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Georgina Rodriguez

Ronaldo’s girlfriend bombastic in her latest appearance (PHOTO)

The well-known model from Spanish origin, Georgina Rodriguez, has once again proved that she is super female. In her latest appearance on social networks, she has 'Drives Mad'...
Georgina Rodriguez

Reveals the new collection, Georgina Rodriguez appears phenomenal (Photos)

Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez has made a fuss with her underwear line, Yamamay. The 25-year-old looked phenomenal as she revealed the new collection of underwear. What do you think...
Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez stunning in Porto Cervo! (PHOTO)

Georgina Rodriguez shines in Porto Cervo. Cristiano Ronaldo's fiancé was invited to a gala evening hosted by UNICEF, where she amazed from her beauty and charm. With a...
Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez promotes her newest collection (Photo)

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, has been back strongest as she has promoted her newest bikini collection. The 25-year-old caused a rise in heartbeat, posing in bikini with...
Georgina Rodríguez

Super-Sexy/Cristiano Ronaldo’s love puts “Flame” on Saint Tropez (PHOTO)

Cristiano Ronaldo follows luxury breaks with his family, and recently his partner has taken the attention.The Juventus star has traveled to France, where he has not forgotten...
Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina, a “sex-bomb” even without Ronaldo! (Photo)

How sexy is Georgina Rodriguez! The golden palm for the most sensual woman wins it: Cristiano Ronaldo's partner came to Cana, challenging the red carpet with a...
Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina with red bikini catches record with “likes” (Photo)

Suffocate a red suit to exaggerate the physics of Georgina Rodriguez. , Cristiano Ronaldo's partner, though holding a low profile, has been able to make the pursuers...
Georgina Rodriguez

Ronaldo’s girlfriend, a real star in Venice – (PHOTO)

Georgina Rodriguez made her all come back to her when she arrived at the Venice Film Festival yesterday. The 24-year-old, Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, looked gorgeous in her blue...

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