Smartphone Buying Guide

With so many amazing flagships from Google, Samsung, and Apple, every brand is trying to get your attention. That’s why they have dozens of new models hitting the market, and right within your budget plan. That makes choosing the right smartphone that much harder. You will face challenges when you find more than one phone within your budget plan. That confuses you more as you don’t know which brand to choose or which model to take. It is true that the TCL 10L turkey is a nice choice, but before that or any other phone, you need to focus on six tips for finding the best phone.

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1. Go to Android for more choice and iOS for easy usability:

Apple does have some of the best smartphones, but those are restricted in choice. Android, on the other hand, comes with so many choices. Then you have iOS devices, which are super easy to use. So, if you are literally torn between Apple and Android phones, go for the first one if you need something easy to use. Here, you can get some of the best apps first and with some great software updates. But, if you have set your mind on a phone with more hardware choices and affordable options, Android is your key.

2. The camera’s MP is not a big of a deal:

Apart from checking out the battery life of the phone, you always tend to focus on the camera. Instead of focusing on the megapixel, which most people do, focus on other specifications like dual lenses, optical image stabilization, and aperture. You will receive top-notch quality products at cheaper rates, having these best camera features.

3. Set a budget and stick to it:

When you plan to get a new phone, you already have a budget set in your mind. Obviously, you will get more options when you visit a store, and some of them might be way over-budget. Don’t just shop like that and get a phone, which is crossing your budget plan. Even when premium Galaxy models from Android or an iPhone 8 will start around $700 and can hike up to $1500, there are some great cheaper options available below $500. So, try to give them a chance, and you may not get disappointed at all!

3. Focus on color brightness and quality over resolution:

4k screen is really a good choice but might prove to be a bit of overkill. So, your focus should be on how bright this display is going to be. So, when you use the phone outdoor, you might see how colorful the panels are. The latest models will present you with a higher dynamic range or HDR for helping you to see more colors than before.

5. The processor does not matter that much:

Previously, the processor was a big deal when it comes to smartphone purchases, but you can’t say the same now. Some of the mid-ranging smartphones even offer good performance to their users. However, if you want maximum power for augmented reality and games, then get an Android phone with Snapdragon 835 processor. When it comes to iPhones, then the model 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X have A11 Bionic processor. It is considered as the fastest mobile chip from the iOS department.

6. A perfect screen size:

If one-hand use is very important to you, then get a phone with a screen size 5.5 inches or smaller than that. On the other hand, if you are getting a phone to watch loads of videos or play games or even want to take advantage of multi-window mode, then a big screen is what you need. Phone makers know how much you love big-screen phones, so they are making 5.8 inches Galaxy S8 for that comfortable one-hand use.

Keeping notes of these points:

Remember that these points are really important whenever you are focusing on getting a new phone. Smartphone purchase is a big deal, especially if you are spending quite some bucks on it. So, without wasting time any further, check out these six important points and get yourself the perfect smartphone. Don’t forget to set a budget beforehand! For that, research is the key.

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