What You Should Know About Franking Machines

What You Should Know About Franking Machines

What You Should Know About Franking Machines

Originally invented in 1884 by a Norwegian national, Engle Frankmussler, the franking machine has stood the test of time. Franking machines have been around for over a century, though back then, it was called the ‘Postage Stamp Affixing Machine.’ Even though the principles are still the same since the franking machine was invented, a lot has changed. With technology, modern franking machines can now perform more complex tasks. A franking device is used to imprint a barcode onto a parcel or letter in place of a traditional stamp. It can also download and securely store postage funds. It’s also used to guide the user when selecting mail categories and unique services. Despite the benefits that modern units provide, many businesses are yet to tap into these powerful machines. In this post, we’ll look at everything you need to know about franking machines. So, let’s dive in.

What You Should Know About Franking MachinesFranking Machines: What they do?

A franking machine, also commonly referred to as a ‘Postage Meter,’ is a metering device used to simplify the process of postage. Instead of traveling to a post office, queue, and weigh your mail, you can attach postage using a franking machine. You can then drop your mail at a local post office or have it collected. As evident at FPmailing.co.uk, modern franking machines have evolved thanks to technological advancements. Today, franking machines can weigh and measure packages. Additionally, they can print the correct postage fee based on different prices. Ideally, franked postage prices are lower than stamps, regardless of the class being sent.

1.Franking Machine: How does it Work?

A franking machine works by weighing your package to calculate the appropriate postage for the service you require. Next, a mark is fitted to the mail item in the ‘franking process.’ You will need to use the current rates from Royal Mail; you can download these rates via WIFI or LAN. Older franking machines receive the updated rates on a chip or rate card, which needs to be installed in the machine. This ensures the device always calculates the correct amount of postage savings.

2.The Franking Process Explained

In simple terms, to frank, a letter means to pay for it. So, how exactly does franking work? Generally, the process is simpler than you think. However, the functions may vary depending on the modernity of each machine. First, you’ll need to weigh the package. Every device comes with an in-built scale. Place the package or letter on the scale to get the correct weight. This helps you determine how much postage you need. Next, you want to assess the letter size and service required. At this point, you can include a business message if you’re a company. You can also have your brand logo or a promotional message on the envelope. This helps people to identify your business. Finally, calculate the postage costs, and you’re now ready to print the envelope.

3.Provides a Positive Business Impression

The modern franking machine can do more functions compared to its predecessors. As technology evolves, modern franking machines can do more than affix the right postage to your outgoing mail. Modern machines can even be resourceful for publicizing and marketing your business. You can leverage the machine’s color optimization feature to make your mail recognizable to your clients. By adding a business logo or slogan, you could impress new marketing targets and give your business a more professional look


You should have a valid franking license from Royal Mail. Also, your franking machine needs to be in credit before you can start using it. As part of the license requirements, you need to keep your franking machine in good working condition. The device should also be inspected once every year by a company authorized to carry out this work. You’ll need to ensure that the franked impressions produced by your device are clear and legible. It should include the date of posting and the accurate postage rate for the item’s size, destination, and weight.

5.What You Get By Using a Franking Machine

The benefits of using a franking machine cannot be overstated. They improve email efficiency and assist businesses in managing their costs. Using related software, cost centers can be created on digital franking machines. This helps you track spending and report on usage. A franking machine also automatically calculates postage using the latest rates. This means you don’t have to worry about knowing the latest rates.

A franking machine can prove more helpful to your business. This is the best and the most efficient method to send out your emails. As we mentioned above, franked mail looks visually appealing. This means clients will take your correspondence more professionally. Finally, you save more and cut back on expenses by using a franking machine. Over to you!

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What You Should Know About Franking Machines

6 Reasons Why You Need to Optimise Marketing Strategy

6 Reasons Why You Need to Optimise Marketing Strategy

6 Reasons Why You Need to Optimise Marketing Strategy

In life, a plan always matters since it makes sure everything progresses as expected. In business, plans also matter. For your business to succeed, you should use the right marketing strategies for your business.

Below are reasons why you need to optimize the marketing strategy for your business:

  1. Clear Guidelines

A good marketing strategy ensures the objectives are clear. The employees will focus on the business’s goals at a certain point. For instance, how does the company sell its products and services? Which is the best way to increase website traffic? Ensure you are utilizing a focused approach if you are to achieve each of these goals. The guidelines will guide you on the approach you should use.

  1. Division of Roles

You may notice that there is a lot of work being done; however, there is no progress. Well, you need a marketing strategy in such an instance. The strategy will help you ensure the tasks are divided accordingly, such that they’ll be manageable. Each employee must understand their role in the company. Delegation of tasks ensures the output is noticeable. Also, employees will have a sense of responsibility. 

  1. Gaining a Competitive Edge

If your firm lacks a marketing strategy, your chances of gaining a competitive edge against your competitors are small. Despite the technological developments present, companies are forced to be innovative if they are to stay a step ahead of their competitors. Ensure that you have introduced something unique and new. 

Your competitors will be on the lookout for good ideas. In this case, make sure you have formulated a good strategy against your competitors. Ensure there is a clear road map of what you are supposed to do to ensure your company is one step ahead.

  1. Understand the Needs of Your Client Base

With the help of Tealium Agency, you can come up with a suitable marketing strategy that will also ensure you can learn more about your target market. The main focus is on satisfying your clients’ needs after understanding what they need. Analytical tools only showcase the technical bits. Nonetheless, you should also understand your client base’s emotions for you to serve them accordingly; this is why you need a formidable marketing strategy.

  1. Allocating Enough Resources

A marketing strategy ensures that you have a suitable plan regarding human resources and your budget. If you don’t have an obvious plan, you cannot efficiently use your disposal resources. The marketing plan ensures the resources are allocated accordingly. 

As you come up with a plan, you’ll also realize how much capital you need to propel your business’s growth. Ensure the methods you have implemented are cost-effective to ensure the profit margins are higher while reducing the expenditure.

  1. More Professional Business

It is vital to ensure that consumers can easily access the products and services you are offering. The clients usually realize that your main focus is on ensuring their needs have been met. Make sure you are using the correct marketing channels to reach out to your clients.

Your promotional strategy should be strong. Utilize a personalized approach towards each client to ensure there is consumer loyalty. The loyal clientele will market your business through word-of-mouth.

Final Thoughts

To ensure that your brand gains popularity, ensure there is a clear roadmap on how everything will be organized. The organizational bit entails ensuring that your marketing strategy is strong. It should cover some of the important steps that will ensure you have achieved your business’s objectives. The marketing strategy will ensure each employee is conversant with their role in the business. Also, the marketing strategy will ensure you have gained a competitive edge against your competitors.

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6 Reasons Why You Need to Optimise Marketing Strategy

What Are Business Inefficiencies? Strategic Ways to Detect Them

What Are Business Inefficiencies? Strategic Ways to Detect Them

What Are Business Inefficiencies? Strategic Ways to Detect Them

In such a fast and competitive age, businesses are working hard to maximize their productivity. This means that they are looking for ways to detect inefficiencies in the workplace and striving to eliminate them. After reading the following article, you will instantly be able to detect the different ways where the inefficiencies are occurring in your business.

Here’s a thorough guide for you, simplified. You will learn about two main categories for detection: Observing the technical level, and similarly observing the humanitarian level. Let’s start with the technical one.

On a technical level:

1- Observe the software that you are using

There is no doubt that most businesses have shifted their work from analog to digital in almost all areas of their businesses. This became even more adopted after the pandemic crisis and the need to maintain social distancing. However, are you sure that the software you are using to manage your business is being totally utilized by yourself and your employees? But, there is an abundance of software available, each with its own tools and features. Are you sure that you are using a particular one that is suitable for your business? 

A good idea is to make use of the meetings you hold with your staff members. Try to understand the type of things they find complicated and time-consuming about using this software. See also if this is in any way influencing customer satisfaction. However, it is wise to conduct a free health check of your business to identify loopholes & build a safety net as well.

2- Observe the hardware that you are using

Have you checked lately if all your machines are functioning properly? Are you regularly keeping a tab on having them maintained by a professional? Moreover, surely we believe that you are aware that older machines are more likely to make errors than new ones. A good idea would be to check how old your machines are and, if needed, replace them with new ones. There is no shortage of new models for almost every type of machine we use today. 

Remember to keep doing this on an annual basis. If your business is growing and progressing, the requirements you have today might be different from the ones you will have next year. Make sure to keep updating the hardware and software you have for better productivity.

3- Observe the space that you are using

This is directly related to the humanitarian part which we will talk about in the following section. Space, where employees spend a big portion of their time daily, can directly influence their moods, performance, and productivity. Therefore, you need to make sure that the space, where they work, is enjoyable. A clean space can go a long way, not to mention the effect a safe space produces! Moreover, the area where you work needs to inspire creativity must be resourceful, and must not look dull or boring. 

You can even take it so far as to use different colors for the work-space in order to inspire specific moods among the workers. Don’t forget: an inspired employee is much more productive than a bored one!

On a humanitarian level

1- Observe the physical health of your staff

If an employee is sick or suffering from some kind of disease, doesn’t it stand to reason that he/she would give less than their full potential because of their physical state? In some cases, diseases would not display themselves as obviously as others. This is why you should get your employees a health check annually. 

This could be really helpful, especially during pandemic times. Such a step could reveal things for you and your employees that weren’t detected before, which might even go as far as prevent a future health crisis from happening.

2- Observe the mental health of your staff

Understanding the people that work in your business on a more personal level could work wonders for you and your business. Become more genuinely interested in them and their progress. Conduct workshops and training for them that relate to the work they are doing. Conduct frequent meetings and ask them personally, as well as business-related questions. This will help them feel heard and they will gradually open up more and more with time. 

Through questions, you could also understand why this person is working this particular job, and whether this job really fulfills them or not. For example, if a person works for the sole purpose of making money, their motivation would be significantly less than a person that feels fulfilled at their job. You can also gain their trust by showing them interest and making them feel appreciated.

Now that you have this thorough guide in your hands, you can instantly start detecting what inefficiencies your business is suffering from and start eliminating them. 
Remember: inefficiency means getting the same intended result while spending more money. From now on, you will not need to do that.

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What Are Business Inefficiencies? Strategic Ways to Detect Them

C_CPI_14 SAP Cloud Platform Integration Certification Questions Answers,

Pivotal Moment – 5 Tips To Help You Successfully Pivot Your Business

Pivotal Moment – 5 Tips To Help You Successfully Pivot Your Business

A pivot is a brave step to take when your business is faced with adversity. Pivoting is a risky move as there’s always a chance you make this great big change for nothing. Indeed, many people find that their sacrifice was in response to a temporary shift in the market, and when things return to normal, they have to pivot back again. How can you make sure you don’t fall into any traps like this when you do decide to pivot? Here are 5 tips to help you out:  


  1. Get the right support structures in place


Support is crucial if you’re committed to your pivot. A pivot is not a decision to be made flippantly, you need to strategize the move and build support structures in order to enact it successfully. If you’re dealing with a major transition, giving your workplace some consistency will retain the trust of your clients. Consider a virtual office solution if your pivot entails a change in premises. This keeps you in contact and gives your business the reputation of being well-established, even if you’re in the throes of chaos. 


  1. Do your market research


You need to keep your main goal in mind. If you want to achieve profitability, you need to take steps to re-establish it alongside a sense of safety for yourself in your business. What that might entail will depend on your business, your target audience, and what they are currently experiencing. Your market research needs to tap into the same target market and find new ways to solve the problems they are now facing. 


  1. Make sure there are no other options


Why are you pivoting? This may sound like a ridiculously simple question, but if a pivot is to be successful, you need to consider your thought process carefully. Be honest with yourself about whether you’re experiencing a knee-jerk reaction in response to a crisis, or whether you have calmly and logically considered all other options. It may well be that pivoting is, in fact, the most sensible way forward. However, if you have been operating in crisis-mode because your business isn’t generating profit, you may be reacting from a state of panic. Only you can answer these questions, so dig deep and examine your emotional state and your motivations. 


  1. Consider whether your new idea will still be feasible once your current obstacles have been overcome


Global pandemics are rare, but they do come and go. Market changes are sometimes permanent, sometimes temporary. The demand for certain services and products can be everlasting or fickle. If you’re pivoting in response to market changes, make sure your new idea will either enable you to pivot back effortlessly or remain viable if the markets revert back.  Flexibility is crucial to any brand’s survival, but you also need to plan ahead so you can minimize the need for flexibility. 


  1. Ensure you can mirror your brand’s pivot within yourself


It takes mental and emotional resiliency to make a successful pivot under stress-free conditions. If you’re pivoting under pressure, you have to keep in mind that changing your business identity, services, or products will require you, as a person, to expand your comfort zone. It’s not just your brand that will be pivoting. Your personal identity and beliefs will be going along for the ride. In short, you have to change to make your brand change work. 


Humans are naturally resistant to change, and it requires mental and emotional resources for creatures of habit to adapt. While you embark on this process, be aware of the need for these qualities and treat yourself with kindness.

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Pivotal Moment – 5 Tips To Help You Successfully Pivot Your Business


How to Grow Your HVAC-R Business in 2021

How to Grow Your HVAC-R Business in 2021

Your job as a business owner doesn’t stop after producing or importing your products and offers. There are still far more things that need to be done to grow your business. But how, especially during these economic hard times?

Running an HVAC-R business is hard as you already have a lot of competitors out there. And before you even earn your certification, your competitors have probably been managing your community’s needs already.

This means you’d have to work harder to build your business’ name. If you’re running or planning an HVAC-R business, here are some ways to help you grow it.

Know Your Risks

There are different types of risks no matter what your business is. And there are many factors that influence it. It could be the increasing prices of raw materials, changes in government regulations, or the growing competition. Sometimes, your decision can play a part too.

And to ensure your company’s growth, you’ll need to identify the possible risks you might encounter along the way. You should also know how you can assess them and, most importantly, you need to develop strategies to manage these risks.

This way, you’ll know how you can prepare for it or even prevent it. Knowing how you can manage the possible risks your business might encounter also helps in minimizing them or recovering from their impacts.

Consider Marketing Tools

These days, you have a lot of marketing tools and techniques to choose from. They make HVAC marketing a lot easier, so you can give it a try too. But don’t forget to focus on educating and advising your market about your products as you try different approaches in marketing your brand.

Consumers are more responsive when they learn something, and they seek experts to assist them as they make decisions. If you were to focus on this approach, it will help your target market become more familiar with your brand and gain their trust easily.

Ensure Quality Service

When you run an HVAC business, the quality of your service matters a lot. You see, people buy from people they like. If you were to provide good customer service and your consumers liked it, they will likely avail of your service more than others. So, always ensure that you meet your customers’ expectations.

Fresh content

Keep your HVAC website updated with fresh and unique content. The search engines are more likely to rank a site with regularly updated content than those with stagnant content that hasn’t been touched in a while, as they deem it as having greater value to those searching for the services you provide. This is where ‘blogging’ can add immense value to your website and business (we’ll touch more on this later).

Pay close attention to the last element

 It used to be that when people wanted to hire an HVAC professional, they opened up a big fat phone book and scanned the yellow pages for a heating and cooling company they’d seen advertised in a commercial or local newspaper. Some even asked their friends and neighbors for a recommendation. But one thing is for sure – they definitely didn’t pull out their smartphone and search for “heating repair in West Bloomfield, MI”!

 Call-to-Action (CTA) and Lead Form

Assuming you’ve provided all the key information your customers are looking for (and made it easy for them to find it!), the next logical step is to tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. For example, an effective CTA for an HVAC-related lead form is: ‘Request a FREE Repair or New Installation Estimate!”

Also, don’t forget to take a look at what your previous customers have to say. This will help you know where and what else should you improve on.

Be Patient

Success doesn’t happen overnight. You must understand that some techniques and solutions might not always work right away.

If you feel like your strategy isn’t working, try to be more patient. Maybe it isn’t the right time yet; maybe the results will come the next day or the next week. Or maybe you’ll need a better strategy. The key is to just be patient. You’ll never know if it’s effective or not if you stop right away.

Running an HVACR business sure isn’t like a piece of cake. But these steps might help the process easier.

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Digital transformation changing Insurance sector

Why Does the Insurance Sector Need Call Center Services?

Why Does the Insurance Sector Need Call Center Services?

In today’s complex and dynamic business environment, significant changes are taking place in the insurance sector. The main reasons behind this are changing market trends and stringent government policies. The insurance sector is witnessing new operational challenges, like building a competitive pricing model, maintaining high turnover ratios, and many others.

In past years also, organizations in the insurance sector have appreciated the need for flexible outsourcing models. Outsourcing call center services bring more sustainability and profitability to the companies in this sector.


Role of Call Centre Companies in the Insurance Sector

Insurance companies commonly use outsourcing services for carrying out different business processes, ranging from claims handling and underwriting to policy servicing. Here are some reasons how BPO helps insurance companies to boost their profitability and productivity:


• Access to an Efficient Team

One of the critical aspects of the BPO model is the call center service team’s efficiency. This is because now customers expect speedy replies from the company’s they follow. It can be quite cumbersome if you are managing the phone along with handling other core functions.

Outsourcing will provide an efficient and effective call center team for dealing with customer calls and queries. This will streamline business operations that will create a good image in your customer’s mind. Your personnel can concentrate on more complex issues while your consumers will be offered wonderful service.

•Support for More Than One Language

It may be possible that your customer asks queries in any language which your staff doesn’t speak. This situation will not only be embarrassing for your agent but will also portray a bad image of a company. On the other hand, if you hire call center services, there will be constant support for different languages, which will be beneficial for you and your clients.

This will help you reach a wider and diverse range of customers, keeping your organization much ahead of competitors. For example, Mr. Joseph calls ABC Inc.’s insurance phone to ask a query in Spanish, but unfortunately, your personnel only speak English. It may cause substantial communication drift between your agent and the customers. But the BPO model gives the advantage of providing their agents who can speak multiple languages.

• Financial Accounting

An insurance company can efficiently manage its cash inflow and outflow along with better customer service by outsourcing. It will make streamlined finance & accounting processes while integrating the billing and reconciliation processes of the business.

• Help in the Growth of the Company

If your business is flourishing or needs an additional workforce for a new marketing project, outsourcing work to a call center company is a good option for growth. Outsourcing is highly effective for organizations where this work is designated to their inbound team, managing the calls and emails to deal with other significant projects.

Agents of the call center are given the training to deal with their customer’s queries during high and low workloads. It means fees paid will not be wasted in any situation. Hence, if your company is in the growth phase, it’s advisable to outsource call center services rather than managing it on your own, as it might become too frustrating and stressful.

• Policy Administration

Third-party vendors, i.e., BPO providers, help insurance companies manage their work in different areas, like endorsements, customer service, premium audits, claim disbursements, and premium collections. They also ensure adherence to the policies and regulations applicable to the specific industry or sector.

• You Will Save More Money

Another main advantage of opting for the outsourcing option is that it will save money. You will not have to recruit employees for specified roles like answering customer calls or invest in expensive software to manage emails, phone calls, and other forms of communication.

This money saved may be invested in other important areas of your business.

•Underwriting Services

The full process of underwriting services is handled by outsourcing service providers in the insurance sector. The primary services include advanced analytics, application processing eligibility checks, business process management, verification of customers account verification submission and clearance, and many more.

In property data management, your outsourcing partners may use rating tools and automated underwriting engines. It allows the underwriting teams to effectively determine the risks. They also help in auditing services where risk exposure in the customer’s policy is involved.


In a nutshell, BPO is a strategic decision for insurance companies that wish to flourish in this competitive world. They facilitate them in minimizing costs and survive business uncertainties. Moreover, they set a robust foundation for prospective expansion and growth.

How to Begin Creating Digital Art


The business sphere is intensely competitive, and it continues to become harsher by the day. Regardless of the uniqueness of your business idea or the problems your new product is solving, a similar company emerges in the market to give you a challenging time.During the pandemic, the global economy has taken a massive hit and has affected businesses worldwide.  Moreover, the cost of living has risen at an alarming rate. Business owners are struggling to maintain their expenses of raw material and other operations. Business owners are devising new strategies and attempting innovative techniques to stay in the game.

The modern world requires contemporary solutions. The entrepreneurs who understand that they cannot make their venture flourish using old-age methods do not hesitate in integrating new approaches. Technology has advanced exponentially in the past few years, and it has made its way into different sectors. Hi-tech devices have improved the performance of a business and lessened the need for a human workforce. Due to the use of technology and gadgets in business operations, the chance of human error has come to a significant low. Furthermore, these technical devices instantly provide exact calculations and help analyzethe humongous data amount in no time. With advanced gadgets, entrepreneurs can make their business flourish, assisting in businesses’ growth.

Today, markets have many options for gadgets. Business owners can avail themselves to put their company on the path to success. Many business owners understand the significance of technical devices. Still, they find themselves at a loss while picking gadgets for their business. Below we are giving an inclusive guide that will help you select the best devices which will boost up the functionality of your company:


The Internet can be your friend when you want to search for an answer. Internet users leave their experiences on the websites, and the vast majority of them are authentic. While you struggle in selecting the best device for your business, you can do your research and read the reviews. The website dealing in the gadget will have positive testimonials about the product. Still, there are many other sources where you can read first-hand experiences of people. For instance, you can read reviews on KeepTruckin ELD reviews, which will help you make a better decision. The studies will also expose you to different technologies and other devices, which you might have missed.


Most gadgets are expensive. Naturally, business owners want to think it through and search the market before purchasing a device. Different companies have different needs. Likely, a gadget that has proven useful to one firm may not be sufficient for other companies. Before you begin your research, you must evaluate your needs and determine the reason for getting one. A thorough analysis of your business niche and its performance will give an insight into your company’s needs. The analysis report will assist you in selecting the device, which is best for your company.


Technical devices are long-term, but they need regular updates. Due to mishandling or ignorance, your device may lose its functionality and requires repair. Ensure that you have a care plan for your device, and you have employers who know the proper handling of these technical devices. While many gadgets offer warranties and after-sale service, few exceptions do not deal in reformation. Some machines come with a seasonal running package, and after the allotted time, you need to purchase another one. A better approach is looking into all these aspects and then buying a suitable gadget for your business.


Business owners should have a detailed understanding of their finances. Several business owners hire financial experts and think they do not need to keep up with the financial records. When it comes to making difficult decisions about upgrading operating systems, they often receive a shock after learning their financial condition. You must make a thorough analysis if the gadgets are worth the money and how much they can improve your company’s functionality. Some devices may cost a fortune, but they prove to be business owners’ long-lasting partner.


Getting a hi-tech device for your business is not a regular decision that one takes every other day. The device may cost a substantial amount of money, and a wise approach is to think hard before getting one. Technical experts have a better understanding of gadgets, and they can guide you better in selecting the best device. Entrepreneurs feel that company matters are their issues, and they cannot share them with strangers. While their concern is understandable, there can be various ways of consulting an expert. You can give them an overview of your firm, and they will guide you to their expertise.


Gadgets may have the ability to put your firm ahead of its competitors. Still, you need to make sure that your company’s environment supports it. Supposedly, you purchased a hi-tech device, which requires a constant electricity supply, and your company is in a locality that does not receive continual electricity. The gadget will be a loss for you, and you may have to invest extra money to support it. Experts suggest that you determine the device’s functionality and its need before you zero down on one. Evaluating your company’s atmosphere and knowing its limitations will help you in making an informed decision.


Many devices come in different brands at varied prices. Several claims to give the same quality or even better at less cost. Once you have chosen a gadget for your company, you should search the marketplace to get an idea if there is a cheaper alternative. Make sure that you go through all the specifications and functions before selecting or rejecting a brand.


Business owners launch their venture with high hopes and many dreams. They put in their earnest effort and work tirelessly to make their company a success. To expand it further and improve its functionality, they need to be innovative. They should be ready to adopt new techniques. Investing in technological devices can be the best decision as it can increase business performance. Still,the wrong choice may lead to a loss. Selecting the best device for your business is not easy. The markets have plenty of options, and technology is continuously evolving. Nevertheless, research and an in-depth understanding of your company’s needs will help you choose the best.

PayPal makes a sudden move in the cryptocurrency industry

PayPal joined cryptocurrency trading on Wednesday, allowing platform users to buy, sell and store bitcoin and other virtual currencies. PayPal customers can use cryptocurrencies to buy at 26 merchants on the company network starting from the first month of next year, the company said, writes gizmonova.

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We are working with central banks and all forms of digital currencies and how PayPal can play a role in their adoption,” said Dan Schulman, chief executive officer.

Currently, the ability to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies in PayPal wallets will only be offered to users in the US. In the first half of 2021 more countries will join this list. Other fintech and digital payment companies have also begun to allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Square or Robinhood. But PayPal’s extend does not compare to the platforms in question, as it has 346 million active accounts worldwide and a turnover of $222 billion.

Cryptocurrencies have fluctuating value and have therefore been more attractive to speculators and less so to traders and shops. Transactions have been slower and more costly than other systems. Many central banks around the world have expressed their intentions to build digital versions of cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

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So what do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Event Planning Business

Things to Do Before Starting an Event Planning Business

The notion of having an event business can be exciting. Whether it is the idea of designing a venue or selling tickets, there are several reasons as to why you are inclined to starting your own event planning business. Over the years, the event industry has grown consistently, making it a profitable venture for anyone looking to generate income. The prospects of the industry, however, has also made competition tighter than ever as new entrants continue to come in.

Though the event planning space may seem daunting due to the competition and presence of well-established names, these should not stop you from pursuing your passion in the craft. Despite being a newer player, you can still succeed in your field by taking the time to prepare and plan. Similar to any other business, you must take some steps before you enter the industry officially, so you do not feel lost once you start looking for clients.

Establish a Network

In the event planning industry, you will always work with different suppliers, so it helps to have a trusted and reliable network you can contact. Naturally, you need not have a complete database of contacts immediately as you will be adding to it continuously as you gain experience. However, it may help to have an initial list of suppliers, such as caterers, photographers, and invitation makers, you can contact for your events.

Aside from suppliers, you may also need to build a team to help you organize events. Juggling all the tasks alone can do more harm than good. So, find people who can help you manage your operations on the administrative side and the actual event planning side.

Gain Skills and Expertise

When clients look for event organizers, they will peep into your reputation and expertise in the field. Thus, as a newer player, you have to make sure you are equipped with the right skills to plan an event successfully. Aside from proper organization, time management, and budgeting skills, you also need to hone your verbal and written communication skills, as well as your creativity, adaptability, and advertising skills.

An optional step would be to look for certification programs that will help you learn the skills and add credibility to your name. Getting a professional certification in the industry will certainly be beneficial for you as clients will be more enticed to book your services.

Create a Business Plan

If event planning is your passion, then you may sometimes feel like it is less of a business and more of a craft. However, the reality is that it is still a business, which means you need a feasible business plan that outlines your strategies and objectives. A well-made business plan will serve as the backbone of your business since it will guide you in making decisions and help you convince investors if you are interested in partnering with any.

Secure Funding

In any business, one of the biggest hurdles you may encounter is funding. There are several financing options you can look for your startup. This way, before you fully establish your business, you will have enough capital. If you cannot self-finance your business and prefer not to take out a bank loan, you can focus on creating an excellent business proposal and pitch this to a crowdsourcing platform in hopes of getting investors.


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How To Change Your Business Working Culture

1.Outlining a Set of Values and Behaviors

You must document the set of required values and behaviors officially and make sure to educate your team about it thoroughly. It is a very important prospect of any work place culture to keep your employees motivated for higher performances.

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People should know how they are expected to behave and react to certain things so that your business can make space in market much easily because of its environment.

There are always going to be different styles of working cultures, depending on the nature of the business, the industry and the values of the ownership.

As long as everyone is aware of a clear justification for the choice of working culture and it is communicated appropriately, then that is fine to have alternative ways of working.

  1. Define Communication Ethics

Here, from communication ethics means all kinds of communications people make when at work. It may include emails, phone calls and directly talking to each other. The word ‘ethics’ represent the way of delivering a particular thing to another person to get anything done.

You should be sue to use a polite, reassuring tone and avoid putting exclamation marks or red and big font in emails. It puts a negative impact and a feel of insult on the other side and thus the culture is responsible for spreading negativity all around.

  1. Evaluate the Performances More Often

When you evaluate your employees’ performance more often along with evaluating your customers’ responses, you will have a much clearer picture of how things are going on. Start talking to your people in a friendly way to get to know their hurdles they might be facing on a daily basis.

Also, build a relationship with your customers in a way to get the knowledge if anything is lacking from your side. This relationship building on both sides will result in making your team much stronger and confident while their motivation level will also get improved widely.

  1. Use Strategy of Rewarding People

It can be a small reward like an appreciation card or a letter or in fact an email of appreciation does a lot more than you can even think of.

Your employees work so hard and a small gesture of appreciation can make their day. Same goes to your customers if they are providing business then be rewarding to them as well in terms of promotions and discounts.

Don’t forget they are the ones who can make the size of your business bigger. And the way in which you utilise a work force is how you inevitable grow.

Rewards and bonuses can be broken down micro and macro for ultimate performance and analysis of effectiveness.

Sales commision or lead generation bonuses which are something to strive towards over the course of each quarter creates a really commutative feeling and motivation will be stable.

  1. Give Authorities

Don’t keep everything in your hands, give authority to your people and make them accountable for things they are responsible for. This will create a sense of responsibility in them to take things more seriously and work with a positive feeling .

Also, the nature of this delegation of power will allow people to be far more motivated by the trust given. The feeling of authority makes them feel superior, important and relevant.

Give them an open ground to play and watch them closely so as to not losing control over anything. It is a trial and error procedure for sure. Sometimes giving freedom and moving away from micro-management will not always go as well as you hoped.

Other times, your office environment will flourish and give back so much more due to the enjoyable atmosphere and mutually beneficial  situation.

  1. Leading Not Commanding

The most important thing to change in any business culture is to learn that you need to become a leader and not just a boss. There is a huge difference in both which can either bring you on top or keep you at the same level for years.

Be a good listener to your people and customers by looking for practical solutions than imposing your decisions. Ask your team to propose solutions and think about them if they really sound possible. It is always about finding a balance of authority and comfort which meets the needs of everybody involved in the business.


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