AddArmor APR Audi RS7

This Audi RS7 may be the most fastest armored car ever

The cause of the weight that armored cars make is that they are not fast, and their skill resembles a super-market wheelbarrow, the Telegraph reports.

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Through the technology they have applied to AddArmor, they managed to create lightweight vehicle armor attachments that put them in an Audi RS7, making them resistant to ballistic and rapid attacks at the same time.

The company has set up the APR Plus Stage II system with a 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 760 horsepower. Though it has thick layers that protect it from shocks, it can move over 300 miles per hour, while the speed from zero to 100 kilometers per hour can take up to 2.9 seconds.

Addarmor has managed to maintain its performance by creating polycarbonate panels that are ten times lighter than ordinary metal, while protecting from ballistic attacks up to 60 percent more. Isolated are window glasses that are still visible, while the overall weight that is added to this Audi is not over 90 kg.

When the protection is not enough, an attack is needed, so on the front there are placed biometric autosensors activated internally, as well as the spaces from where the rifle can be placed.

The need for speed protection and driving its possible if you have this Audi RS7 armored,but it is worth 186 thousand euros, which is a fairly reasonable price.

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