2021 Aston Martin DBX

2021 Aston Martin DBX SUV: Price, Specs and other Details

Another super luxurious SUV

If we take a look at the brands of British manufacturers, at first glance it seems that the English have luxury in the blood, along with a first-class sports “dell”.

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It is logically expected that each of them will consider expanding the offer to increase the clientele that is becoming more difficult (even more confusing) every day due to an endless multitude of models on the market.

Aston Martin, in this regard, has probably been very “reserved” as it has historically produced sports cars with a clear positioning, but it seems that (like everyone) has not resisted expansion in the SUV segment. We’ve talked before about the DBX model (then just a prototype) that is finally getting ready for potential customers. Already Bentley Bentayga or Lamborghini Urus customers seems to have one more opportunity.

The Aston Martin DBX can be classified in the large SUV category. 5.04 m long, 2m wide and 1.68m high, it manages to maintain a sporty look thanks to the care of the designers. They have also managed to preserve the details that emphasize the identity of a real Aston Martin like the great dominant masquerade from the front or the “goose tail” to tell the truth does not seem to us the most realized point.

From the inside, a curated environment stands out down to the smallest detail with materials of a rare quality and artisanal level symbolism. Used wood, leather upholstery or Alcantara, metal or glass used leave a very good impression.

The technological character is expressed by the digital presence on board and a 64-tone lighting game for any mood. Despite this, in this car Led screens are just a complementary element, but not the main one of a first-class interior!

Being a SUV, DBX offers ample luggage for every (wealthy) family. The luggage compartment has a minimum capacity of 632 liters and the English manufacturer also offers a series of travel accessories from the signed suitcases Aston Martin to the equipment to feed the dog.

Of course with this jewel that should cost around 200,000 euros as the starting price (not yet officially confirmed) not everyone has the heart to make noise on the ground outside the asphalt, but Aston Martin guarantees that the DBX is ready for adventure during the 8,000 km phase of testing. Integral traction is electronically controlled based on road conditions while depreciation enables +/- 5cm depending on the guide and road we are traversing.

The engine, one of the strengths of any Aston Martin is the 4,000-cubic-foot V8-powered AMG-derived unit with 550 horsepower in 6,500 rpm mode while torque is 800 Nm in 2,200 rpm mode. Although this English “beast” weighs 2,245 kg, the performance is from a sports car. For acceleration from 0-100km/h, takes only 4.5 seconds, while the maximum speed is 290 km/h.

As always, luxury and sports car manufacturers “forget” to talk about consumption. Or maybe you are thinking of committing the sin of a gas plant?

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