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Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team!

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team!

Being one of the best options to get maximized returns, outsourcing software development has become one of the best industry practices. Many people believe in myths like hiring a software company or a dedicated development team is complicated or expensive but in reality, you can get started on creating a great product very easily if you know how to partner with the right dedicated software development team that perfectly fits your project.

A dedicated software team would apply all their experience and domain knowledge to your work. So if your core business is not IT-based or you don’t want to extend your in-house team then it’s about time for you to hire some remote developers. A dedicated software development team will distribute your work equally among themselves and will enable you to have steady business growth.

Benefits of Dedicated Hiring

Businesses collaborate with software companies and remote teams to get high-performing and highly optimized products. There are many more benefits of a dedicated development team which are as discussed below:


Hiring dedicated developers allow you to be more flexible than before. As the name suggests, they dedicated themselves to working exclusively only on your project, unlike the outsourcing teams who also work simultaneously on other projects as well. Although you should mutually agree on the terms and conditions before you hire them, they can also be altered or revised if both parties see it fit. In comparison to the outsourcing companies, the pricing model of dedicated teams is flexible. They mostly accept their payments in installments based on either the number of days or the number of hours they worked on your project.

Greater focus on business

The developers you hire for your project can be the key to your business success as well. For any software contract or relevant project, hiring experts has proved to be more beneficial. They are highly trained and experienced to accomplish the task they are hired to do. Now, when the developers are doing their job well, there isn’t any specific reason for you to get yourself involved too much in the project which enables you to direct your spare time and energy to core aspects of your business like branding your products, marketing and more. So hiring developers allows you to focus on your business so they indirectly help you to raise the overall standards of your business.


As I have already said, a dedicated team consists of trained and experienced professionals, they know what they are doing. And people know what they are doing, they tend to make fewer mistakes. Also, you only have to pay them for the amount of work they do for you. In the case of in-house development, you have to spend money on training individuals to make them suitable for the roles and responsibilities assigned to them. Hiring a  team of dedicated professionals is always a cost-effective way to complete your software project.

Access to Variety of Skills

The success of your project depends upon the skills of your team members. Because any single software development project will require you to have a variety of skill sets. That’s why you need to hire a group of people where every single member possesses a unique skill set and has something valuable to offer to the team. That’s when a dedicated development team comes in. Every individual member of the team is capable of performing their assigned tasks very skillfully.

Easy to handle

Managing every single employee and training them for their roles and responsibilities is very time-consuming and tiresome work. Not to mention that you have to constantly monitor or supervise their work. This is just a total waste of time and other resources. Well, you can do that if you just hire dedicated software developers in the first place. All you need to do is hire them, assign them their tasks, inform them about what you expect and by when i.e. deadlines and they will manage the rest. Dedicated development teams always deliver up to expectations and within the timelines.

Experience/Skills and Expertise

The professionals that will do your work for you showcase the highest level of expertise and skills needed for the job. When you hire remote developers, you get access to the global talent pool to let some of the best minds in the software industry work for you. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you hire dedicated developers for your projects.

Quicker Response to Emergency Situations

Suppose if you have to complete your project or deliver a product within a very short period then it would be a very difficult task for you to go around hiring professionals and create an in-house team with the skills you are looking for. The process of recruiting personnel will only consume so much time let alone training and project development.


Instead, if you directly hire a team of dedicated software developers then they could get you out of such emergencies very easily. They have experience so they won’t need to be trained but they will immediately understand your problems and what kind of solutions you are looking for. And skilled developers practice rapid app development with zero error in code so you don’t have to worry about outcomes too.

Wrap Up

A dedicated is a perfect fit for a variety of projects and there are many benefits to it. If all your business requirements are getting fulfilled then there is nothing wrong with collaborating with some of the most talented people for your upcoming project.


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How To Improve The Communication Between Your Team Members

How To Improve The Communication Between Your Team Members

Bad communication is one of the leading causes of team failure. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 70% of all workplace problems are due to poor communication. And the costs can be high – a study by the Harvard Business Review found that dysfunctional teams cost companies $450 million per year in lost productivity. So, how can you improve the communication between your team members? 

1) Use Technology

One of the best ways to improve communication is to use technology. This makes it easy for everyone in your team to stay connected and share information. And with different apps, software, and social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of these modern methods of communication. Fortunately, there are plenty of technology options, including Skype for meetings and video chat, and Google Drive or Dropbox to share documents. You should also know that Microsoft Kaizala is an app designed to be used as a messaging tool for businesses. This app allows teams to coordinate activities, organize projects, and allocate work within the app, making it ideal for remote employees or teams. So, do your research and figure out which tools will work best for your business.

2) Be Open To Feedback

Effective communication requires that you be open to receiving feedback. After all, your employees are the ones who will be using the products and services you produce, so they know what works and what doesn’t. So how can you listen to their ideas? The first step is to conduct a number of informal surveys and quick polls on a regular basis. For example, you might ask for suggestions during one-on-one meetings or send out a questionnaire asking for their feedback about a new project or product. And when you do, be sure to give them quick response, so they know you considered their opinions.

3) Set A Clear Agenda For Meetings

Poorly run meetings can take up valuable time that should have been spent on other projects. So how can you ensure these team sessions are worth everyone’s while? Well, setting a clear agenda for each meeting can help. This should include any important facts about the topic to be discussed and a list of action items that will need to be completed in order to move forward. In addition, you might want to stick to the agenda by following a timeline and setting specific deadlines for each task. This can keep your team focused on the right things at the right times, which will help you avoid wasting time altogether.

4) Have Regular Team Building Activities

Team building activities can help strengthen relationships between your team members and improve communication within the group. This is because these sessions allow employees to get to know each other on a more personal level, which can make it easier for them to talk about sensitive topics. Plus, they give everyone the chance to relax and have some fun at work, which creates a positive environment that will leave your team feeling energized and ready to succeed. There are many different things you can choose for team-building activities such as sports days, scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, and more. 

5) Do Fun Stuff To Boost Morale

Another important aspect of communication is morale, which refers to the emotional state that someone is in. If your team members square measure feeling down or unprovoked, it will be troublesome for them to speak concerning their concepts and opinions with others. This is why it’s important to make sure your employees are happy. You can do this by offering incentives and benefits that appeal to them, such as flexible working hours or company-sponsored team lunches twice a week. And providing perks like these can go a long way towards boosting morale.

6) Identify Group Leaders

When it comes to group projects, it’s important to identify group leaders who will be taking the lead. This is because having someone in charge will help others stay focused on the task at hand. This also means that you have to trust your leaders, so it’s important to select people who are dependable and dedicated. However, remember that each member of the group should have a chance to lead at least one project within the team.

7) Provide Regular Training Opportunities

People learn in different ways, so you should provide multiple training opportunities that cater to their specific needs. For example, you might promote ongoing learning by holding online seminars or webinars once or twice a week. You might also want to offer self-guided online learning by providing employees with access to eBooks and other resources. And of course, you might want to hold offline meetings for more practical or hands-on training sessions. There are many different ways to train people, so be sure to take into account your employees’ preferences and schedules before promoting a particular method.

8) Have An Open Door Policy

Last but not least is an open-door policy, which refers to a policy of employees being able to interact with their managers anytime. This allows them to communicate openly and honestly, which can help you quickly fix any problems or concerns that could be negatively impacting your work. In fact, this strategy is believed to have been the main reason behind the success of Google, as they allow anyone in the company to “walk into the office of their managers and discuss any idea they have.”

Do you want to know how to improve the communication between your team members? Well, if you set a clear agenda for each meeting, provide regular training opportunities, do fun stuff to boost morale, identify group leaders, have an open-door policy, and follow a timeline to set specific deadlines for each task, you should start seeing better results. Also, don’t forget to implement new technology solutions to enhance your team’s communication skills. By following these simple steps, you will be able to significantly improve your team’s communication. Hopefully, you now have all the information you need to do just that.

How Do Paralegals Use Data Analytics,

How Do Paralegals Use Data Analytics?

How Do Paralegals Use Data Analytics?

In today’s high-tech business world, people reference many technical terms such as data mining and analytics. While these terms might seem applicable to information technology (IT) careers, they have broad applications in hundreds of occupations in multiple industries including the legal industry. Today, computer software companies provide tools legal professionals use to perform crucial tasks such as analyzing data. Paralegals familiar with these tools can increase their job prospects by increasing their efficiency and accuracy when collecting and presenting data. Let’s define data analytics, and look at ways paralegals use data analysis in the workplace.

Data Analytics

Data analytics refers to using data mining to gather multiple data sets from disparate sources, using data integration or data virtualization services to process that data, applying predictive analytics to project outcomes, and using data visualization to present results. Data sets from various sources are pooled and analyzed with data integration. With data virtualization, the data stays in its location. Still, it’s used with multiple data sources to ensure the analysis considers all data sources when identifying trends, making predictions, and preparing reports.

Data analytics software is more efficient, and users can generate meaningful reports in real-time, enabling them to use the latest data to project likely outcomes. This enables manufacturers to determine which products to make and helps retailers decide which products to carry. Companies can save money by investing resources into profitable products instead of developing products consumers aren’t buying.

Paralegals and Data Analytics

Paralegals are legal professionals who prepare case materials for lawyers. The research individuals, incidents, regulations, laws, or other topics. Paralegals also prepare the legal paperwork and gather evidence to support a client’s case. These legal professionals organize information, prepare summaries, get affidavits, and file paperwork with the courts. They may also assist lawyers at trial, schedule interviews, and depositions, and notify clients about hearing dates.

Aspiring paralegals can prepare for their careers by earning an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in law and paralegal studies. Degrees for paralegal associates involve completing 60 credit hours of studies, and students must complete a practicum to graduate. Courses include introduction to legal systems, legal research and writing, family law, civil litigation, administrative litigation, corporate law, real estate law, introduction to criminal law and procedure, computer applications, and foundations of quantitative reasoning.

Foundations of quantitative reasoning prepare aspiring paralegals to manipulate data. They learn about statistics and statistical reasoning, and exponential modeling. This course ensures students can use data analytics in the workplace. Paralegals use data analytics to facilitate the research process. Data analytics enables them to process large amounts of data simultaneously. Data analytics tools can process data more efficiently, enabling paralegals to receive valuable reports that could influence legal strategies or be used to strengthen legal arguments.

Suppose a patient’s suing a medical facility for medical malpractice, alleging the facility failed to provide an acceptable standard of care because they didn’t use medical equipment the patient believes would have improved their treatment. Paralegals working on the facility’s defense may review data provided by medical equipment companies to illustrate the medical equipment used provides patients with equal or superior outcomes. This is an example of how evaluating data sets can produce reports that strengthen legal arguments.

Paralegals can also use data analytics software with predictive modeling capabilities to project trial outcomes. Lawyers may use this information to determine whether to take specific clients based on their likelihood of winning the case. Determining the likely outcome helps law firms operating on contingency fees to avoid taking on expensive cases they likely won’t win.  Analytics reports enable them to save time and money and prioritize resources. Paralegals use data analytics for various tasks such as evaluating large data sets and using the reports to strengthen legal arguments or determine if their firm can win a case.

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Local Business Directories ,

Local Business Directories 

Local Business Directories 

While you might be tempted to submit your listing to every business directory in existence, there are some essential tips that should be considered before you do so. The most important piece of information that you should include is your business name, phone number, and address. It is important to make sure that the information on all of your listings is accurate. Having the wrong contact information can cause a lot of customer frustration and may even result in lost sales. Also, remember that the more consistent the information on your listings is, the higher your organic ranking will be. Although most local business directories offer free listings, smart business owners will almost always opt for enhanced listings or sponsored listings. Premium listings are highly sought after as they guarantee top billing on the directory site. They also often come with additional features such as editing information, adding images, and integrating customer reviews. Moreover, some directories have proprietary products that can be easily added to publisher websites to maximize revenue. The most effective way to increase traffic is to have a website optimized for local searches.

The most common type of listing is free. Many of these directories will allow you to add up to three pictures and a brief description. But the more important option is to pay a small monthly fee. Using these directories to promote your business will not only boost your rankings on Google but will also help you generate more revenue through your advertising. In addition to free listings, local business directories should also offer paid listings. The main benefit of premium listings is that they can boost your search engine ranking. Premium listings provide better exposure to your website than free listings. Most local business directories also have a variety of features to improve your listing and support SEO. A premium listing will ensure that your listing appears at the top of the page in Google searches. It also allows you to edit and upload images, integrate customer reviews, and add links. By taking advantage of this feature, Web Publisher PRO can build a premium product that can be easily integrated into your website.

Besides free listings, premium listings provide your business with more exposure. These directories are an excellent way to increase your local visibility. Most people will find businesses in their local area by using search engines. By listing your business on this free 118 business directory, you will be found by local people in the area. This will lead to more business and an increased chance of success. But before you start promoting your listings, be sure to check out the competition. Adding your listing to online business directories can help you with your SEO and your local search marketing efforts. By utilizing the right online business directory, you will be able to increase the visibility of your website and attract local customers. The more popular and reputable the directory, the more likely your listing will appear in the search results. When the time comes to market your business, make sure that it is present in the directory. Incorrect details will make it difficult for your listing to be found.

In order to gain visibility, you should have an online presence. Not only can your customers find you on Google, but they can also be found on other platforms, such as review sites and mapping services. If your local listing is not organized and not properly managed, this could make it harder for your customers to find you. To avoid this situation, make sure that you claim your profile on business directories. They are the best places for consumers to find your business. Besides providing accurate information, these online directories also allow you to add a variety of multimedia. Including multimedia on your listing can give your customers a visual sample of your business. If your listing is inaccurate, your customers will be unable to find your website if they do not see your business’s address. A local business directory is an essential part of your marketing strategy. You should make sure that you include your company name and phone number in the directory.

Many free business listing websites will ask for verification of your business information before publishing your listing. This process is usually as simple as filling in a string of numbers. Once verified, you will be able to choose which ones to share with your potential clients. The process of creating a free or premium business listing is an excellent way to make sure your business appears prominently in search results. The difference between free and premium business listings lies in the time and effort you devote to maintaining them. There are many ways to use free business listing websites. Some of these sites are more popular than others, but you can also create your own unique listing. These are often the best places for your customers to find your products or services. If you have a storefront, the most prominent of these locations will be displayed first. If you have an online presence, it’s important to claim your free listing as soon as possible. You can also use free listings for coupons and deals.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Work,

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Work

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Work

Working from home or remote work is a new trend introduced due to COVID-19, about 50% of employees want to work from home due to ease. Many employees in reputable companies having remote jobs worldwide want to continue working remotely, for no less than on a part-time basis or as a freelancer. Remote working allows the freedom of work like where they want to work in a safe manner whether they are at their desk or in the kitchen cooking something. Where on the other hand remote work is not for everyone and not everyone can enjoy such leverages.

Let’s discuss below some of the advantages and disadvantages of remote work:


Work Flexibility


Having work flexibility means that the employee can work from anywhere, anytime, not just from their home or desk. The flexible time work allows the employees to start and end the work whenever they want, to be less stressful. Remote work pros can be that the employee keeps getting full pay and benefits, saves time of traveling to the office, and increases attendance. The work flexibility allows time-saving which means employees from anywhere may find that they have enough time for their work and their families. Fewer parking spots and less office space are needed while working at home. Whereas the disadvantages can be the internet connectivity, the internet might disconnect when you’re in an urgent meeting. It would create difficulty in scheduling the meeting and meeting the deadlines and coordinating with other team members, building team spirit, and managing people. While some employees may feel that they are ignored and isolated.


Higher and Increased Productivity:


Remote work allows an increase in productivity and mental health of the employees. You may feel distracted from work when you’re in the office. Distractions like Gossips, office politics, meetings, and calls are often thrown at any time. Employees can also set their home workspace as suits them best. You can be more productive in remote work if you’re a night owl who wants to work over the weekend or even late at night when everyone is sleeping. In certain cases, if you have hired a freelance software developer he would prefer working at night due to less distraction. While the disadvantages are concerned, many people say they work longer in hours and the productivity will be a dip in team collaboration, like you won’t be online on the time when your boss or teammate wants a meeting.


Time and money-saving Environment:


When working from home you save enough money from not commuting. With remote work, hundreds of hours and dollars can be saved every year. When you’re working from home, many of the aspects include oversleeping, being stuck in traffic, waiting for the bus to arrive for work, or waiting for the breakfast to be done on time. By saving time you can get more work done even if you hire remote developers for your work or spend more time with family, friends, going out anytime, exercising, or chilling. You’ll be able to pay longer together with your worshipped ones.


Cost Savings:


Even your employers get benefits when you work from home. Like your company can save money spent on rent, utilities, and other office supplies. If your company is willing to hire remote software developers they can outsource the work as well for their ease. Remote work provides cost savings for both employers and employees where Employers have dramatically reduced the cost of business travel or trips, while employees can save money through commuting costs. Whereas the cons are concerned, you can not save money if you’re a foodie, like you keep ordering foods of your choice when working.


Final Thoughts


If you’re thinking to allow your employees to remote work remotely, you need to set some remote work policies in your company like how the work shifts will be managed, where, and when. How the time will be spent, how the working hours and performance will be tracked, and in the end how employees will be in touch with the team for meetings and deadlines. Lastly, the HR manager may improve the work-from-home experience just by being more cooperative with employee needs. You need to see both the pros and cons of remote work that come with incorporating a remote workforce into employees

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Useful Tips for Hiring a Freelance Translator,

Useful Tips for Hiring a Freelance Translator

Useful Tips for Hiring a Freelance Translator

If you’ve browsed around the internet, you probably realized that there are a lot of freelance translators out there. And since the Internet is such an oversaturated market, competition can become fierce between translation services providers. Because there are so many providers out there, you need to know how to choose the best one for your needs. Knowing what to look for and how to find a reliable professional is crucial for your project – whether that’s for school or business. Don’t let this intimidate you, though. There are some useful tips that can help you find the right person for the job.

1. Go To A Purpose-Built Platform

In most cases, it’s better to look for a freelance translator through an established platform, since that often means the translators have already been vetted. More than that, it will make finding a reliable translation service easier, since you’ll be able to see previous customers’ reviews. It’s important that these reviews are trustworthy, which is why it might be best to look for a platform that has been around long enough to have outlasted its competitors. Freelance translator reviews are often left on purpose-built platforms since they are both accessible and credible sources of information about the quality of the services they offer. That doesn’t mean that you should never give someone that’s just starting out a chance, however – sometimes, you can still find a diamond in the rough that way.

2. Look For Specific Degrees

It’s also worth looking out for specific degrees in your preferred translator’s resume, especially if you need a professional with specific qualifications to translate legal or medical documents, for example. Whether you need someone to translate a paper for school, or if it’s for your business, and you need someone that can translate legal contracts, it’s vital that the person you hire has the necessary degree for the job. Some translators also offer writing services, so if you hire someone specialized in medical translation, for example, they can also help you edit or write your paper. There are some degrees that would help you differentiate between the different translators out there – an MSc in translation will not only give them more credibility, but it also shows they have a specific background that can be useful to your project.

3. Set A Budget

It’s important to settle on how much you’re comfortable with paying for the service. Some platforms let you set a fixed non-negotiable price or put out a price range where the translators can bid. Others will show you how much previous clients paid for similar services. If you’re not looking to spend too much, make sure to pick a translator whose rate falls in your budget – it can really help in making your decision. That said, sometimes the price is a good indicator of the skills and experience of the translator. A person that has a college degree and has been doing translation work for years will usually have a higher rate than someone who’s just starting out. Consider how complex the document you want translated is. If it’s something fairly simple, you can afford to lower the price. Likewise, if it’s a complicated document, you might have to pay more, so you can get your money’s worth in service quality.

4. Experience Counts

Experience is an important factor when you’re on the lookout for a good translator. In some cases, it’s better to give someone who hasn’t been in business for long a chance if your document isn’t too complicated and doesn’t require any specialized translation. That said, in all other cases, you should always look out for translators that have a lot of experience under their belt. Someone who’s been translating for several years has a better chance of doing a good job, as opposed to a first-timer. This is because they will have spent time figuring out the tricks of the trade and honing their skills – especially if English isn’t their first language. A native speaker in your target language isn’t necessarily the better option if they’re not familiar with the niche jargon that you need to include in your document.

5. Ask For Previous Work Samples

An important thing to keep in mind is to always ask for previous work samples. A translation can never be a direct copy of the original document. Languages are too complex and have specific idioms, sentence structures, and grammar rules that don’t always carry over. That means that besides being fluent in both languages, a translator needs to have a well-polished writing style, as well as a creative streak. A good translator will know how to incorporate all of these elements into the translated text, but it helps to ask for samples beforehand so you can see their style and get a feel for their work first-hand. If you don’t speak the language in question, you can always ask someone you know to go through the samples and give you an opinion.

6. Delivery Time Is Key

The delivery time is a deciding factor for many people when choosing a translator. It’s also a very important indicator of the skill and experience of a translator. Someone who charges more for their services will usually have better service quality because they don’t have to work on several projects at once or take up several jobs in order to pay the bills. That said, it’s also a good indicator of their availability. No matter how great they are, if they already have too many projects on their hands, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to get your job done before your deadline, or that they won’t give it their all. Ask them how long it will take them to finish the job and how many hours per day they can dedicate to the work.

Professional freelance translators may be hard to come by, but they’re usually the best option for many people who are looking to get work done on time and are very specific about what they want. Just remember all of these key factors when selecting a translator – their education, years in business, rates, previous work samples, and availability. They’ll help you weed out the professionals from the beginners, and ensure that you get your money’s worth.

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How does the lead distribution software work?

Pulling Data from the Web without Code

Pulling Data from the Web without Code

Data takes a very important spot in the business world; it dictates who rules the market and folds in a few years.

Those who collect enough of it can analyze it to grasp the market better. They also use it to protect their brand, monitor their competition, and make more profits. Those who do not have it or seldom collect it end up at the bottom of the ladder and are crushed out of the game. Global participation and market domination hinge on how much data you can get hold of and how often you can scrape relevant data.

Because of this, the methods on how to extract data from websites should be numerous, and the tools for web scraping should be in abundance. See this blog of putting together a how-to extract data from a website for a more detailed description. For instance, it should be easy for even those who cannot write codes to participate in this globally important race to collect data.

This article will see what web scraping is and the different methods for pulling data from the internet without code.

An Explanation of Web Scraping

Web scraping can be defined as the automated process used to extract large sums of data from various places on the internet.

Many consider it both an art and a process in which high-end software and computers are used to penetrate multiple websites and web pages and repeatedly extract their content in large amounts. Each time the data is collected, it is transformed and parsed to be stored and studied to create business insights that can change the trajectory of any company. This is why many businesses engage in it, as it offers them the most efficient way to reach millions of data on the web regularly.

Web scraping can be used for a variety of applications, with the most common ones including the following:

  • For monitoring prices and forming price intelligence or dynamic pricing
  • For monitoring and researching the market to create product optimization and make predictive analysis
  • For generating leads and potential customers for marketing purposes
  • For consumer behavior monitoring and sentiment analysis to develop a more profound marketing strategy
  • For monitoring and protecting a brand from infringement and reputational damages
  • For aggregating data on a single platform to allow users and other businesses easier access to important data

Most Popular Methods of Web Scraping

When looking for how to extract data from a website, the best options are the most common and easiest.

1. Data Brokers

Data brokers are third-party companies that gather and sell specific datasets. They scourge the whole internet, gather a particular type of data, and then aggregate them into their databases. Those who need exactly this data can then go to them and buy it rather than scraping for it all over again.

The advantage of this is that it can save you time and energy, while the disadvantage could be cost and the limitation on the data type.

2. Website-Specific APIs

Website-specific APIs are usually built to work with a particular platform or website and gather the data on that website. When you want a specific dataset, you can check to see what exact website you can gather that data to see if they have dedicated APIs.

Then you can use these APIs to interact and harvest data from the website instead of needing to write fresh codes from a general scraping bot. The lack of code is a clear advantage here, while the specificity of the data type can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

3. Web Browser Extensions

You can also pull data from a website by using extensions engineered to work with web browsers.

These extensions are built on specific web browsers and work with specific websites. One major advantage here is getting well-structured data with just a little effort. However, this method may not work when you are looking for general data. It may also not work with proxies and other tools that protect you on the internet.

4. Web Scraping Tools

Web scraping tools are mostly a favorite for anyone looking to extract data from multiple sources at once. They do not require codes and have been built already to extract data from any platform, and that is one of the advantages. Another advantage is that they can help you get any data you want on the internet. However, they can be expensive and require more effort than other methods.

5. Outsourcing to Web Scraping Agencies or Freelancers

If all the above options don’t work for you or lack time to get your hands dirty with actual scraping, you can delegate the scraping project to agencies and freelancers whose major job is to extract data. This saves you more time and allows the job to be done by professionals. However, it also means that you are at the mercy of the agency, and your activities are no longer anonymous.


Whether it is a small operation or a large-scale project, you can perform web scraping with no codes by using any of the methods described above.

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Performance Comparison of the 5 Most Popular Page Builders,

Performance Comparison of the 5 Most Popular Page Builders

Performance Comparison of the 5 Most Popular Page Builders


Developing a business website has never been easier with WordPress through using page builders. With a seemingly never-ending supply of WordPress themes, bloggers and small businesses resort to building their own websites.


The page builders where you can edit and customize these themes differ and offer varying benefits. Based on the project scope, theme choice and preference, you can choose from many different page builders available online. Before making a choice, here is a performance comparison of the 5 most popular page builders.




Divi is an industry leader in visual page builders that use the drag-and-drop feature to customize themes that have already been designed and developed. This software has powerful features, improving its performance even for complex WordPress projects. For example, one of the advanced features possessed by Divi is the custom CSS control functionality. The custom CSS control feature allows developers to integrate some manual customization with Divi’s visual controls. With both these features available, this page builder is convenient for both absolute beginners as well as intermediary web developers. 


Websites built with Divi are responsive and can be emulated to visualize how they will respond to iPhones using the latest iOS versions as well as other operating systems. There are a lot of design elements that come with this page-building platform and thousands of other visual options that can be used for WordPress websites. One of the most popular features of Divi is that your entire work history is saved centrally and can be accessed if you would like to undo some changes. 


Bloggers and small businesses can also use the platform to build pop-ups such as contact forms as well as image galleries. Part of the website packs available on Divi includes pre-made blog pages with different layouts to choose from. This website design and page building platform is very powerful, reliable and has a variety of features that come in handy when building a WordPress custom theme. You must also remember about the write my essay for me service that students often use while they plan some business in college as it ensures that their academic assignments are always on time.




Elementor is the self-acclaimed leading free WordPress page builder with millions of users that use this platform’s features. Some of these features include a global library of colors and typography when building a theme from scratch. The platform has more than 90 widgets that can be dragged and dropped on the website page and positioned accordingly. All the widgets used to build WordPress website pages can be customized using features such as resizing, coloring and media can be easily changed in just a few clicks. Visual elements such as widgets, forms and others can be customized down to the last pixel. 


The platform allows a flawless experience when customizing the positioning, padding and margins of each page. Elementor does not only develop websites but also powerful and functional e-commerce platforms. There are useful plugins used on WordPress in parallel to Elementor that allow the developed e-commerce platform to become functional. 


All the visual elements can be easily manipulated and customized on this platform. The best part is that this page-builder also supports responsive mobile design. Most page-builders have a marginal difference when building the website’s mobile version from when the desktop view is being built. However, Elementor allows the same freedom of customizing each page by allowing pixel-perfect positioning and resizing. You can also customize the CSS code of the websites you’re working on when using this platform. The extended customizability brought by this feature allows more experienced developers to improve the pages built to a greater extent.


Beaver Builder


Beaver Builder can be regarded as a very versatile page-builder but a little less powerful than other platforms. This platform is simplified and focuses solely on page-building with less value-added features. Using Beaver Builder does have major benefits since it does not have an elaborate User-Interface allowing beginners to easily navigate through its features. More than 1,000,000 users have built sites using Beaver Builder and some of that user base was freelancers handling client projects. 


Freelancers can use the Assistant Pro feature that allows them to store and keep a record of client pages. Organizing the pages built using Beaver Builder on Assistant Pro separates your personal websites and blogs from client pages. Features such as customizing 404 Error pages, search results and blog posts can be used on the platform. Beaver Builder makes editing the footer and header very simple and straightforward, which can be a pain on other platforms. 


All changes made using this system can either be previewed before launching or edited live. The responsiveness of websites built using Beaver Builder depends on the theme being edited. If the theme being edited is responsive, it will have mobile version features. If advanced developers would like to edit the code of the theme you are using, it will not be customized in a confusing manner.




Themify has been the underdog of page-builders for a long time but this system is very powerful since it has some very convenient add-ons. It also has the standard drag-and-drop features with advanced resizing and customization options. There are premade themes on the platform itself that can be customized to fit the branding voice you are aiming for. The platform has a lot going on in the backend, especially since it can manage building a music streaming website. Having this feature sets this page-builder apart from most other competing platforms. 


Although it has fewer users than the other page-builders mentioned here, it is very competitive and powerful. An eCommerce platform can also be developed using Themify with all the bells and whistles. This platform even has features that can help with marketing once you have built the eCommerce platform. Using the announcement tab available can help with announcing any discount specials or important information. 


Products uploaded on the online shop may be filtered by end-users through the custom filtration functionality available on Themify. Online businesses also have the option of allowing end-users to comment on products when reviewing products. There is a wide variety of other add-ons that are available on Themify for a modern website and online shop development.


Visual Composer Website Builder


Visual Composer Website Builder has a very clean and intuitive User-Interface with nothing but sheer power under the hood. This platform is designed for everyone because beginners and very advanced programmers can use it. Essentially, Visual Composer is a platform where creators can share their themes and bloggers and businesses gain access to them. Afterward, the bloggers and businesses can then customize the themes using the page builder feature. 


The page builder uses dragging and dropping as the primary editing tool. The media, widgets and other visual elements can be easily positioned at the desired spot on the screen and resized according to preference. Visual Composer also uses custom CSS to enable developers to edit the page and customize it much more elaborately. Since this platform allows developers to continually upload themes, that gives bloggers and businesses a wider variety to choose from. 


What sets Visual Composer apart from other page-builders is that it also has in-built SEO optimization. The SEO optimization tool used on Visual Composer assesses the structure of the website as well as the content posted on the blog. You can then make live changes to the website that are more SEO-friendly. Whether you are a theme developer or a business looking for a powerful page builder, Visual Composer is one of the best performing tools in both regards.


The bottom line


All these five page-builders have different strengths and weaknesses, but they are very powerful and perform at a higher rate than most other platforms. Some have more specific features, but they create pixel-perfect themes that can be used for businesses of all sizes. Most of these platforms are also suitable for theme developers that manage multiple client sites at the same time. You can assess these page-builders further to find the one that is best for your project.

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