5 things you must know before developing your first Android app

I recently read a post by Praneeth VT on Reddit about how he developed his first Android mobile app, a GPA calculator. It can be seen that he is still a newcomer in this programming world, so I want to delve into how he did it so that everyone can learn and learn from it. Also you check this Rainiertamayo that is best for you.

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Before that, I want to introduce the Praneeth VT first.

Graduated from computer engineering.In fact, he only learned a total of 6 months of programming lessons.After taking two introductions to the CS course, he learned the Java language.During the summer vacation, he decided to apply what he learned and develop an Android app himself.

I had a conversation with Praneeth VT on how to set sail in the Android app. Here I sorted out the content of the conversation (the problem is bold italic).

Finally, I summarized five basic skills that are extremely important for novices.

Can you elaborate on the skills and programming languages ​​used in each phase of developing an Android application?

Building an Android app can be boiled down to two main skills/language: Java and Android. Java is a general-purpose programming language for Android, but Android also includes learning XML languages ​​for app interface design, learning Android concepts, and applying these concepts from a Java programming perspective. Also like this pubg servers are too busy that is best.

After learning Java and XML, connect the two with the Android concept.

I also shared some Android related knowledge about Activities and Fragments in Reddit. My favorite is the “Big Nerd Ranch” series of books, because when we encounter problems in the development process, we can be inspired in the book to find the answer.

If a beginner wants to develop an Android app, what do you want to learn first? Do you have any suggestions?

For a beginner, my advice is to learn Java. Don’t think about shortcuts, Java is a must.

In addition, I recommend a video tutorial on YouTube to learn how to install Eclipse (the integrated development environment for Java development) and the basic methods of the Java Development Kit (JDK). This also helps to understand the basic methods of Java development, such as loop statements and if statements.

However, after laying these foundations, I strongly recommend that you abandon the YouTube video tutorial and turn to the arms of books and lecture series. YouTube’s tutorials often don’t focus on some very important concepts that I think are 100% important for programmers who want to develop Android apps.

What exactly is Eclipse and Android Studio? Is it not possible to develop Android apps?

Android Studio and Eclipse are an integrated development environment, IDE (Integrated Development Environments). Of course, you can also use other tools to write Java, but because I am not familiar with them, it is not easy to recommend.

Unlike other applications, in addition to writing code to compile, you also need to write the run code, compile in the IDE and run the code with a single click of a button. However, you have to install the Android SDK in Eclipse, and all the installation process can be found on the dedicated Android development website.

How much time do you spend programming per day/week?

It took me almost two months to finish my first app.

In the beginning, it took about 4 hours a day to watch Big Nerd Ranch and practice according to the tutorial. When I actually started writing programs, even if I solved a small problem, such as storing data, I had to spend a lot of time to fully understand.

But I have a lot of time because I was on summer vacation and there was nothing else to do.

What do you do if you have to ask for help and ask questions?

Usually I will use Google to search. But because I am still a newbie, it takes me a lot of time. The best option is to go to Stack Overflow. If Stack Overflow still doesn’t give a clue, I will post on /r/androiddevSubreddit on reddit, and community members are usually very enthusiastic.

Many thanks to PraneethVT for his unique insights on the issue of building the first Android app. Let me summarize,

5 things you need to know before developing your first Android app:

The Java language is a must-have skill.

  1. The app design in the Android system needs to involve XML. Please understand the concept and programming of Android.
  2. It is recommended that beginners use the IDE (compared to Eclipse, PraneethVT prefers Android Studio).
  3. This is a long process that needs to be constantly adhered to. If you are just trying to perfuse, then this article is not for you.
  4. When you are in trouble, you can ask for Stack Overflow. Still not, then try the Android Subreddit community.

Do you have anything to add? Welcome comments, and share with the king.


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