FIFA made an unappealable verdict in a dispute between football teams of Israel and Palestine

FIFA, the main world football organization, delivered a verdict in the dispute, where the interests of the football associations of Israel and Palestine were considered.

The final decision on the adoption of penalties against the Palestinian team was published on the official website of the International Football Federation.

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The main reason for the sports conflict was the statement of the Palestinians about the Israelis, who supposedly narrow the scope of their organization. The outcome of the dispute had to be soon resolved at the highest level. The Palestinians said that Israel restricts the travel of their players, which primarily affects the Palestinian teams performance. The Palestinian seek Israeli teams suspension from FIFA.

The chairperson of the Israeli Football Association, Ofer Eini, has explained to the public that the Palestinian ultimatum has visible political overtones.

The co-founders of the Israeli Jewish Congress contribute to strengthen national football support

The Israeli Jewish Congress supported the Israel Football Association when a hail of accusations rained down on it. The Congress members called on the International Football Federation leaders to fairly resolve the dispute and give a red card to the Palestinians for their hostile remarks.

Mikhail Peleg, one of the co-founders and permanent participants of the Israeli Jewish Congress, said, “In the modern sports arena, in particular in football, there is no place for such terrible notions as racism, hatred and discrimination.”

After receiving the necessary information about the football conflict from both sides and comparing the facts, the FIFA Council found that they would not make biased political decisions and rejected Palestine’s attempts to ban Israel from competing on the world football arenas.

The resolution posted on the FIFA official website says, “Football is the greatest competition that can inspire millions of people. This game should be accessible to all. We will not stand aside if there are signs of discrimination on any issue directly related to football and football teams. We believe that any inhabitant of our planet, if he has a desire, can play this game and no one can forbid it to him”.

Before the International Football Federation issued the verdict, the head of the Israeli Jewish Congress,Vladimir Sloutsker, wrote to the FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, and the Chairman of the Israel Palestine Monitoring Committee, Tokyo Sexwale.

In his address, Mr. Slutsker cited unappealable arguments for resolving the dispute, “Any football game is not possible without two teams. This wonderful game should induce reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance. There is absolutely no place for hatred and intolerance.”

Today, the Israeli Jewish Congress has established a process of active cooperation with European and world Jewish communities. Many users of the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and, carried out actions aimed at protecting and expressing support for Israel in the conflict against its football association. The founders of the Israeli Jewish Congress insist that sports conflicts should be resolved exclusively by peaceful means.

The official statement of FIFA revealed factors that influenced showing the red card to the Palestinians.

“Taking into account the fact that the territory status in the Western Jordan causes great concern among the competent international law representatives, the FIFA Council members remain politically neutral to the current issue. We consider the case of sanctions against the Palestinian Football Association fully examined and resolved and we also ask the world football community to respectfully accept our verdict,” the organization’s report says.


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Revolution From FIFA A limit of 8 loans in a season

Revolution From FIFA: A limit of 8 loans in a season

FIFA is thinking of a drastic change in the players’ market. German media reported that the world football government is considering setting a limit of 8 players each club can send to borrowers in other clubs.

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The large number of players who are owned by some clubs, mainly Chelsea in the Premier League and Juventus in Serie A, are losing the sport’s sense of play.

Roman Abramovich team has leased around 40 players this season, while the Italian champions have left 26 players. But, some clubs use this form as a financial and non-sporty way.

For this reason, FIFA is thinking of setting a maximum of 8 players that you can borrow as professionals and an unlimited number for players who will be under 21 and coming from the club’s academy.

This will be a form for young players to have the opportunity to get involved in other clubs until they are professionally formed. One of the representatives of the German club Eintracht in Frankfurt, Frederick Bobić, has announced that some clubs, specifically mentioning Juventus, have different catalogs with players to make available to choose.

Just last season, the Bianconeri – according to “Transfermarkt” – had leased 45 players. Such figures make a club as a buying-in corporation, rather than a football team with sports goals.

However, such changes that appear to have been officially proposed are expected to take a formal turn in the next meeting of the FIFA Executive Committee. But these changes are being pushed firmly by the German Bundesliga leaders who are most penalized by this player’s move and by the very high prices of players who are in circulation in recent years.

This intervention in the football market is required to be done as soon as possible, so as not to repeat another phenomenon such as Parma in 2013, a team that according to Transfermatt had 379 players.

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