The Ultimate Smartwatch Buying Guide,

The Ultimate Smartwatch Buying Guide

Smartwatches are becoming more and more common these days. The market has grown considerably thanks to Apple, Samsung, but also a whole array of other, smaller manufacturers releasing new products on the regular. 

Shopping for a smartwatch these days can be quite confusing. Because of that, we’ve put together this buying guide that will tell you exactly what to look for in a smartwatch! 

Choose Your OS Wisely 

The OS is one of the first things to look for in a smartwatch. Just like in the world of smartphones, smartwatches run on Apple’s watchOS, Google’s Wear OS, and recently Samsung’s own Tizen OS.

Compatibility is the main reason your choice of OS is important. Apple, being all about proprietary hardware and software, locks all of their smartwatches, so they only work with iPhones. On the other hand, Google allows you to run their smartwatches with just about any type of phone, whether it’s Wear OS-based or watchOS based. The same goes for Samsung’s Tizen. 

With that said, Google and Samsung will limit some of their smartwatch features if you run them with non-native smartphone OS systems. 

In short, get a smartwatch that runs on the same OS type as your phone. That will ensure perfect compatibility and allow you to use all the features your new watch has to offer. 


Although considered tech, smartwatches are still very much an accessory. They say that a watch can tell a lot about the person wearing it, and it’s true. Whether you’re wearing a simple quartz watch or the latest and greatest smartwatch, the model you choose is an expression of your style. 

As with any other type of watch, smartwatches come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can find modern, rectangular watches that fit well with a modern techy look, but you can also find a refined, classic design that has the appearance of sophisticated automatics. 

We’re talking brushed aluminum straps, slim watch bodies, and designs that wouldn’t stand out in a black-tie event. Additionally, the smartwatch enthusiasts from note ladies can also find watches that fit their style and aren’t limited to bulky male-oriented designs. By now, watchmakers have covered almost all the bases as far as styles go.

In a way, you can select a model to fit your needs. If you already have a dress watch, nothing is stopping you from getting the latest and greatest modern smartwatch. 

Battery Life 

Being essentially a tiny smartphone you wear around your wrist, battery life should be one of the major factors when looking for the right model. An average smartwatch will offer anywhere from 1 to 3 days worth of battery life. Charging the watch every night could be a dealbreaker for some, which is exactly why you should take battery life seriously when shopping for a smartwatch. 


The whole idea behind smartwatches is to give you a more functional accessory that will do far more than simply tell time. Just like phones, modern smartwatches are capable of running all kinds of apps. 

Once again, your choice of OS will largely dictate which apps you can run. For the most part, Apple and Google offer the most diverse selection of apps on the market right now. Tizen, although being constantly developed and enriched with new apps, is still pretty limited. 

Aside from variety, you’ll also want to pay attention to app performance. It’s no secret that Apple’s ecosystem is highly optimized for its devices. This applies to the Apple Watch as well. If you own an iPhone, it makes sense to use an Apple Watch as you’ll get the smoothest experience that way. 


When you’re choosing a smartwatch, features are always an important factor. Most modern smartwatches double as fitness trackers, but not all. That being said, there’s a limit to smartwatches’ abilities to replace dedicated fitness trackers. 

There’s a point where it’s much better to get a fitness tracker that has some smartwatch features than it is to get a smartwatch with some fitness tracker features. It all comes down to what kind of setup you’re after and how often you use the fitness tracking apps. 

Define a Budget 

For most buyers, the most limiting factor is usually going to be their budget. Smartwatches come in different price ranges, which usually depend on the brand you’re getting. Watches that run Google’s Wear OS can wildly range in price from moderately priced entry-level models to rather expensive designer watches. 

Do yourself a favor and set a budget you’re comfortable with. That will greatly reduce the amount of noise you’ll run into when looking for the right watch. 

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Benefits of Using a Smartwatch,

4 Benefits of Using a Smartwatch

Benefits of Using a Smartwatch

The rising popularity of smartwatches has been quite significant during the last decade. Although the first smartwatch was out in the market by 1998, it wasn’t until recently that our understanding of watches completely strengthened. The fact that, nowadays, a watch has so much more to offer than just telling the time salvaged the watch industry. Many people started losing interest in watches after the dramatic surge of smartphones. Watches are relatively expensive, and several people appear to believe that buying a watch is useless, especially since they can view the time in multiple areas, set alarms, access calendars, reminders, and even schedule a meeting through their phones. While the timelessness and elegance of a traditional watch are irreplaceable, smartwatches added a new meaning to the watch industry. Now, smartwatches can do everything that your smartphone can do and more. 

Here are 4 benefits of using a smartwatch. 

1.Health Features

Smartwatch curators took advantage of the fact that a watch is to be worn on the wrist throughout the day and introduced a variety of health and fitness tracking features. Smartwatches can monitor your heart rate, allowing you to keep track of abnormal changes and show your overall fitness level. This is also a beneficial fitness feature, as you can practice keeping your heart rate constant at a range that will maximize your fitness performance. Electrocardiogram, or ECG, is another health feature that is now available in some smartwatches. ECG measures heart rates with higher accuracy and can detect potential cardiovascular problems. Various smartwatches also have blood pressure measurement and fall detection features. With a gyroscope and accelerometer, smartwatches can now detect falls and alert emergency contacts in case you’re unresponsive. You can also use your watch to keep track of the quality of your sleep; some smartwatches measure blood oxygen levels to determine things like sleep apnea. Smartwatches can use a variety of health tracking features to measure your stress levels and remind you to relax when needed.

2.Fitness Tracking

The accelerometer is a sensor that is used to track movement and the gyroscope tracks rotations and determines the type of movement that you are doing. These two sensors allow smartwatches to offer a step counter feature. Smartwatches can also estimate the number of burnt calories according to the type of physical activity that you completed. Sensors like the thermometer, compass, and barometric altimeter can keep track of your elevation, which is a handy feature if you like to run or hike. Many of us can’t resist the temptation to check our phones whenever we receive notifications and smartwatches allow you to take a quick peek into whichever app or notification that you like while you exercise. Some smartwatch models are also highly water-resistant and are good to use even underwater.

3.Social Media and Apps

If you forget your phone at home, you won’t need to go all the way back just to get it. Smartwatches sync with your phone and allow you instant access to social media apps, phone logs; you can also make and receive calls through the watch! You will no longer need to fumble through your bag to get a hold of your phone when you’re in a rush since everything you need is literally available at your wrist. This way, you’ll be able to reply to messages and pick up phone calls on the go. You can click here to gain more insight and understand which type of smartwatch suits your needs. This is because some smartwatches require Bluetooth signals to remain connected to your phone, while other typically more expensive standalone smartwatches only need a SIM card and a data plan. 


Smartwatches offer turn-by-turn direction and navigation. This feature on a smartwatch is essentially more helpful than on a smartphone, especially when you’re driving or walking. Some smartwatches are designed to give off distinct vibrations to signal right and left turns. This significantly reduces the need to stare at the map for directions. If you’re a tourist, you will probably enjoy the scenery without risking getting lost. 

Modern technology is constantly changing the way we perceive ordinary gadgets in our lives. Simple and timeless technologies are continuously updating to meet our modern-day needs and keep up with our fast-paced lives. Smartwatches have been rising in popularity during the last decade because of the variety of features that they offer. With the features of a smartphone and more on your wrist, you will easily access apps, reply to text messages, view notifications, and make and receive calls on the go.

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Benefits of Using a Smartwatch

Honor Magic 2 Smartwatch Launched with a Battery that Lasts up to 14 days

Honor Magic 2 Smartwatch Launched with a Battery that Lasts up to 14 days

Huawei Watch Brand Honor today introduced MagicWatch 2, which represents the modified Huawei Watch GT2.

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The smartwatch is based on the Kirin A1 chip, and Honor shows a battery life up to 14 days with a single charge for the 46mm model as well as up to seven days for the 42mm mode.

The 46mm MagicWatch has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display (454 x 454p resolution), while the smaller variant has a 1.2-inch AMOLED touch screen (390 x 390p resolution).

Support for GPS and GLONASS, and 5ATM waterproof. There are also features borrowed from the Huawei Watch GT2, such as Huawei TruSeen 3.5 heart rate monitor, Huawei TruSleep 2.0 sleep monitoring technology and Huawei TruRelax stress monitor.

Honor has not announced the pricing and availability of its MagicWatch 2 Smartwatches.

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