iPhone 12 Apple 1 Edition

iPhone 12: Apple fans will love this special edition – but they will “hate” its price

The next iPhone 12 will not be easy to buy, with the latest report suggesting that the device will be $100 more expensive than the iPhone 11 and all this cos of the fast 5G network

The rumored LTE model is always slated for a 2021 release, but if the cost doesn’t bother you and you have money to ‘burn’, you should check out the best-limited edition iPhone 12 we’ve seen so far – and there’s a price of 10 thousand dollars.

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The luxury brand Caviar is here again with another expensive iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max product.

Inspired by the original Apple 1 computer which was designed and built by Steve Wozniak and launched in 1976, the iPhone 12 Apple 1 Edition has a wooden look with a glossy titanium ‘screen’. You can choose the iPhone 12 Pro variant for $9,990 or the iPhone 12 Pro Max model for $10,460, with those prices reaching up to a maximum of $11,150 for the 512 GB iPhone 12 Pro Max.

If this is too expensive for you, then the Apple 1 Light edition starts at $4,990 for the 128GB iPhone 12 Pro. If you have $10,000 you do not need for something else, and you are an avid Apple fan, this is a must buy. The rest of us will just gladly look at the pictures online.

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