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If you visit America or ask any American about soccer club then you will surprise to know that they feel it is a place of pride.

It is a community organization whose sole purpose to create excellence in soccer in order to compete with other team or individual.

If you want to learn soccer, then it is always recommendation to consider below things:

  • club provide proper training
  • club have suitable resource with respect to number of players.
  • Positive environment for game
  • High level competition
  • Expert coaches

For many people in world, it’s not only game but became religion, someone says below line for soccer.


small word, easy to spell

Difficult to understand

IMPOSSIBLE to live without

Below are the few strong reasons why people like soccer most.

Played anywhere – you can play it anywhere there is space, no very specific place required.

You can play this game as outdoor as well as indoors.

Inexpensive – It’s not expensive game and it’s most important reason why people play it more. Sometime people start playing using soda or a plastic bottle and any of such item is perfect for playing.

Simplicity – Anyone can play and it’s very easy to play. Soccer is very easy sports to play. When i asked my friend why you don’t watch and play specific game then he replied that “I don’t understand this game”. So simplicity always play great role.

History – Soccer carrying a great history so people like more. It is one of the oldest game that played today as well. It was played as early as 200 B.C. in U.K.

Fan’s loyalty – Once someone fan of soccer then always remain fan.

Internationally played – It’s played all over the world. Generally, games played in any specific region of world like cricket play in few part of Asia and 4-5 more countries means hardly 10-12 countries. While soccer plays in all over the world. FIFA officially have 211 countries that play soccer.

Short time to watch – Soccer is just 90 min game and if you include half time then hardly take total 2 hours. So in comparison with other it takes very less time. If you take other game example, then it takes 6-7 hours and sometime chance of viewer getting bore.

You can also win some cash via Betting on your favorite Soccer club. Numerous betting sites offer help about batting as well information to help you get the most from it. Few related question about sports and soccer you should know.

Which games is most watched in world

Obviously Soccer, followed by cricket and hockey.

Why USA people not like soccer as much as other country?

Because they like long period game like basketball, baseball.  If game is short period, then advertisement also not make good money for them.

If you are also fan, then just write us in comment which player and team you like most.


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