Interesting games with cheap Steam codes

Interesting games with cheap Steam codes

The Steam online store has plenty of quality games to choose from. There are dozens of MMOs, MOBAs, competitive shooters, and more. Here are the top interesting games on Steam. The list includes games from different genres, so there is plenty to choose from. It also contains only time-tested and community-tested projects.

There are many classic SEGA games featured on Steam. Comix Zone is one of the brightest representatives of the beat`em`up genre. The game tells the story of comic book author Sketch Turner, who involuntarily fell into his own creation, and now must fight the villains and find a way to return to the real world. The stunning design, hilarious jokes and addictive brawls are what made the game so popular. 

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An interesting puzzle platformer in which you have to use the force of gravity to overcome the many tasks assigned to the main character – a funny big-eyed cube. Grav Grav Gravity is a hardcore game. The levels are dotted with sharp thorns and deadly saws and the protagonist moves with great momentum. So get ready for the hardships. However, even if you quit the game without coping with its complexity, you are unlikely to feel sorry for the money spent on it.

Which of the boys in childhood did not arrange tank wars on the pages of school notebooks? PAPER FRONT “revives” the tanks drawn with a ballpoint pen, transferring them to the virtual battlefield.

 The game is a variation on the theme of the immortal Battle City: you choose a tank and destroy enemies in desperate gunfights, getting weapons and bonuses in battles. A fun, uncomplicated arcade game that you won’t mind paying for. 

Legend of Himari is a funny pixel action game in which you have to help a girl named Himari withstand waves of attacking enemies. Despite the primitive picture, the game is fascinating – all thanks to the incessant chopping with the use of weapons and magic, unlocked by characters and bosses.

By the way, if you enjoy the game, check out the Taimumari platformer, which costs a little more, and again focuses on the adventures of the cute sorceress Himari.

Another classic beat`em`up game Streets of Rage invites players to get used to the role of police officers who have decided to fight the crime that has swept the city, relying not on the orders of the corrupt bosses, but on their own fists.

Streets of Rage is an excellent cooperative action game for playing together on one computer, with variable gameplay, hundreds of enemies and dozens of bosses. Good and nostalgic adventure game!

Out There Somewhere is a 2D platformer inspired by Cave Story, Super Metroid and Portal, in which you explore a dangerous world while trying to get some fuel for your spaceship. Out There Somewhere can boast of fairly high difficulty, good musical accompaniment and not boring puzzles.

Music Racer is an arcade racing game in which you race across tracks created from tracks from your music collection. Like Audiosurf, only cheaper.

The game generates tracks using music files and YouTube videos, and the difficulty of the race directly depends on the intensity of the track – a classic composition will surely seem boring to you, but some grindcore will seriously challenge your reflexes. All this is done in a wonderful futuristic setting with customizable cars.

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equip emotes in COD Mobile-

How to equip emotes in COD Mobile?

There has been a significant increase in the number of COD Mobile players after the Season 9 update, as the developers have completely redesigned the game, bringing many new features to it. Call of Duty is a well-known gaming series, while has also its mobile version, COD Mobile, which has become quite popular among gaming fans and features to modes, Multiplayer and battle royale.

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Emotes are prevalent in many games and COD Mobile is not an exception. The game has a variety of emotes, which players can get from the store through crates or events within the game. From exclusive bundles, skins even emotes can also be obtained in COD Mobile. The game includes a variety of emotes that can be used in both Multiplayer and battle royale mode and usually are used by players to show their dominance over other opponents. Anyway, for those who do not know how to equip these emotes, you have come to the right article.


Follow the steps below to create equip emotes in COD Mobile:

  • Step1: Open COD Mobile and click at the ‘Loadout‘ icon at the bottom of the main menu.
  • Step 2: Once you open Loadout, click the ‘Customization’ button.
  • Step 3: After that the emotes you have available will appear on the screen.
  • Step 4: Click the Equip button, once you have selected the emote you want.
Loadout Customization interface in Call of Duty Mobile

How to use emotes in COD Mobile?

To use emotes in COD Mobile, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: While in the game, click the ‘Thumbs-up’ icon present beside the settings button.
  • Step 2: When the emote loadout opens up, click the desired emote
  • Step 3: Now the character will perform the emote

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So simple. Keep in mind that this article, while it may seem unnecessary to a part that often plays the game, is aimed at beginners. We can all get confused sometimes. So what do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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god mode GTA V

How to get god mode in GTA 5?

How to access God Mode?

The GTA franchise has had a long history with cheat codes and a tradition that Rockstar still upholds in its games. Not many games as big as GTA today allow players to have cheat codes in order to make the game easier, or just more interesting. Players have used cheat codes in GTA games since the beginning, even GTA V has some fun cheat codes.

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Access God Mode on GTA 5

God Mode, as it has become known, is a cheat code available at all games, including the GTA franchise. However, the game allows God Mode to be activated for only 5 minutes.

  • Xbox 360 / Xbox One: Right, A, Right, Left, Right, RB, Right, Left, A, Y.
  • PS3 / PS4: Right, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Left, X, Triangle.
  • Cell Phone: 1-999-724-654-5537.

This cheat code allows the player to make their character unbreakable and reduce damage in GTA V. However, it can only be activated for 5 minutes, and players must re-code for this cheat after a while. When the code is entered, the player is essentially invincible and can cause immortal amounts of chaos. God Mode has always been one of the most popular cheats in all types of games.

Previously, the GTA franchise allowed players to enter cheat codes on the PC in the game or in the Pause menu, simply by pressing it. However, cheat codes must be entered on the console when playing GTA V. To bring the console during the game, press the “~” Key on your keyboard while playing the game. This will bring up the console that can be used to enter cheat codes.

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Best Offline Games Like GTA

Top 3 Best Offline Games Like GTA

GTA has revolutionized the open-world RPG gameplay for which the game is known. The only thing fans believed he lacked, the online multiplayer game, Rockstar also brought it. GTA Online is an extended multiplayer game that you will probably never get bored of. However, if you have a terrible internet connection and want to play games in single-player mode, then there are many games that only offer offline gameplay.

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3 Best Offline Games Like GTA

If you are looking for some offline games similar to GTA, then below we hare three options to consider:

#1. Just Cause

The Just Cause franchise has decided to keep things offline for their fans so far. The game does not have a multiplayer mode but executes extremely well the single-player game. Set in an open-world where you can explore the environment to your heart’s content while collecting weapons and engaging in adventurous missions, Just Cause resembles GTA in many ways.

#2. L.A. Noire

Another great game from Rockstar, L.A. Noire will remind you of GTA all the time you play it. Set in Los Angeles City from the 1940s, the player takes on the character of a Los Angeles Police Department cop and later, a detective. Unlike GTA, you play as a good guy who investigates and knows the patterns of every crime. If too much action, chaos, and criminal investigations are the thing that attracts you, L.A. Noire should be on your to-do list to try.

#3. Sleeping Dogs

A police officer forced to make morally controversial and difficult decisions in a story; Sleeping Dogs is one of the best open-world crime games ever created. You play the game like Wei Shen, a Sino-US police officer who must pretend to be a gangster and infiltrate the gangs that rule over Hong Kong. The really sophisticated action and the extremely versatile story that ties the game together are enough in themselves and do not require a multiplayer mode.


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Websites to Get League of Legends Tips

Best Websites to Get League of Legends Tips

League of Legends is one of the most played games in the world by the players. This game has become very famous by the time and almost 100 million gamers are involved in this platform. Millions of players play this game every month and herein, we can say that a lot of things are there about this game which would be very interesting to know and disseminate to other players who are playing this game. If you also want to play Legend of Counters, then you need to get some of the tips regarding the game so that you can play conveniently. Here are the names of some of the website which may assist you in getting the tips about League of Legends.

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Here are the names of some of the famous websites from where players can manage to get the tips of this world-famous game.Many of them are still facing initial problems while playing this game but Lol boosting has all the solutions. It provides a roaster of coaches who excel at understanding the league of legends. They can help you identify your weak points and become a better player overall. After visiting these websites, you will able to find the simplest ways to conquer the game.

  • Lolclass

This is one of the frequently visited websites by the players of League of Legends. This website is very much helpful for beginners and also for those who are playing for a long time. This website is extremely helpful for beginners for getting tips as they can use their time on focusing on the current meta.

This website is apt for the players in every means. If you are going to visit this website, then you will be facilitated with the guides and several blogs which will initially help them in a better understanding of their favorite champions. Whatever details you will gather from the website will help you in playing the game more consciously because it will let you know about the new tactics and the new positions of the champions in the game. Based on all the above facts, we can say that this website is quite apt for the players of Legends.

  • Mobafire

We all know that strategy is very much important for any type of fight or battle. This website will allow you to get the counter stats of the game, where you will be able to know how the player played against each other in the game. This is quite useful for all those players who are playing the game. This feature of the website is quite relevant for all the players of League of the Legends.

  • tv

If you are dreaming to be the best player in League of Legends, then you must visit this website. This website is very much information regarding the game and tells you about the skills that are needed while playing the game. You can get some of the best tips from this website. We all know that rigorous practice yields in best results and this website is intended to make you a professional player. All you need to do is to follow the tips of this website sincerely.

  • Surrender at 20

This website is of much importance for those who are busy in playing League of Legends. A lot of tips are imparted on this website which may be crucial for those who are trying to get them. The detailed guides are available which tells us how patches will change the champions. This website will also let you know about the upcoming skins and allow you to check that you can play a nerf or a buff.

  • Riot Esports

This is an important news website from where you can get the news of the League of Legends. You can visit this website to get the information about the tournaments, team updates, discussion regarding patch changes, and several other information about the game. You can use this website for getting information regarding professional tournaments. All in all, we can say that this is one of the relevant websites for getting the tips of League of Legends.

League of Legends is one of the most played games in the whole world. Players are playing this game, but they are in dire need of the tips, so they can visit any of the above websites for getting plenty of tips regarding the game.

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emotes in GTA Online

How to use emotes in GTA Online

There are many ways that GTA Online players can boast in front of their opponents, in the most familiar way, is through emotes

Although GTA V is about a decade old as a game, a new bunch of players have been added recently, as the game came for free at the Epic Games Store. To move forward, once you have built a decent arsenal of weapons, you need to know how to emulate.

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More or less like tea-bagging at Call of Duty or dancing at Fortnite, emoting at GTA Online is simply a beautiful and gallant way to celebrate a kill.

However, if you are not using a mic, it can be a way to communicate with other players, especially if you want to make peace. These emote are not a science to use. Just follow the guide below step by step:

How to use emotes in GTA Online step by step Guide:

  1. Open the interaction menu in GTA Online – press the back button on the console or M on the PC
  2. Go to ‘style’ and press “A/X” on the console or “Enter” on PC
  3. Go to ‘Action’ and go beyond the options menu until you find an emote you like
  4. Go back to the interaction menu to save it as an emote you like
  5. Press two thumbsticks on the console/Caps Lock on the PC to start making emojis

Choosing an emote in the style menu will allow you to make a certain animation as you walk through Los Santos, either casually or during a mission. However, you can also use emotes in different situations that you see fit.

Emoting is fun, especially if you calculate it properly, but beware of players who don’t know how to recognize the joke.

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Here’s how to play GTA V with incredible graphics

A new version of Grand Theft Auto V NaturalVision mod has been released online, further improving the game’s graphics.

A new NaturalVision Evolved mod trailer has been posted recently to show all the new changes. This mod has always looked good since its first version, but Evolved brought things to a whole new level.

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NaturalVision Evolved (NVE) is an ongoing project that is currently in the early stages of access. Numerous changes have been made in the game environments, the lighting system, the colors of the environments, the textures of the world, etc.,” reads her description.

Grand Theft Auto V NaturalVision Evolved mod is currently available in Patreons. The older version of this mod can be found in GTA 5 Mods.

There is no better time to introduce GTA 5 than now. The Premium Edition of the game, which also includes bonuses at GTA Online is free at the Epic Games Store. The game itself is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It is also available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but the older generation version has long stopped supporting GTA Online.

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Premier League Sllenge SBC

How to Make Premier League Sllenge SBC in FIFA 20

The Premier League Sllenge SBC is live on FIFA 20 and players can get a Rare Electrum Players Pack for cheaper than it usually costs

As the name suggests, the SBC Premier League Challenge focuses on the best English football league, which is appropriate given that the Premier League TOTSSF was released on Friday, May 1st.

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Although, unlike some other challenges for team building, you don’t have to build five or six teams and spend a few hundred thousand coins. Instead, you only need to build a team that contains at least three English players.

  • #players from England: Min 3
  • Same League count: Max 4
  • Same Club count: Max 2
  • Rare players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 75
  • Team Chemistry: Min 85
  • Reward: Rare Electrum Players Pack

Cost and solutions of SBC Premier League Challenge

While there is only one team to build, the cost of the challenge is not that costly. According to FUTBIN, it will take you about 7k on Xbox, 6k on PlayStation, and about 5k on PC.

However, if you are on a very tight budget, we have a handful of SBC solutions that must bear the cost of the challenge under that of a normal gold package.

However, unfortunately, this challenge cannot be repeated, so you will be able to get a Rare Electrum Players Pack, for a quite low cost. Anyway, you will have the opportunity to get one of the Premier League Team of the Season So Far cards, so the time and can definitely be worth it.

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