Updates in Windows 10 have become a user's nightmare

Updates in Windows 10 have become a user’s nightmare

Updates are turning into a problem for Microsoft in Windows 10 and the next has not escaped the negative impressions that have been created around them.

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The latest update, KB4482887, has damaged the gaming performance of Nvidia and AMD graphics platforms.

Microsoft has confirmed the problem and sent a warning for the update.

After installing KB4482887, users may notice degradation of graphics and mouse performance on desktop games like Destiny 2,” Microsoft explained while confirming it is working on a solution.

Users are irritated. Updates in Windows 10 have become a nightmare for users who are afraid to click the “Check Updates” button.

Microsoft has created a bad image with updates in Windows 10. Even the biggest operating system attorneys already admit that Windows 10 has a software quality problem. In January, April, October and November last year the company has caused few problems.

This year started with February and already March. Updates are definitely vital to the security and stability of Windows 10. But Microsoft should work harder in sustainability if it plans to continue with the obligation of users to accept updates.

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