Spending time outdoors sounds like a terrific idea to most of us. However, currently, everyone is keen on maintaining social distancing because of fears of contracting the coronavirus infection. Many of you are in self-quarantine and are sometimes, spending their time in their patio or backyard to enjoy some fresh air and to break the monotony of staying confined to their home. We all realize the importance of going out in the sun for a few minutes every day. As per https://www.webmd.com, over 400 studies have revealed a link between exposure to green areas and enhanced health, including lower stress levels, healthier weight, better vision, and a fortified immune system.

So you may do up your backyard or patio by choosing nice and comfortable outdoor furniture moreover, infuse a touch of elegance by using cushions, throw pillows, curtains, and furniture covers in bright and vibrant hues. Make your backyard an extension of your interiors by using the same home décor theme and creating a warm and cozy additional living space outdoors where you could have great fun with family and a few close friends.

We know that patio furniture covers not only add an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor ambiance, but they are also necessary to safeguard your outdoor furniture from the harsh elements of the weather. Without these covers, your cushions and furniture will start deteriorating far faster. Moreover, the summer season would be waning and you would be gradually spending less time on your beautiful patio set admiring nature’s splendor. You would be looking for patio furniture covers to keep them protected from the harsh weather elements. Here are some tips for buying the right outdoor furniture covers.

Make Sure that the Dimensions Are All Perfect

You need to give top priority to choosing the perfect covers for your patio furniture set. You should devote ample time to take accurate measurements and ensure that the dimensions of the covers would be matching your patio furniture pieces perfectly. Do not opt for the one-size-fits-all covers for your outdoor furniture. They look sloppy and often they are too long and would be dragging on the floor, moreover, they may be catching water and dirt. It is best to get your outdoor furniture covers custom-tailored as per unique measurements of your individual patio furniture pieces.

Examine If They Are Waterproof or Not

Most outdoor furniture cover manufacturers claim that these covers are waterproof and great for withstanding and safeguarding your patio furniture from a light drizzle at the most. However, vinyl outdoor furniture covers help drops of rainwater to slide off the cover keeping all your patio furniture dry and nicely protected from moisture and rainwater.

Check If It Has a Breathable Design

Breathable garden furniture covers seem to have in-built vents that help air to keep circulating between the outdoor furniture. If these vents are absent, your furniture could show signs of developing mold and mildew.

Look for Soft Cloth Backing

You should choose a furniture cover with a super-soft cloth backing that would prevent rubbing or scratches against your furniture finish. It is especially, critical if your patio furniture is stained wood furniture. A soft cloth backing prevents any damage to coatings and paint that may take place after being in constant use the entire season.

See If Tie Downs Are Present

You should always invest in outdoor furniture covers that are having string ties all around the bottom edge for securing the covers to your patio furniture. This prevents the covers from blowing away on windy days and during storms.


Always buy outdoor furniture covers carefully and after examining a few important things discussed above. It helps in choosing the perfect covers for your patio furniture.

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