Watch Dogs Free

Two more games are free now at Epic Games Store including Watch Dogs

We’re talking about Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable

It may happen that you suddenly have an abundance of free time on your hands. It may be that you need a way to help her get through it. But even if none of these things are true, it’s definitely Thursday, which means it’s time to enter the Epic Games Store for our weekly bundle of free stuff.

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Top on this week’s list is Watch Dogs, the third-person action game centered on Aiden Pearce, a talented computer hacker who is also a close combat master, world-class hitman and Super License holder of the FIA. After an attempted bank robbery goes awry, shocking circumstances lead Pearce and a group of other hackers to a high-tech mission to oust corrupt officials in the city of Chicago.

Watch Dogs is rated M, which means that new players may not be able to play it. To make sure everyone has at least one free game a week, Epic is also putting together The Stanley Parable, a short, very strange first-person narrative experience.

Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable are now free and will remain so until March 26th. Next week, Figment and Tormentor x Punisher will be free at Epic Store.

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