The constant development of science makes our life easier and easier. Smart home technologies are no longer the province of science fiction. The automation of light systems, as well as hubs and controllers, are trivial in the modern context. Yet, it’s still difficult to pick up the best devices among the thousands of variants.

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With the help of 4Prototypes, the process of selecting and buying the necessary smart devices is effortless and takes little time and energy. There are several crucial points to pay attention to. You have to consider the following list of tips to make the best choice.

  1. The producer’s brand. Samsung, Apple, Magneto are the giants on the hi-tech marketplace. The prices of their devices are higher in comparison with those of small China entrepreneurs. The comments of customers are your best helpers. You should study the information about the device before purchasing.

  2. The functions of smart devices. The diversity of electronic appliances impresses. You have to decide whether you want a truly smart house or partly controlled one. All the gadgets can be divided into several groups. The main of them are gaming, household services, health, sport, security, beauty, climate control, etc. 4Prototypes.com offers a great variety of products for each group.

  1. The type of controller. The system of connected things needs control. The optimal variant of the controller should be flexible, budget-friendly, and scalable. The most popular types are the wearable off-the-shelf smart home hub, open source home automation platform, and wireless protocols like WiFi or Bluetooth. The cool choice is professional systems. But they are rather expensive.

  2. Compatibility. Your digital devices have to understand each other. Some of them can be operated by virtual assistant Alexa, others by Siri or Google. All smart products should be compatible unless they won’t work properly.

  3. The quality of the network. If your network isn’t quick, strong, and reliable, the technology of the smart house won’t work. It doesn’t matter what kind of connections you use – wireless or not.

  4. Privacy policy. You can operate and control the nest hubs just from your smartphone. However, before starting to use a new device, you have to learn the privacy policy. You should learn what personal data is used and in what way.

  5. Return policy. The tech doesn’t always work well. Make sure you can change the products.  4Prototypes.com cooperates only with trustworthy manufacturers.

  6. Security of the network. Of course, you don’t want anybody to unlock your house or turn on the oven. You have to pay attention to the level of reliability of the tech.

  7. IFTTT does matter. It helps your apps and devices work together. The bonus is that it helps social media play together, too.

  8. Pets and sensors. The ability to adjust the sensitivity of appliances is important for pet owners. Otherwise, your cats and dogs will control the lighting or temperature in the dwelling.

So, there is nothing extremely difficult in finding proper smart house appliances. With the help of 4Prototypes.com, you’ll do it easy and comfortable. The main thing is to decide what gadgets you actually need.


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