emotes in GTA Online

How to use emotes in GTA Online

There are many ways that GTA Online players can boast in front of their opponents, in the most familiar way, is through emotes

Although GTA V is about a decade old as a game, a new bunch of players have been added recently, as the game came for free at the Epic Games Store. To move forward, once you have built a decent arsenal of weapons, you need to know how to emulate.

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More or less like tea-bagging at Call of Duty or dancing at Fortnite, emoting at GTA Online is simply a beautiful and gallant way to celebrate a kill.

However, if you are not using a mic, it can be a way to communicate with other players, especially if you want to make peace. These emote are not a science to use. Just follow the guide below step by step:

How to use emotes in GTA Online step by step Guide:

  1. Open the interaction menu in GTA Online – press the back button on the console or M on the PC
  2. Go to ‘style’ and press “A/X” on the console or “Enter” on PC
  3. Go to ‘Action’ and go beyond the options menu until you find an emote you like
  4. Go back to the interaction menu to save it as an emote you like
  5. Press two thumbsticks on the console/Caps Lock on the PC to start making emojis

Choosing an emote in the style menu will allow you to make a certain animation as you walk through Los Santos, either casually or during a mission. However, you can also use emotes in different situations that you see fit.

Emoting is fun, especially if you calculate it properly, but beware of players who don’t know how to recognize the joke.

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