Shipping containers are all the new craze today. In the green movement, there are more and more shipping containers being purchased for custom home manufacturing, and some houses go for over a million bucks. Aside from this, they’re also starting to make their way into a method of “green” recycling, by using old or used containers that are no longer being used (some have even been purchased new) as storage facilities for businesses and homeowners alike.

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Some people choose to buy the storage containers outright for cash, while others have chosen other options, such as renting containers temporarily, or even using companies like to rent-to-own both new and used containers. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips on whether you should rent or buy containers.

When you’re Renting or Renting to Own

Keep in mind, when you’re renting to own anything, you aren’t allowed to make any changes or alterations to your container. You’re not allowed to paint it lime green, or to match your home or place of business color. Therefore, you want to make sure that if you’re renting or renting to own it, you want to choose something that you actually want to know will go with your property.

Renting allows you to not have to pay a humongous price outright, and the financing is actually pretty straightforward compared to many other types of rentals for a storage container. You still have to pay off the total amount, but you can actually pay it in sections rather than paying a large lump sum. This is great if you’re a homeowner or business owner who’s on a budget and still needs to store things.

If you’re wanting to use a shipping container as a custom home project, renting probably isn’t the right thing to do, unless you’re wanting to plan to put off your project until you would be able to make all of your payments and own your trailer (as with the cannot alter the container paragraph above).

Buying Shipping Containers

There are many benefits of buying shipping containers in any way, shape or form. You can still use it as a storage container, and even use it for custom home projects or building projects either way. One of the benefits that you can definitely point out is that even though you are going to have to pay a higher price for buying rather than renting, but once you pay for it, it’s yours to do whatever you want with it.

Buying is a sound idea when you’re wanting to use a shipping container for something like building materials for a tiny house, converting to a workshop or office space, or even if you’re wanting to store your personal belongings at your home compared to building an actual garage or storage unit, and you’re still going to pay less in the long run than you would for renting a storage unit. Other things you may want to do is use it for its intended purpose, and that’s shipping cargo. If you’re in business and have inventory that needs to be moved, of course you can buy your own shipping containers outright and use them for your own cargo shipments. When you’re done using them, simply sell them back and keep them flowing to not waste precious materials.


The website has many options when it comes to renting or buying shipping containers in the area near you, no matter where you’re at in the continental U.S. You can literally search for containers by your location and get ahold of an agent and get the process going. By doing so, and using some of the tips above, you can have your very own shipping container for use delivered right to your door and be able to use it immediately.


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  1. Thanks for this article about getting shipping containers. It’s nice to know that buying a shipping container could be good if you have business inventory that needs to be moved. I’m interested to learn if you should try to make sure you have enough inventory to fill up the container or if that doesn’t necessarily matter.

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