The company’s new MRW-W3 hub is considered to be the fastest UHS-II SD and microSD reader in the world at up to 300MB/s.

Whether it stays at these expectations or not, it should easily transfer giant RAW photos and 4K videos. But it’s not just a USB hub because it’s designed to meet your laptop‘s needs when you’re on the move.

The Hub supports peripheral hardware up to 100W. You will find USB-C and USB ports to support new and old devices without mentioning the HDMI output port for video up to 4K at 30fps per second.

Even the casing is resistant to dust and water IP68. Sony has planned to release the new hub together with the SF-M Tough SD cards with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities that benefit from high speed advantages.

If you are a photographer who uses high-end DSLR, the price of this hub certainly will not be noticeable either.

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