Interesting games with cheap Steam codes

Interesting games with cheap Steam codes

The Steam online store has plenty of quality games to choose from. There are dozens of MMOs, MOBAs, competitive shooters, and more. Here are the top interesting games on Steam. The list includes games from different genres, so there is plenty to choose from. It also contains only time-tested and community-tested projects.

There are many classic SEGA games featured on Steam. Comix Zone is one of the brightest representatives of the beat`em`up genre. The game tells the story of comic book author Sketch Turner, who involuntarily fell into his own creation, and now must fight the villains and find a way to return to the real world. The stunning design, hilarious jokes and addictive brawls are what made the game so popular. 

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An interesting puzzle platformer in which you have to use the force of gravity to overcome the many tasks assigned to the main character – a funny big-eyed cube. Grav Grav Gravity is a hardcore game. The levels are dotted with sharp thorns and deadly saws and the protagonist moves with great momentum. So get ready for the hardships. However, even if you quit the game without coping with its complexity, you are unlikely to feel sorry for the money spent on it.

Which of the boys in childhood did not arrange tank wars on the pages of school notebooks? PAPER FRONT “revives” the tanks drawn with a ballpoint pen, transferring them to the virtual battlefield.

 The game is a variation on the theme of the immortal Battle City: you choose a tank and destroy enemies in desperate gunfights, getting weapons and bonuses in battles. A fun, uncomplicated arcade game that you won’t mind paying for. 

Legend of Himari is a funny pixel action game in which you have to help a girl named Himari withstand waves of attacking enemies. Despite the primitive picture, the game is fascinating – all thanks to the incessant chopping with the use of weapons and magic, unlocked by characters and bosses.

By the way, if you enjoy the game, check out the Taimumari platformer, which costs a little more, and again focuses on the adventures of the cute sorceress Himari.

Another classic beat`em`up game Streets of Rage invites players to get used to the role of police officers who have decided to fight the crime that has swept the city, relying not on the orders of the corrupt bosses, but on their own fists.

Streets of Rage is an excellent cooperative action game for playing together on one computer, with variable gameplay, hundreds of enemies and dozens of bosses. Good and nostalgic adventure game!

Out There Somewhere is a 2D platformer inspired by Cave Story, Super Metroid and Portal, in which you explore a dangerous world while trying to get some fuel for your spaceship. Out There Somewhere can boast of fairly high difficulty, good musical accompaniment and not boring puzzles.

Music Racer is an arcade racing game in which you race across tracks created from tracks from your music collection. Like Audiosurf, only cheaper.

The game generates tracks using music files and YouTube videos, and the difficulty of the race directly depends on the intensity of the track – a classic composition will surely seem boring to you, but some grindcore will seriously challenge your reflexes. All this is done in a wonderful futuristic setting with customizable cars.

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Download Modded Games On Your Android Device (How To)

Download Modded Games On Your Android Device (How To)

Now-days hundreds of apps are developed for Android devices and we all want to try then on, but most of then are not free. There are many ways or methods used to Hack apps, like ex. you can hack game’s premium features, money, etc. However, with these methods, you can just directly download modded apk on any device. Today, in the article below, we are going to share some methods to download or grab any modded APK to any of your android devices. You will also get paid apps for free. Go through the article to know more about it.

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Download Modded Games On Your Android Device (How To)

With these methods, you will download or grab modded apk directly on your device so you will not need any other app to hack your apps/games. The other best thing is that you will not need to root your android device. So, follow the article below to download directly modded games on your Android device.

Download Modded Games On Your Android Device – Using TuTuApp

  • Step 1. Firstly, download and install TuTuApp on your Android device.
  • Step 2. Open it on your device; you will get a screen like below.

  • Step 3. So here you can now browse through various categories like Google Play Store but with the difference that here all the apps/games are free.

  • Step 4. If you want to download and install modded apk, simply browse in the app to discover various modded apps or you can search even for “MOD” in the search bar.

So that’s all. Simply search, download and install any modded apk without the heed of other apps like Lucky Patcher.

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Download Modded Games On Your Android Device – Using Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is a marketplace where you will find hundreds of Apps and games to download on your Android device. This is the best Google Play Store alternative for you to have on your smartphone.

Blackmart Alpha provides many paid games and Apps for free, which is a really great feature. We can even say that almost every paid app that is available on Google Play Store is available here for free.

The app is not available to download from Google Play Store. To find the apk file of this app just do a google search and find it. Before installing make sure to enable “Unkown source download”, on your device.

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So that’s all about how to download paid apps and games for free. Also, you can directly download modded apk to your Android device. Hope you found this article useful. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment in the section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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