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Emily Ratajkowski

Husband at home, vacation with a friend (FOTO)

She is enjoying one of the most beautiful summers in her life. This, the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski has once again proved to be, as she was photographed by...
Rita Ora

With or without the underwear, Rita Ora shines between UNICEF Gala evening stars

The cream of world showbiz is "spilled river" on Friday evening in Porto Cerva, Italy, to attend UNICEF's summer Gala Evening.The 27-year-old of Albanian origin, Rita Ora...
Demi Rose

A “bomb” like Demi! (FOTO)

Demi Rose is known for her "explosive" forms, and this time she has not been reluctant to point them out.The 23-year-old model has appeared sexier than ever...
Demi Lovato

Abused with the heroine, Demi Lovato breaks silence two weeks after overdose

A few days ago, the renowned singer, Demi Lovato, ended up in the hospital after a heroine overdose, and as her health status seems to have improved,...
Irina Shayk

Did you missed Irina ?! Appears in Italy … – (PHOTO)

Since the separation from Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina Shayk has rarefy significantly her exits on the front pages of the pink media. However, when the 32-year-old star starts her...
Fantastic pictures in water (PHOTO)

Fantastic pictures in water (PHOTO)

We can all agree that water has many useful features, but we often forget to stop and admire its clear and unique beauty, which offers the most...
Rita Ora

Rita, from gym in swimming pool (PHOTO)

It was recently discovered that Rita Ora is a member of a gym in Notting Hill, London, where she pays 22,000 pounds a year. The results of the...

Halsey “forgets” G-Eazy, sexy photo in Hawaii [PHOTO]

There is not even a month passed since the separation with G-Eazy, but that did not stop Halsey enjoying the holidays at its maximum.The beauty singer seems...
Katie Salmon

A 23-year-old with the style of the 90s – [PHOTO]

Since her joining on the "reality show" "Love Island", Katie Salmon has continued to enjoy the fame gained, by relaxing in the most wonderful places in the world. The...
sexiest female in the world

The sexiest female in the world, Kate confirms again … – [PHOTO]

Recently, she reported that she was pregnant, but despite this fact, Kate Upton continues to be in an excellent shape. The 26-year-old beauty has recently posed in 'Yamamay'...

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