Perfect Last-Minute Gifts

Why Plants and Trees can Be Your Perfect Last-Minute Gifts?

Has a critical event missed your thoughts – an anniversary, a housewarming, a godchild’s baptism, or even the birthday of your dear old mum? Those are some of the usual holidays that a small gift is expected of you. But sometimes, the fast-paced world you live in makes you forget about them. And when you do remember, the shopping centre is already closed. So you go to the event empty-handed – a nightmare for the one who believes in proper etiquette. Last minute gifts such as trees or plants are the best gift-giving option.

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Why give plants or trees as a gift?

When you give gifts to children or adults, you usually look for the common ones – toys, home furnishings, decorations, and the like. So giving and naming a tree or plant after the gift-receiver is unique. It makes people more aware of the importance of caring for the environment and excites the receiver, especially when he is a nature-lover.

There are a lot of forest fires happening across the globe. When a tree burns, its oxygen-giving properties die along with it. So a tree also shows your family and friends that you care for Earth as well by giving a gift that extends life via the oxygen it produces. It also lessens the chances of flooding and erosion and helps the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. Trees in numerous quantities can also provide shelter to small animals and create a habitat for different plant life as well.

Some people are already emotionally connected with their natural surroundings. So a gifted sapling can also be related to his life. Last-minute gifts like these are much more appreciated by a person who values the environment. It is also an excellent gift for children who early on need lessons about climate change and Mother Nature.

How does it work?

Small plants can be given as a gift. You can name it after the celebrant. But first, make sure that you know what you are buying. If it can grow into a tree, then you should consider if he has enough space at his house for replanting. But not all people have green thumbs. So just in case he does not have enough room in his home for a tree, or you know that a sapling will die in his hands within the hour, then there are other ways.

The Miyawaki forest project is one method that is gaining popularity among eco-warriors and nature-lovers. Japanese botanist Dr Akira Miyawaki breathed life into the technique to restore a forest in ten years. A lot of tree companies employ this system. They identify the land that is good for planting and prepares it by giving it nutrients for the optimal growth of the sapling. Then they select plantlets based on the ecological conditions of the area such as weather and maximum sunlight exposure.

Upon caring for it for two years, the mini-forest will be self-sustaining. All seedlings-turned-trees will survive, and plants of all shapes and sizes will grow along with it. In ten years, it becomes a forest.

If you are the person who wants to be of assistance to the environment, this is the best way to help. And even though your gift-receiver will not be getting a physical gift, he will still be grateful and remember your nature-related gift for a long time.


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