The radical design of the 2020 iPhone takes shape

The radical design of the 2020 iPhone takes shape

Apple took care when introducing the iPhone 11 and the result is a solid phone that has done its homework. After a series of leaks about Apple’s 2020 plans and a redesigned iPhone, experts have now compiled this information into iPhone 12 images.

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The big news is Apple’s return to a design that has been used for years from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5S. The company has also added an extra Time of Flights (TOF) camera that improves the performance of 3D images and serves to create maps of objects around a distance of 5 meters.

This is a feature designed to enhance augmented reality applications.

On the inside, the biggest innovation will be 5G technology for each model, with Touch ID also available. Switching to USB-C from Lightning would also be a welcome move.

The question is with all these extras what will happen to the cost? If Apple manages to keep it down, then the 2020 iPhone will be among the most awaited in history.

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