(2020) iOS vs. Android, which is the best system?

(2020) iOS vs. Android, which is the best system?

In the last decade the debate about who is the best iOS or Android has no end. So I decided to write this article where I will compare these two operating systems.

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#1. iOS vs. Android – Basics

iOS or Android - Basics
iOS or Android – Basics

At first glance in terms of the interface, these operating systems may look similar to many people. But as far as functionality is concerned, they are miles apart. iOS is the core operating system used on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV and Apple Watch versions. iOS is always up to date and always uses the maximum of what Apple gives. For many, Apple is the safest way to do this, as it takes more care of third-party programs.

The opposite of iOS is Android. This proprietary Google system is an open system based on the Linux kernel. That means everyone is free to improve, change and adapt Android. This has made Android much more dispersed than iOS and found in a variety of phones. But this loyalty is seen as the biggest threat to Android.

#2. iOS vs. Android – Performance

iOS or Android - Performance
iOS or Android – Performance

Many people will say that Apple does not use too much RAM for the price iPhone comes out of the market. True, the best Android phones come nowadays with a minimum of 4 Giga RAM and there are models that go up to 8 Giga. But why do iPhones use only 2-3 Giga?

One word: OPTIMIZATION. The iPhone does not need more RAM just because the iOS system is highly optimized. It can hold a dozen open programs with just 2 Giga RAM. Meanwhile, Android 2 Giga RAM phones do not even hold their half open. They need to have 4 or more to compete with the iPhone.

Ok RAMs, but what about Processor?

And once the Apple processor may seem to be backward but not as it seems. The A10 processor of the iPhone 7 is with 4 core while the A11 Bionic of the iPhone X comes with 6. However Android phones and the loosest ones have for years come with 8-core processors.

But that number does not mean anything. Although A11 and Snapdragon 845 are built with the same 10nm process, A11’s optimization makes it much faster than Snapdragon’s. Even older iPhones are known to be faster than the newest Android phones.


#3. iOS vs. Android – Apps

iOS vs. Android - Apps
iOS vs. Android – Apps

As for the number of apps, iOS always had the first place. However, the Play Store today has 3.5 million applications ready to be downloaded leaving the App Store back with 2.2 million applications. This major change in number comes as a result of the open nature of Android as well as allowing Android to download programs and from third parties through APK.

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But this number is not worth it because we all know that quantity does not match quality. While Android is the first in number, Apple’s strict control makes the programs to be of higher quality and safer.


Now come to the price. The Play Store definitely has more free apps than the App Store, but it comes as a result of the ads that these programs have. But at least Android lets you choose. Thanks to versions .apk and versions with dollar can be downloaded for free (always considering the source from the deal). Also for those who like to play Android offers and emulator (for example for PSP games) this thing does not allow iOS.


#4. iOS or Android – Variety

iOS or Android – Variety

Already from several generations, we’ve seen the same from Apple. Every year we look at an iPhone in the “normal” and “plus” versions of iPhone SE that was the cheap iPhone version. Things changed slightly last year with iPhone X, which changed the design of the iPhone that was the same as 3 generations. Also, users can choose and buy old iPhone models, because Apple updates the phones even four to five years after the launch. But phone choices end here with regards to Apple and iOS.

On the other hand is Android with a variety of phones and a host of companies launching a dozen phones every year. This means that everyone can find a suitable phone. But this variety is not necessarily good because it does make the system difficult to maintain and update.


#5. iOS vs. Android – Suitability

iOS vs. Android – Suitability

Unnecessary to say that iOS is very stable but is not at all convenient. Each iPhone comes with the same look and looks the same for every user, regardless of the photo they have put. Widgets are almost non-existent in iOS. The only thing you can change to iOS is just Wallpaper.

With Android is completely the opposite. It allows users to radically change its appearance. Do not you like icons? can you change, do not you like the theme? you can change it. You can go upstairs and do the Root phone, but it can take away your phone warranty.


#6. iOS or Android – Updates

iOS or Android - Updates
iOS or Android – Updates

As mentioned before, Apple devices are known to live long and most of the time while not losing performance. The main reason for this iOS is updating iOS that comes for 5 years. This is because Apple is very easy to keep upgraded phones as there are only a few models.

On the other hand, Android is very sluggish in the update, especially phones with a much-modified Android version. In these cases an update takes months to reach each phone. For Android’s main models usually come three updates, the average models only one or two if they are popular. With regard to the cheap phones, the chances of an update are too small. The only Android phones that receive direct updates are those produced by Google or those with clean Android.


#7. iOS or Android – Battery

iOS or Android - Battery
iOS or Android – Battery

As far as the iPhone battery is not known as a sample. Apple users are always looked at with a charger in their hands looking for plugs. But Android phones are not that better, but battery and charging technology has evolved much more to Android. Fast and wireless charging has been supported and used by Android for years. In iPhone, iPhone X was introduced to introduce Apple’s fast and wireless charging. Even now and the fast charger does not come in the box but is sold for only $60, with this price can be bought a new Android phone.

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That’s all! Hope you find this article helpful. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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Android Is Better Than IOS - ? Reasons

Android Is Better Than IOS – ? Reasons

Many fans have asked us whether Android is better than iOS or the other way around. In this article we will try to explain 10 reasons why Android is better than iOS, with a similar article in this article we have published 10 reasons why iOS is the best.

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So follow us on the website and comment below what you think. Here are our 10 reasons:

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#1. Open multiple applications at the same time

Screen sharing function came to Android devices with Nougat version 7.0. This feature allows users to open two applications in the screen split mode. Although with iOS 11, Apple brought it to iPad, this functionality is missing on iPhone.

#2. The possibility of personalization

Android users can choose from millions of apps available in the Google Play Store Store that offer personalization options like themes, launchers, and live backgrounds. On the other hand, iPhones are limited to just one screen at “Home” and on the lock screen.

#3. Manage the internal memory of the phone

Open, scroll, rename, copy, delete, and share files in the device memory. Although the file manager has been present on an Android smartphone from Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but with the update of Android 8.0 Oreo, the file manager is now included in the Android download app. In the application menu, you will find the “Show Internal Storage” option that will give users access to the full internal phone storage.

#4. Support for Picture-in-Picture mode

Picture-in-Picture is a special type of multi-window mode that is mainly used for video reproduction. Allows users to watch a video in a small window supported on a screen corner while navigating between applications or browsing content on the home screen.

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#5. Smart choice of text

Another feature that came with Oreo is the smart selection of text. This feature uses advanced Google Learning techniques to recognize text as an address, email ID, or a contact number. Users should select a text and automatically display related options.

#6. Guest account

Another missing feature on an iPhone is the way for other people. The “guest” model allows users to access a specific profile, giving them an opportunity to hide their personal information if they have to share the device with someone else. This is an essential reason why Android is better than iOS.

#7. Record phone calls

Thanks to the customized UIs of different Android smartphones, the option to record a call is present only on the dial pad. But for Android users, there is an opportunity to download third-party apps.

#8. ‘Select’ default apps

The Android operating system gives users the flexibility to choose an app to perform a specific action. For example, if you want to open links to Opera instead of Chrome, you can easily make it to your mobile phone app settings.

#9. Set up data limit alarms

In your Android smartphone settings option, users have the ability to set the data limit with a modality called Data Storage Mode. This allows users to limit background data consumption in case there is a lack of available data.

#10. Instant apps: Try applications before downloading

This feature allows users to test applications before deciding to download. Compatible with all Android devices operating from Jelly Bean or higher (4.1+), this feature is still missing for iPhone.

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Android is better than iOS – Do you agree?

What do you think now? Are we right? Is Android better than iOS? Please let us konw your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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