Top 5 WWE Champions of the 21st Century

The WWE Championship is the most prestigious prize for any pro-wrestler within the business. The title has been active since the Nineteen Sixties, with over a dozen WWE Hall of Famers holding the gold. The blood and sweat place in by the wrestlers to earn the WWE Championship have added to its price through the years. The title has been defended across RAW and SmackDown, completely different|in several|in numerous} countries and on different continents also.

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The storylines associated with the WWE Championship are the main-event plot for the bulk of the WWE shows to this point and whoever commands the belt, got catapulted the highest of the most list. however because the spoken language goes in WWE, the title doesn’t create the person, the person makes the title.

Today we tend to take a glance at a number of those top-tier WWE Superstars United Nations agency created positive that the WWE Championships maintains its status within the twenty-first century

#5 Brock Lesnar

When Brock Lesnar debuted for WWE way back in 2002, he was dubbed as “The Next Big Thing” by his agent and manager, Paul Heyman and quite frankly he lived up to that nickname when within a span of few years he asserted his dominance by winning The King of The Ring tournament in 2002 which earned him a title shot at the WWE Undisputed Championship. He then defeated The Rock at SummerSlam 2002 to win the WWE Undisputed Championship and thereby became the youngest WWE Champion at the age of 25.

Brock is known for his hard-hitting offenses and overall dominance over his opponents inside the squared-circle befitting of a beast which has earned him the moniker of “Beast Incarnate”. He left WWE in 2004 and focused on becoming a mixed martial artist after having a short stint with football at NFL. He tasted success in UFC after becoming the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

He returned to WWE in 2012 after being away from the company for almost eight years and faced John Cena in an Extreme Rules match at that year’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view event which he lost despite being the dominant one in the match. He then made headlines when he became the first Superstar to break The Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak when he defeated The Deadman at WrestleMania XXX.

At SummerSlam 2014, Lesnar got his retribution over John Cena when he defeated The Cenation Leader to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In that match, Lesnar delivered sixteen suplexes to Cena which coined the term “Suplex City”. In WWE, Lesnar has been a multiple-time WWE Champion and defeated WWE Champion Kofi Kingston on the 20th Anniversary episode of SmackDown in mere seconds to become the new WWE Champion. As of this writing, Lesnar is currently the WWE Champion and is scheduled to face Rey Mysterio in a championship match at Survivor Series 2019.

#4 Triple H

Triple H is currently WWE’s EVP of Talent, Live Events and Creative and the person responsible for being the driving force behind WWE NXT’s booming success as its founder and senior producer. He rarely wrestles nowadays but back in his prime, The Game was one of the top guys in WWE. He was one of the most active and dominant Superstars during WWE’s Attitude Era in the late nineties. In WWE, Triple H has won all the major championships that there is to be won which makes him a Grand Slam Champion. He has also won the King of the Ring tournament and the Royal Rumble battle royal on two occasions.

The King of Kings won his first WWE Championship at a 1999 episode of WWE RAW by defeating the-champion Mankind. He entered the 2016 Royal Rumble match which was contested for the WWE Championship in the number 30 spot and eliminated defending WWE Champion Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to win his ninth WWE Championship. Throughout the reign, The Cerebral Assassin defended against Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and showcased the WWE Universe why he deserved the title run at 47 years of age. He then dropped the title back to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32 in a match that lasted nearly 30 minutes.

Triple H was inducted into the 2019 class of WWE’s Hall of Fame as a part of the D-Generation X stable. But for his contributions to the business, he deserves another nomination in the Hall of Fame as a singles performer.

#3 The Rock

Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson is currently one of the highest-grossing and popular movie stars of all time. But, prior to joining Hollywood and making blockbuster movies, The Rock was a WWE Superstar where he was a multi-time WWE Champion. He still is an influential and popular face of WWE even though he rarely appears on any of its shows. His last appearance came in 2019’s 20th-anniversary episode of WWE SmackDown, the brand whose name was coined after one of his iconic catchphrases. The Great One played a crucial role during WWE’s Attitude Era in the late nineties along with other WWE Superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker. His storied rivalries and feuds with Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin are still talked about to this day.

At Survivor Series 1998, The Rock won his first WWE Championship which was then vacant by defeating Mankind. He then enjoyed multiple reigns with the title before he left the company in 2004 to start his full-time acting career.

The Brahma Bull returned to WWE on February 14, 2011 episode of WWE RAW to reveal that he was the host of WrestleMania XXVII and also started a feud with John Cena. After feuding with Cena for over a year, they faced off against one another in a match at WrestleMania XXVIII.

The Rock won his latest and eighth WWE Championship when he defeated CM Punk at Royal Rumble 2013. He then lost the title to John Cena at WrestleMania XXIX who is next on our list.

#2 John Cena

Even though John Cena has followed in The Rock’s footsteps to transition into the silver screens, he had been the face of WWE for the last decade. He has won the WWE Championship a record 13 times and is a 16-time overall world champion, the most title reigns by any WWE Superstar which is tied with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. He has also won other singles and tag-team titles in WWE which has aptly earned him the nickname of “The Champ”. Other than that, he has also won the Royal Rumble on more than one occasion and the Money in the Bank.

Like a Superstar, Cena has been a part of Monday Night RAW for most of his time but he made his debut on SmackDown on June 27, 2002, by against Kurt Angle. Cena put up a valiant effort but could not defeat the Olympian. Even though Cena lost, he was congratulated by a lot of WWE’s roster, which even included The Undertaker for nearly defeating Angle and became a fan-favorite in the WWE Universe’s eyes.

After that, Cena adopted the character of a trash-talking rapper and dubbed himself as The Doctor of Thuganomics which would later evolve into a heroic character in the later stages of his career.

John Cena won his first world championship when he defeated WWE Champion JBL at WrestleMania 21’s main event. Following that, Cena would win the WWE Championship on numerous occasions throughout his career. He won his last WWE Championship at Royal Rumble 2017 by defeating WWE Champion AJ Styles.

#1 Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin will always be remembered for helping to usher in WWE’s Attitude Era during the late 1990s and early 2000s which helped the company to gain a massive boost in television ratings which helped them to overthrow their rival promotion WCW in the rating war. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s character as a beer-drinking and hellraising antihero character who regularly revolted against the authority and the WWE Chairman Vine McMahon automatically helped him to gain widespread popularity with the WWE Universe.

His feuds with Triple H, The Rock, and Vince McMahon are still talked about to this very day. Throughout his career, Austin has held multiple championships. When Austin won the 1996 King of the Ring tournament by defeating Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts in the finals, he cut a famous promo during his crowning ceremony and gave birth to the iconic catchphrase “Austin 3:16” which has now become synonymous with Stone Cold.

He has won the WWE Championship on six different occasions and won his first championship at WrestleMania XIV by defeating Shawn Michaels. He wrestled his last match against The Rock at the main event of WrestleMania XIX in 2003. Since then, Austin has made sporadic appearances for WWE with his latest appearance being on the September 9, 2019, episode of WWE RAW at Madison Square Garden where he acted as the mediator during Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman’s contract signing and delivered a Stunner to AJ Styles when he came out to interfere them.


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