Sticker Studio: Now you can convert any photo to sticker for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp featured stickers on their platform just last month, and offered a package that was previously available on Facebook Messenger. But if you’re on Android, you can easily create ‘stickers’ yourself on your phone.

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This is thanks to Sticker Studio, a free app, built by Sven van der Zee, a former TNW developer, reports The Next Web.

You can put pictures or import images, and simply draw a part around the object you want to transform into a sticker.

There are some strange limitations: you will need to create at least three stickers before exporting a bundle of them to WhatsApp. You are limited to 10 packs with a maximum of 30 packet stickers, refer Telegraph.

Anyway, it is very entertaining for those who have energetic people in their lives.

That’s all you can do now; Sticker Studio currently does not allow you to change images or add effects – but these features are under development.

The app is on Google Play and can be downloaded free of charge.

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