VW I.D. Roomzz Electric SUV Concept Revealed

VW I.D. Roomzz Electric SUV Concept Revealed

Volkswagen revealed a new concept to the car show at the Shanghai Motor Show. As Volkswagen I.D. Roomzz, the fully-fledged SUV belongs to Level 4 of autonomy and is destined for the Chinese market by 2021, said the German manufacturer.

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The car comes with 82kWh battery and runs 450 kilometers with a single charge. It can be recharged to 80% for 30 minutes through the 150kW fast charging system.

Roomzz is produced to show the potential of the modular electric car MEB platform. The company has invested heavily in this platform and aims to sell 10 million electric cars.

Roomzz will join the growing line of the Volkswagen I.D. , an interconnected autonomous car generation. Some of them are Vizzion, Cozz, Buzz and Buzz Cargo.

Still today there is no real autonomous cars and manufacturers are advancing with technologies that can travel with minimal human intervention. Even analysts have begun to predict when the first cars of Level 5 of autonomy will come in mass.

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