seiko watch is par excellence that makes value retention possible. This enables customers to choose Seiko over other brands in terms of value retention.


#4 Exquisite Heritage

If you know the history of this watch brand, it has been in the market for more than a century now. Offering fine craftsmanship since 1881, many Seiko watches have been turned into vintage models due to their heritage. Collecting these marvels is not only financially rewarding but also a gesture of horology gratitude. You can boast about the century-old craftsmanship if you own A Seiko.


#5 Easy Parts Availability

Another eminent factor that determines the popularity and efficiency of a brand is the availability of durable spare parts support. Due to the expansive market size, plenty of small manufacturers make spare parts for Seiko. You can easily get your hands on the required spare parts without searching much.


If you haven’t thought about collecting the timeless marvels from Seiko India, the above mentioned are some of the major reasons you must start now. You will never be disappointed after owning any of the luxury and vintage watch models.


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