Not everyone knows how to deal with a situation under pressure. A lot of people may very well freeze when faced with demanding situations. What are you supposed to do if you find your loved ones in prison? How do you arrange for his quick release? These are vital questions that require quick answers. Continue reading this article to know more about what you can do to help your friend get out of jail.

Opt for Bail: When a person is arrested, he is taken to police custody. He is to be kept there until produced in the court for the trial. Now, this trial can take place after a few days or even after months. All this time, an innocent one might have to spend in jail, waiting for his trial to take place. It simply doesn’t seem fair. But luckily, there is an alternative available to remedy the situation.

One may opt for bail and get out of jail as soon as possible. A bail schedule is a pre-fixed amount of money to be paid for different sorts of crimes. Cash bail allows one to walk out of jail freely by paying the sum in cash. But more often than not, people are not ready to give away so much cash at a moment’s notice. Here comes the Surety bond that allows a family member of the defendant to opt for bail at minimal payment and secure bail.

Surety Bonds: A surety bond can be purchased at just 10% of the whole bail amount. The bond agency sets forth a contract informing the arrestee of their rights and financial obligations. Moreover, they must sign a promissory note, a legal document consenting to pay the entire bail if the defendant jumps bail, i.e. if he does not show up at their trial on the stipulated date.

The non-refundable bond fee is used for more than processing the application and ensuring quick release. It helps purchase the insurance that the bail bond company needs to meet its guarantee. Insurance companies avoid risk by having bail agents deposit in a fund meant for covering any losses. Because of the guarantee, most agents in California can easily arrange affordable blanket bail bonds in San Diego with the local detention centers. Thus, they do not have to post bail for every client—their arrangement guarantees the court financial compensation whenever there is an incident of bail jumping.

This is very beneficial to both parties and especially the courts. Moreover, not only does it help the defendant but also ease the pressure of overcrowded jails. Depending on individual circumstances, a statement of creditworthiness or collateral (in the form of securities or property) may be required. Bail bondsmen generally accept valuable property, such as a home, jewelry, vehicles, stocks, bonds, and other collateral.

Once the defendant is out of jail, he can focus more on hiring an experienced attorney to represent him in the court. With prior preparedness, one has a fair chance to win a trial and be free from the social stigma of getting arrested on a criminal charge.