GMC Hummer EV

The first electric Hummer: Has 1000 horsepower, a powerful car with a modern look

A slightly forgotten SUV with military ‘roots’ is back but in a whole new packaging

It has been almost ten years since the break of production of the civil Hummer. Now we can go back to it because an electric one is coming and therefore socially acceptable.

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It is important that the American power icon be here again. Now a significantly more modern look, with a new front grille and LED lights, GMC has decided to offer the Hummer in the shape of a truck and is aesthetically even closer to the former H2 model. The important thing is that you will know it from a greater distance.

The large tires of this model make this vehicle more pleasing to the eye, but make it fit through difficult terrain. Passes fairly high obstacles and is not afraid of water either.

There are two digital screens in his cabin. The screen in front of the driver is 12.3-inches, and in the middle of an infotainment with a 13.4-inch floating screen. And inside it is the Ultravision environmental monitoring system through cameras, from 18 different images.

The new Hummer has three electric motors and their synergistic effect is really over a thousand horsepower or 1014 horsepower. It reaches speeds from 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds. The battery offers a distance of 563 km and can be charged to chargers up to 350 kW. This means that 10 minutes of charging offers a range of about 160 km.

And the price. 1 Edition starts at the end of next year will cost $112,595, and it is expected to be the flagship model. For 2022, another model has been announced that will cost $99,995, with less power (811 horsepower) and a more modest range (483 km).

And that’s not the end, because then there will be a 2X version with an electric motor less (634 horsepower) and a price tag of $89,995. And sometime in 2024, it will also offer a performance of a reduced range of 400 km at a price of $79,995.

The booking list is open, and all you need is to prove your interest with personal data and a $100 payment.

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