John Cena

John Cena, ready for operation!

It is true that love drives you to do mad things and for John Cena there is nothing that can stop fighting for Nikki Bella in his life.

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In a new episode of Total Bellas, Cena and Bella join in a romantic dinner under the candle light, where Cena makes a daunting promise to Nikki Bella.

“I want to marry you and marriage needs sacrifices. And I will sacrifice for you; I want to have a baby, “Cena said.

“But you have that …” Bella interrupted anticipating something stumbling over Cena’s star.

“I know that physically I can not have children,” said John Cena, “but I want to submit to surgery and to be a father.”

“Then I will leave today as an engaged lady on the brink of marriage,” concludes Nikki Bella.

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