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Buying Luxurious Cars Now Made Easier! Learn How

Buying Luxurious Cars Now Made Easier! Learn How

Your car is much more than your mode of transportation. It is a place where memories are made. Depending on how enthusiastic and passionate you are about your car choices, the car you end up buying also extends your personality and aspirations.

And the most affordable option available does not always resonate with every car enthusiast. This is because merely getting a car is not enough for some of us. We want our cars to be the best accessory within our possession. This can easily be achieved by luxury cars. While there was once a time when luxury cars were a pipedream for most of us, owing to the available financing options as well as the used car market, this is no longer the case.

According to Statista, the luxury car market reached a value of a whopping 503 billion euros! Luxury cars constitute approximately 4.5 percent of the total vehicle market in the US alone. Are you looking to buy a luxurious car? It turns out the process is quite easy if you know the right places to go. Here is how you can buy a luxury car easily.

Types of luxury cars

If when you think of luxury cars, all that you imagine are BMW and Mercedes, then there is a lot you have to learn! More than brand name, first learn about the different types of luxury cars out there. The top three are:

  1. Sedans: Featuring four car doors and a trunk, sedans are available in a variety of sizes.
  2. SUVs: These cars are taller than sedans and offer more ground clearance, making them ideal for cross-country trips.
  3. Sports Car: Including Coupes and Convertibles, sports cars are usually two-seaters.

What to look for?

First, let’s first look at what you need to consider when selecting your luxury car from the various brands and models available. Here are key factors you must keep in your mind.

1. Seating

How big is your family? The answer to this question will govern whether a large sedan is better for you or a significantly smaller sports car.

2. Fuel Economy

Remember, the price of luxury cars is not the only premium cost you need to bear. Some luxury cars consume more fuel than others. Not to mention that the fancier the vehicle, the more costly its fuel!

3. Cargo space

While convertibles barely feature any cargo space, certain sedans can accommodate enough items for a fun road trip. Understand your hauling requirements and choose the car that offers it.

4. Safety technologies

Since you are paying a premium price, don’t compromise on your safety. Make sure that the vehicle you purchase comes with automatic emergency brakes, forward-collision warnings, and blind-spot warnings. In 2022, these are the standard features one should have.

Platforms to purchase a luxury car

Once you know exactly what you want, you need to find out where you can get your hands on your dream car. Here are some of the methods you can consider:

1. Car Dealerships

Let’s begin with the most obvious platform – car dealerships. Regardless of where you live in the world, you will have this option available for you. All you need to do is perform a quick search online about quality car dealerships near you.

Make sure to visit multiple dealerships that have the car that you want. This will allow you to compare prices and pick the dealership that offers you the best package.

Be very careful when dealing with car dealerships. Car dealers are good at haggling customers into agreeing to a deal that is profitable for their dealership. Doing proper homework and research beforehand can ensure that you don’t enter into a deal that is not beneficial for you.

2. Online via cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency is exploding in popularity and profitability! Who would have thought that the once ambiguous digital currency would end up having over 300 million users around the world, as reported by Earth web?

What has really helped the cryptocurrency cause is that mainstream industries are now accepting digital currency as a viable mode of payment. This includes the automotive sector as well! Now you can purchase vehicles online (as well as in some dealerships) by paying through cryptocurrency.

For starters, let’s say you see a BMW for sale. The cryptocurrency cost of the vehicle is within your accumulated budget. You can then purchase directly through your currency rather than having to convert it into fiat money – something which either increases or decreases the cost of your investment depending on the price of cryptocurrency on that day.

3. P2P platforms

Another platform you can use to purchase items, including used luxury cars, are peer-to-peer communities. This will allow you to get better prices than those offered by dealerships. There are various dedicated p2p communities pertaining to cars that you can join.

However, here the process of vetting the car seller and the vehicle depends on you. So, ensure that the vehicle in question is checked by experts before you agree to buy it. Also, be careful when signing the deal and transferring ownership. Again, get an expert on board for it.

The good thing about p2p platforms is that they may allow you to purchase specific luxury cars and models that might not be readily available in mainstream dealerships.

Ending Remarks

Once you have decided what type of luxury car is best suited for your needs and what features you want within it, you are equipped to select the platform via which you can purchase your dream vehicle.

With the right financing and a thorough vetting process, we are sure any of the mentioned car buying modes will suffice.

Save up and purchase the car of your dreams. Whether it be used or a new vehicle, a luxury car is a huge investment. Be very careful when you make the decision! And do let us all know about your experience once your ride arrives at your home. Good luck!




BMW and Mercedes start the year with record sales worldwide.

A year after the darkest period of German carmakers in decades, the sales business has almost never been better.

The report recently published by two giant manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, shows the explosive demand for the purchase of these cars, especially in China, in the first quarter of 2021.

Both car manufacturers are also receiving high demand for both hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

Sales of BMW vehicles such as the Mini and Rolls-Royce rose more than a third (636,606) in the first quarter of this year. Sales in China almost doubled. With the iX electric SUV and i4 electric sedan launching throughout the year, the company is on track to sell more than 100,000 all-electric vehicles to customers in 2021.

Mercedes brand sales rose 22 percent (581,270), with Daimler marking a 60 percent increase in shipments to China. The company has received about 20,000 orders for the all-electric EQA car.

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The latest BMW Alpina model is coming, it costs 161 thousand euros

The Alpina B8 Gran Coupe is the latest model from the car manufacturer, BMW. Its performance is side by side with that of the M8 Gran Coupe Competition.

Under the hood of the Alpina B8 Gran Coupe is a dual-turbo 4.4 V8 with 456 kW / 620 horsepower and 800 Nm.

The car reaches 100 km / h in just over 3 seconds, just like the M models, but at the same time is significantly faster – over 320 km / h – enough to justify a slightly higher price than the M8 Gran Coupe.

The company announced that prices will vary in the market from 161 thousand euros.

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2021 BMW 128ti

BMW officially unveils the new 128ti super sporty “baby”

The BMW 128ti has a 2.0-liter petrol engine which produces 262 horsepower (195 kilowatts)

BMW is officially returning the Turismo sports package. This package was first introduced in the 60s with the 1800TI model, followed by the 2000TI and 2002TI models and in the 90s as the 323ti Compact and 325ti Compact models.

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Unlike its predecessors, the 128ti sends its power to the front wheels while using several M135i xDrive upgrades. The BMW 128ti has a 2.0-liter gasoline engine that produces 262 horsepower (195 kilowatts). This engine makes the 128th reaches the speed from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.2 seconds and the maximum at 250km/h.

The thing that many car enthusiasts have not liked is that BMW will only offer this model with eight-speed automatic Steptronic Sport, without the manual option and there will be fake engine noise.

The new 128th will be offered in Europe starting next month at a price of 42,574 euros.

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2021 BMW iX3

2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV Revealed With 282 HP

According to BMW, with just 10 minutes of battery charging, the iX3 can cover 100 kilometers

BMW, after many years of testing, has unveiled the final version of the iX3 electric model, which was initially unveiled as a concept model in 2018.

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The BMW iX3 has an electric motor that sends its power to the rear wheels only and produces 282 horsepower (210 kilowatts). BMW’s electric SUV, the iX3, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds and reaches it’s maximum, electronically limited to 180 km/h.

With a single battery charge with a capacity of 80-kWh, this SUV can travel 460 kilometers. This electric BMW also supports the 150-kW charger, which means that its batteries can be charged up to 80 percent in just 34 minutes.

According to BMW calculations, with just 10 minutes of battery charging, the iX3 can cover 100 kilometers.

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BMW 8 Series Golden Thunder Edition

BMW 8 Series Golden Thunder Edition Revealed

A special “8 Series”

BMW has long sought to occupy a special place in the premium segment. The manufacturer of luxury cars from Bavaria aims at enriched models that can be raised to the level of collectors series. How is this done? The program is called “Individual” which means personalized models in the finest details with quality-crafted at the artisanal level.

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This minisegment is christened the Golden Thunder Edition and is represented in this presentation by a special 8 Series that will include all variants: Coupé, Gran Coupé, and Cabriolet. The BMW Individual program will create a special machine whatever the version (840i, 840d Drive, or M850i ​​xDrive).

The 8 Series Golden Thunder Edition begins the lure with the included M package and stands out immediately in terms of aesthetic personalizations. The design department has created a special paint variant called Sapphire Black or Frozen Black, beautifully contrasted with “gold” details in the bumper area, mirror, discs, and a board in the bottom area along with the entire profile. The discs have an abundant size of 20′ under which the large discs of the self-ventilated brakes are “hidden”.

The “total black” look is also present inside, where the quality details include the Merino Individual leather clothing, distinctive from the text “Golden Thunder Edition” embroidered on the headrests of the front seats.

The audio system for these rare versions will be supplied by the famous English manufacturer Bowers&Wilkins and each model will be identified by an “emblem” embedded in the cabin.

The engines will all be turbo. The 840i xDrive version is based on the 6-cylinder unit, 3,000 cubic meters with 340 horsepower, the M850i ​​xDrive version has the 8-cylinder unit 4,400 cubic meters with 530 horsepower while the Diesel 840d xDrive version uses the 6-cylinder in-line engine, 3,000 cubic horsepower that develops 320 power.

To be fair, in this exclusive version we would have ruled out the diesel engine as not worthy of the level, but perhaps in Bavaria, the market laws and requirements have been “respected”. The gearbox will be automatic for all versions, the shock absorbers will be electronically controlled to suit road conditions while the rear wheels are active and react to the steering wheel command.

Performance in this segment is a condition and not an option, but the 8 Series Golden Thunder guarantees a sprint of 0-100km/h of 4.9 seconds for the 840i version and 3.9 seconds for the 850i version.

“Music” differs significantly for the M8 Coupé and Cabrio versions which have M5 sports sedan engine units. The 4,400 cubic V8 engine develops 600 horsepower for the M8 and with the help of two turbines, this unit reaches the 625 horsepower quota for the M8 Competition version.

Speeds from 0-100 km/h at this time mark a runway time: only 3.3 seconds (3.2 for M8 Competition), Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h, but the “release” may be required. An optional payment to reach the quota of 305 km/h, but you certainly can’t use this speedometer outside of Germany.

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2021 BMW Alpina D3 S

2021 BMW Alpina D3 S Debuts: A turbodiesel with real muscles

Based on the BMW M340D model

Who is Alpina? For all those who do not know this special name of the world of sports cars, without falling short, we can briefly inform you that Alpina is a company specializing in the preparation of special versions of some of the most sporty models of BMW. This collaboration is long over time and produces about 1,700 units per year.

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The new model that Alpina has produced is based on the BMW M340D model. The declared values ​​of this model with 3,000 cubic diesel engine, with six cylinders in line, are 355 horsepower in 4,200 rpm mode, 730 Nm of torque starting from 1,750 rpm and a time of 0-100km/h of sports car: in only 4.6 seconds. The maximum speed is 273 km/h. Alpina declares for this car a fuel consumption of “poor” of the level of 6.4 liters/100 km.

But the Alpina D3 S is not just an elaborate model. The technological luggage of this model also provides a light hybrid system with 48 volt batteries, offered by BMW in the original version M340d, which offers up to 11 extra horsepower and comes into operation at times when more power is required. During the braking phases, the system charges the 48 volt battery while at a speed of 15km/h the diesel engine shuts down to reduce fuel consumption.

The Alpina D3 S includes 4×4 traction with xDrive technology, but in this case is adapted for a sporty guide, discharging more power to the rear axle. BMW fanatics and rear-wheel drive will be happy.

The Alpina D3 S is offered in sedan and station wagon versions, suitable for sports guide enthusiasts but who do not want to give up on-board space. So it will be easier to load the car with stuff and skis and go for a white for the weekend in Kolashinin or Mavrovo.

Alpina has also made some aesthetic interventions to make the model more distinctive. The chassis is lower, the discs are giant at 19 ”or 20”, the discharge tubes are four and the maskerino can be black, in addition to the normal chrome version.

Aesthetic interventions have also included preschools to emphasize the sporty character. The declared prices for the German market start from 70,500 euros, while for the rest of Europe they still have to be declared.

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BMW i4 EV Concept

2020 BMW i4 EV Concept Revealed, will rival Tesla Model 3

BMW has unveiled the Concept i4, the sedan electric car that will directly rival the Tesla Model 3.

The Concept i4 has the same body as the BMW 4 Series Grand Coupe but with a number of modifications, such as a larger front grille, front and rear shields and new headlights.

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BMW has also added a number of aerodynamic modifications. Inside the i4 is made up of some combination materials, such as fiber optic and natural leather.

The BMW Concept i4 comes with an electric motor that produces 523 horsepower. It reaches a speed of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in four seconds and reaches a top speed of 200km/h.

With a single recharge of the 80kWh battery, according to BMW, this car can make 600 kilometers of road.

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BMW X4 by Hamann

Hamann presents the package for the 2020 BMW X4

The company’s offer of car modification, Hamann, also includes packages for the new generation of BMW X4.

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The new package includes some trim pieces and modified shock absorbers.

Also, for this new X4, Hamann has also opted for the new front spoiler, new side protectors, the new rear tailgate, the extra luggage compartment, the roof spoiler, and more.

The new BMW X4, from Hamann, now also has new gas exhaust pipes as well as a new 22-inch Anniversary Evo alloy wheel set.

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Manhart reinforces the BMW M5 again

The renowned German car modification company, Manhart, after announcing its newest creation – the MHX3 600, revealed that it has reinforced BMW M5 (F90).

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Last year, Manhart upgraded the engine of this model, the 4.4-liter Twin-Turbo V8 to 723 horsepower, while its latest version MH5 800 now has a capacity of 823 horsepower.

Manhart has also opted for carbon fiber aerodynamics, 21-inch aluminum “Manhart” wheels, sport exhaust system, modified shock absorbers (now the model is 20mm lower), and so on…

In terms of price, the Manhart MH5 800 in Germany costs 189,210 euros.

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