Top 5 video games that are popular right now ,

Top 5 video games that are popular right now 

Top 5 video games that are popular right now 

Millions of people play video games every day for millions of hours, it’s that good of entertainment. There are so many video games on the market right now, but only a few are really popular at the moment. The popularity of these games doesn’t only depend on how many people buy and play these games, there is a new category that determines a game’s popularity and that is in social media discourse. If a video game is visually aesthetic enough, has interesting characters, and a good storyline, people on the internet will do their best to popularize the game. 

Let’s get into the games!

The Last of Us

There was so much drama surrounding this zombie apocalyptic survivalist due to the design of the main character Ellie. She resembled the actor Elliot Page so much that people and Elliot’s team even noted the resemblance. And at the time, Elliot was working with another video game and was the voice actor as well as the face of one of the main characters. Now that it’s been remastered, people online have been making many edits and videos about the game. When it was released, so many popular gaming YouTubers also filmed the playthrough completely, growing its popularity of it. It became one of the most well-loved games in the last 10 years, so much so that it has been adapted into a television show on HBO, the first episode was released a week ago.


Fun fact, EA sports is in the works of changing this popular football video game’s name after their partnership with world football’s governing body failed to be extended. FIFA has been incredibly popular for years upon years, which is not surprising in the least. People love football a lot, it’s a beloved sport all over the world. People even turn that love of football and create something tangible like their own commentary channel on YouTube or even a football-themed app. Speaking of, if that’s something you want to do at some point, you will get major benefits from using a Football API. Just saying!

Life is Strange

This graphic adventure game snatched the hearts of many people. The game has 4 games in its series, a prequel, and two follow-ups to the main story. This game spawned so many video edits of the storyline, prompting many people to want to play the game. Because the main character is female, many video game bros complained about it being ‘too girly’. However, those who don’t care that the character happens to be female, genuinely enjoy the game.

Detroit: Become Human

This adventure video game recently got some more popularity, 5 years after its release in 2018. Many people found it relevant in todays day and age where top scientists and developers have been trying to create androids. One popular one has already been created by Hanson Robotics, her name is Sophia and she took the internet by storm. Both in a good way and a bad way. A clip from Detroit: Become Human has been circulating quite a lot on the app Tik Tok in which one of the characters who is an android seems to understand that she doesn’t have a soul.


Multiple Bets and Corner Betting,

Multiple Bets and Corner Betting

Multiple Bets and Corner Betting

Do you know what various bets are in the world of sports betting? Find out how these tactics work and start using them in your matches.

For those who are already more familiar with the world of sports betting and bookmakers, multiple bets are very friendly and know how they work. In this type of bet, the player bets on two or more outcomes (or on two different games), and the total odds result from the odds of the individual choices multiplied.

Within the bookmakers, there are several markets in which players can invest their money. And one of those markets that, curiously, is gaining a lot of fame is the bet on football corners. Do you want to know how it works and how to bet on corners, and learn how to invest in this type of market? So check out all the details about this modality in our tips and take an online betting odds Nigeria!

Are you familiar with multiple bets? Do you know how they work? If you don’t know and want to learn, keep reading all the tips we’ve put together, especially for you

 What are multiple bets?

Multiple bets are those where the player makes more than one bet on a single ticket. It can be on the exact match or different markets or games. In this type of bet, the chances of winning increase. But the risk of losing too since it pays nothing if the bettor doesn’t get all of his choices right.

 How do multiple bets work?

In multiple bets, the player chooses to bet on several matches of the same sport. For example, in an accumulated way, choosing the winners and how much to bet on all of them.

As stated before, the probability of this type of bet is multiplied by each choice. Which significantly increases the profit in case of victory.

 Is it worth investing in multiple bets?

Many players prefer to make multiple bets due to the high profit. Others prefer to avoid them as they believe it is also a way to get to the loss faster. So, the answer to this question depends on how much you are ready to invest in this type of bet. This requires experience and knowledge about this universe.

Multiple bets have advantages and disadvantages for those who choose them.

Among its advantages is the excellent possibility of profit return and the low need for significant investments since the odds are multiplied by the number of games bet.

Among the disadvantages is the high risk, as the player bets on “all or nothing” and can quickly break his bank. Therefore, it is necessary to have enough experience in the world of betting.

 What are corner bets?

In some online sports bookmakers worldwide, you can find the corner market, which represents the market in which the bettor invests in how many corners will be taken in the football game.

Betting on this type of market, the player has at his disposal several betting options. Some examples are the European and Asian Handicap, which make the favorite team enter the field at a certain disadvantage, increasing the probability of corners occurring by forcing entry into the opponent’s field several times.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on corners

As with any other betting market, corner betting has its advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages is that this type of bet gives the player a reasonable amount of time for corners to take place. That’s because, in the Handicap, the favorite team needs to attack the opponent, forcing the ball into the enemy’s field and, often, causing corners.

Among the disadvantages is that, as betting is not exactly a recipe, there is no way to predict what will happen in a match. Therefore, it may not occur as expected.

You are keeping an eye out for tips for betting in corners!

How about increasing your chances of becoming a corner betting expert? Check out some tips to do well in this market:

  • Place bets live and, when you can, watch the games live;
  • Analyze each team’s game and use the statistics always in your favor;
  • Avoid teams with a lot of touching the ball, as they will hardly make a shot from afar;
  • Focus on the first 10 minutes of play as they can be decisive;
  • If nothing happens in the first moments, keep an eye out for the second period;
  • Bet on smaller tournaments, which tend to have more corners.

The Best Soccer Balls Are Biodegradable


Football’s spirit is timeless and can never be diminished. Furthermore, the majority of the equipment used in football — balls, stadiums, and uniforms can not be diminished too i.e. is not biodegradable. Have you ever wondered what are the bad impacts that sports can have on Mother Nature?


How is Soccer Harming The Environment?

A football’s environmental implications appear at all phases of its life span. These include the manufacture of the raw materials used to produce the ball, the power consumption in the manufacturing process, the transportation of raw materials and finished products around the world, and what occurs to balls after they have served their purpose.


The majority of modern clothing apparel is constructed of lightweight synthetic materials – mainly polyester – and because polyester is a kind of PET plastic, the primary raw material in football kits will come from oil. And what about the game itself? How can go to the stadium, rather than watching it on TV, damage everything we love and cherish about our planet? You will surely help the planet by walking or cycling to the match, but most of the audience doesn’t do that. Let’s say a word or two about soccer balls as well. One of our most often utilized items is a soccer ball. You’re pushing that ball through a lot of wear and tear between team practices, personal training, and games, so it’s the thing you’re continually rushing to the store to replace. Not only does this harm your pocket, but it also harms the environment. Plastic, cotton, rubber, and animal materials are used to make soccer balls. The mix of those materials makes recycling extremely challenging. You can’t simply throw it in the closest recycling bin and be done with it.


What’s the solution?

Have you visited Biodegradable Sporting Goods Store? This is the best eco option that is available at the moment, and everyone who’s playing soccer should turn to it and give their contribution by purchasing biodegradable soccer balls. They are the best since they are super-durable and made of eco-friendly materials.


Synthetic leather is used in many vegan soccer balls lately, partly since it does not absorb moisture as animal skin does. However, depending on where in the world you buy your soccer ball, it may still include animal parts. Make sure your ball is animal-friendly before you purchase it. Consumers searching for humane, sustainably sourced soccer balls will love these balls made of environmentally friendly vegan materials.


Teaching your kids to give their contribution towards saving our planet is of utmost importance. Give them examples of how to be eco-friendly and show them that they have the opportunity to play with size 3 soccer balls. Remember that good habits are learnt from the youngest age.


What to do with your old non-biodegradable soccer balls?

In order to save you time and give you a hand, we’ve compiled a list of the top soccer ball recycling solutions.


  • Donate


Find a charity organization and donate it if the ball is still in good form but you need to upgrade in size or simply want to switch. Is there another alternative? Sure there is! Even if the ball is completely deflated, donating it to a local animal shelter or nonprofit may be able to resurrect it. In any case, those adorable pups will welcome a new toy!


  • Reuse


Upcycling is a better option than recycling. Take your deflated soccer ball around the house for some fun and imaginative DIY ideas. You can construct a flower pot, a purse, or a sports hat, among other things.


  • Recycle


Lastly, because of the complicated elements of a soccer ball, you may have to seek help from your local recycling facility when it comes to recycling. Finally, if a facility takes tires for recycling, it is likely that it will also take soccer balls.


To sum up, aim to play with biodegradable soccer balls because they are good for the environment!


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The Worlds Top 20 Soccer Earners

As the most popular sport in the world and worth billions in revenue, it’s little surprise that soccer players are among the highest paid sportsmen in the world. Just how much do the worlds top soccer players earn? Look below to find out!

Lionel Messi

  • Club: Barcelona
  • Country: Argentina
  • Annual salary: $110 million

Not only the highest paid soccer player in the world, Barcelona start Lionel Messi is also the second highest earning athlete in the world! Widely regarded as the best soccer player on the planet, the Argentine forward makes around $84 million from salary while earning a further $27 million in endorsements according to Find Betting Sites, totalling an eye-watering $111 million annual salary.

Christiano Ronaldo

  • Club: Juventus
  • Country: Portugal
  • Annual salary: $107 million

Christiano Ronaldo is always in the same conversation as Lionel Messi for the greatest footballer of their generation, but while that debate remains contested the Juventus player doesn’t quite earn as much. That said, his $107 million annual salary certainly isn’t that bad!

Neymar Jr.

  • Club: Paris Saint-Germain
  • Country: Brazil
  • Annual salary: $89 million

After making an astonishing move to PSG from Barcelona, Brazilian Neymar Jr. became the third highest paid soccer player in the world, netting a cool $89 million each year.

Gareth Bale

  • Club: Real Madrid
  • Country: Wales
  • Annual salary: $34 million

With $28.6 million in annual wages from Real Madrid and a further $6 million in endorsements, Wales international Gareth Bale is currently the 4th highest paid player in the world.

Alexis Sanchez

  • Club: Manchester United
  • Country: Chile
  • Annual Salary: $30 million

Alexis Sanchez transferred to Manchester United from Arsenal for a modest fee, but his annual salary of $30 million is anything but. This makes him the highest paid player in the England.

Paul Pogba

  • Club: Manchester United
  • Country: France
  • Annual salary: $29 million

Paul Pogba was the highest earner at Manchester United before the arrival of Sanchez, yet he still earns a whopping $29 million each year, most of which is from his salary.


  • Club: Shanghai SIPG
  • Country: Brazil
  • Annual salary: $27 million

Many were surprised to see Oscar move from Chelsea and the English Premier League to Shanghai SIPG in China, but the fact he now earns $27 million annually makes the move that bit more understandable.

Luis Saurez

  • Club: Barcelona
  • Country: Uruguay
  • Annual salary: $26 million

Barcelona forward Luiz Suarez made the move to Barcelona from Liverpool in 2014, resulting in an impressive $26 million per year contract.

Mesut Ozil

  • Club: Arsenal
  • Country: Germany
  • Annual Salary: $24.4 million

A new contract from Germany international Mesut Ozil has made him one of the highest earners in the Premier League, making over $400,000 per week.

Sergio Aguero

  • Club: Manchester City
  • Country: Argentina
  • Annual salary: $23 million

Sergio Aguero has scored an astonishing 222 (and counting) goals for Manchester City, which is why his yearly income of $23 million seems like money well spent.

That makes up the top ten soccer earners – check below for what the next top ten earners make!

Angel Di Maria

  • Club: Paris Saint-Germain
  • Country: Argentina
  • Annual salary: $22 million

Kylian Mbappe

  • Club: Paris Saint-Germain
  • Country: France
  • Annual salary: $22.4 million

Thiago Silva

  • Club: Paris Saint-Germain
  • Country
  • Annual salary $22.3 million

James Rodriguez

  • Club: Bayern Munich
  • Country: Colombia
  • Annual salary: $22 million

Graziano Pelle

  • Club: Shandong Luneng
  • Country: Italy
  • Annual salary: $22 million


  • Club: Shanghai SIPG
  • Country: Brazil
  • Annual salary: $21 million

Zlatan Ibrahimović

  • Club: LA Galaxy
  • Country: Sweden
  • Annual salary: $20.9 million

Gerard Pique

  • Club: Barcelona
  • Country: Spain
  • Annual salary: $20.7

Antoine Griezmann

  • Club: Atletico Madrid
  • Country: France
  • Annual salary: $19.6 million

Edison Cavani

  • Club: Paris Saint-Germain
  • Country: Uruguay
  • Annual salary: $19.4 million
Once, Serie A had the strongest defenders in the world

Once, Serie A had the strongest defenders in the world

When you think of Italian football, of course the names of great strikers are many. But so are the names of Italian and foreign defenders playing in Serie A.

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The 2001-02 season is particularly noticeable, as it seems that the strongest and most spectacular defenders of the time had come together.Do You Remember All?

Juventus (Champions). “The old lady” won the title that year thanks to a real blockade in the background. Lilian Thuram and Gigi Buffon were bought from Parma, joining the doubles Paolo Montero – Ciro Ferrara. Who could have scored?

Rome (Second place).Yellow-reds collected a point less than Roma thanks to the fantastic defense that suffered only 24 goals throughout the season. Wall Walter Samuel was definitely important, but right-wing domination by Cafu made the difference that year.

Inter (In third place). Ronaldo, Adriano, Alvaro Recoba and Christian Vieri, all saw only the attackers at Inter. But the stars were not lacking in the background: the “immortal” Javier Zanetti, Ivan Cordoba, Marco Materazzi and Laurent Blanc.

Milan (In fourth place). Class and quality guaranteed. Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Costacurta dominated the field in those years. And as to give any opportunity to strikers, Milan also entered Roque Junior’s field ever .

Lazio (on six positin). Sinisa Mihajlovic also scored goals in addition to “guarding” the left arm. While Alessandro Nesta and Jaap Stam were the real dam for Italian strikers.

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Meet The football Players With Most Champions

Meet The football Players With Most Champions

In the history of football there have been fortunate players who have won this competition at least once, there have been more fortunate ones who have won 2-3 times, but also champions who have not managed to touch the coveted trophy.

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In the following gallery we will not deal with any of the aforementioned, but only those players who have won the most time Champions League trophies.

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Champions, UEFA opens the 'Bag', increases the benefits of participating clubs

Champions, UEFA opens the “Bag”, increases the benefits of participating clubs

The Champions League resumes today with another financial standard for participating clubs.

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Every club that is already part of Europe’s largest club activity benefits € 15.25 million, while this figure is also boosted by group performance.

Each win has a bonus of 2.7 million euros and 900,000 for the draw. Clubs that will receive all the wins will reach the figure of 16.2 million euros only at this stage.

With regard to the elimination phase, in each of the eight, each team will receive 9.5m euros, for the quarterfinals 10.5, for the semifinals 12, qualifying for the final 15m and for the final win of 4m euros.

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Revolution From FIFA A limit of 8 loans in a season

Revolution From FIFA: A limit of 8 loans in a season

FIFA is thinking of a drastic change in the players’ market. German media reported that the world football government is considering setting a limit of 8 players each club can send to borrowers in other clubs.

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The large number of players who are owned by some clubs, mainly Chelsea in the Premier League and Juventus in Serie A, are losing the sport’s sense of play.

Roman Abramovich team has leased around 40 players this season, while the Italian champions have left 26 players. But, some clubs use this form as a financial and non-sporty way.

For this reason, FIFA is thinking of setting a maximum of 8 players that you can borrow as professionals and an unlimited number for players who will be under 21 and coming from the club’s academy.

This will be a form for young players to have the opportunity to get involved in other clubs until they are professionally formed. One of the representatives of the German club Eintracht in Frankfurt, Frederick Bobić, has announced that some clubs, specifically mentioning Juventus, have different catalogs with players to make available to choose.

Just last season, the Bianconeri – according to “Transfermarkt” – had leased 45 players. Such figures make a club as a buying-in corporation, rather than a football team with sports goals.

However, such changes that appear to have been officially proposed are expected to take a formal turn in the next meeting of the FIFA Executive Committee. But these changes are being pushed firmly by the German Bundesliga leaders who are most penalized by this player’s move and by the very high prices of players who are in circulation in recent years.

This intervention in the football market is required to be done as soon as possible, so as not to repeat another phenomenon such as Parma in 2013, a team that according to Transfermatt had 379 players.

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Emotional Control in Sports Trading: How Emotions Influence Your Results

The big change in football, demanded by UEFA

The transfer goal in the cup will no longer have the added value that would qualify the team that had scored more goals in the transfer if the outcome of the two matches would be equal.

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This is the discussion that has been made in Nion among some of Europe’s elite trainers at the annual meeting of the “Uefa Elite Club Coaches” forum.

“Trainers think that goal is not as difficult as in the past, and therefore think that the rule should be revised,” said the deputy secretary-general of UEFA, who added that they would do so because “The logic is that football is changing and the weight of goals outside home does not have the same weight as years ago when the rule was introduced.”

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A documentary revealing La Liga secrets

A documentary revealing La Liga secrets

The Spanish soccer championship is seen almost every season as a double race between Real Madrid and Barcelona to take the title, but there is far more than that.

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A documentary that will be released this month shows what happens in the backstage of the La Liga teams, pressures, discharges and results requests that sometimes reach the limit.

“6 Dreams” is called “Amazon” production and is the Spanish La Liga effort to show that Iberian football is more than two clubs. The footage recorded in many matches does not focus on football in the field, but on the reactions of presidents, agents and coaches to episodes that in the course of the season are decisive.

The first of six such series also shows the dismissal of Sevilla coach Eduardo Berizo, who left while receiving treatment from a serious illness. He attended the team without being fully recovered, but was fired before Christmas, just one of the dark sides that La Liga did not recognize.

In the first episode of the documentary, the focus is also on striker Williams, the first colored footballer in Athletic Bilbao, still suffering from racism even though he was born in the Basque city.

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