5 Tips to Stay Safe When Driving a Truck at Night,

5 Tips to Stay Safe When Driving a Truck at Night

5 Tips to Stay Safe When Driving a Truck at Night

It is very important that all drivers practice road safety when traveling. That’s why we see many traffic rules, signs, and guidelines set on the sides of the roads so serious accidents and injuries can be prevented.

For example, truck drivers need to be extra careful when traveling. Most of them prefer driving long distances at night because there are fewer vehicles around them. While this can be a great advantage to motorists, truck driving at night can also be very dangerous. In fact, the number one cause of truck driving accidents at night is fatigue as drivers can easily get tired and fall asleep at the wheel. Luckily, there are several precautions you can take to ensure your safety on the road and prevent unpleasant incidents from occurring. Here are five essential truck driver safety tips you should follow when driving at night.

Do a thorough pre-trip truck inspection

If you are planning on going on a long-distance journey, it is important that you do a thorough pre-trip truck inspection. This way you will ensure that your vehicle is in great condition and it is ready to hit the road in full force. A basic detailed inspection includes double-checking the brakes and tires as well as making sure all of your truck lights are working.

In fact, the latter is very important to do because your truck’s lights are the best and only way to communicate with other vehicles and passengers on the road. So, make sure your headlights, clearance lights, and even your led rotator lightbar are working properly so you can be visible at all times.

Don’t go over the speed limit

Although following the speed limit should go without saying, its importance cannot be stressed enough. The thing is trucks are often heavily loaded when on the road and if the driver goes even a little bit over the appointed speed limit, there is a greater risk of getting into an accident. This is especially important to follow when taking wide turns on the road. Driving at a high speed can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, so being aware of the speed limit can instantly reduce the risk. Besides, driving over the speed limit can also result in steep fines if stopped by the police.

Avoid driving between trailers

Avoiding driving between trailers is a safety tip that applies to all truck drivers. Failure to do so can be dangerous for two main reasons. For one, tractor-trailers need plenty of space when they need to make a turn. If you are driving your truck close to the trailer, you can increase the risk of collision between the two vehicles. Another reason is that the likelihood of a crash is much greater when the driver of the trailer applies brakes in an emergency and you are not maintaining a safe distance behind it. So, make sure you keep your eyes open for trailers, especially at night when visibility is significantly limited.

Be aware of the weather conditions

Extreme weather conditions can also increase the risk of a crash occurring when driving at night. Although you cannot control the weather, you can be extra careful and avoid driving in heavy rain, snow, or wind. If you happen to be on the road during such unpredictable weather conditions, there are ways you can practice safety. For example, if it’s raining or snowing heavily, lower your speed, keep your lights on at all times and maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles on the road.

Be a responsible driver

Part of practicing road safety when truck driving is being a responsible driver. This doesn’t only include following the speed limit, but also wearing your seatbelt at all times and avoiding driving drowsy or under the influence. Driving at night requires staying focused and being aware and cautious of the potential hazards on the road. Also, because truck driving usually involves traveling long distances, you should take regular breaks to stretch and freshen up. Find a suitable rest area where you can park your truck safely and rest for as long as you need to.

Final thoughts

There is no denying that driving a truck can be hard and dangerous. However, there are measures you can take to practice road safety and avoid getting into severe or fatal accidents. From doing a thorough pre-trip truck inspection to being a responsible driver, be sure to follow the basic guidelines of driving at night and always stay safe when on the road. 

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Average Cost of Internet in Australia,

Average Cost of Internet in Australia

Average Cost of Internet in Australia

A reliable and fast internet connection is now a necessity instead of a luxury. This is, even more, the case if you are in a work from home setup. Unfortunately, not all internet plans are made equal. Some are more expensive than others but it does not automatically equate to the fact that it’s much better.

If you are looking for a good deal on your internet plans, the question that you should be asking is “what exactly is the average cost of unlimited internet plans in Australia?

What is the Average Internet Bill in Australia?

On average, Australian households pay around $71 monthly for their National Broad Network  (NBN) Plans. This can amount to around $852 worth of expenses yearly.

However, take note that the average internet bill cost mostly differs from one state and territory. For example, the average monthly internet bill in South Australia is $68 while customers in Tasmania and Western Australia pay around $73 monthly.

If you notice, there’s only a slight difference in the internet plan cost per state and territory. However, location is not the only thing that affects the average internet bill in Australia. The cost is also dependent on the internet speed tier and plan that the consumer selects.

Factors that Affect Monthly Internet Bill

The figures mentioned above are only the average cost of a monthly internet bill in Australia. The following factors may cause it to be more affordable or expensive:


If your location is internet-ready, then you wouldn’t have to worry about added causes due to lack of infrastructure. However, if you are not, then you might have to spend extra especially if your location requires extra infrastructure servicing.

Speed Tier

Internet speed is one of the biggest factors that affect the cost of your internet bill. If you want faster internet then you have to pay for more. With this in mind, it’s best to research ahead of time how fast your internet speed should be according to your typical daily usage.

Service Bundle

You can lessen your monthly internet bill if it bundles along with other services. There are several internet service providers that offer this option.

Other Fees

Your internet bill can be a bit more expensive in the first few months because of certain fees such as installation, activation, or set up. This is why it’s important to know if your internet service provider will be charging you additional fees or your monthly bill is fixed.  It’s best to ask about this ahead of time to avoid being shocked by your internet bill.

Final Words

Knowing the average monthly unlimited internet plans in Australia is important in the sense that it gives you an outlier for what to consider affordable and expensive. However, you have to take note that there are several factors that affect the overall cost of your monthly internet bill. These factors include speed tier, location, type of connection, bandwidth, and many more.

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