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Choosing the Best Hong Kong International Schools Just Got Simpler-Know How

Selecting an international school for a child is absolutely an individual matter. After all who knows the best about your child, it is you. It is you who understands the dreams, values and logistics of your family the best. It is not necessary that your child’s friend’s school will be the best for him/her too. With international schools in Hong Kong multiplying at a huge rate the selection process has turned more complicated. But not anymore as below are some tips that will help you in making the right choice.

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  • Perform Your Homework- Prior to selecting an international school for your child, prioritize what is vital for the child considering the language, academics or the other forms of extracurricular activities. Besides practicalities mainly schedules of the bus is a vital point under your decision process.
  • Personal Contact- Try visiting the school. It is highly recommended to see a couple of schools and not stick to just one as it is through comparison that you will get to know what is valued the most in any educational setting. Although this is time-consuming but is indeed worth it. To know more about the best school in Hong Kong,visit
  • Communicate with Real Parents- The moment you are satisfied with a particular school ensure to communicate with parents whose kids underwent the program and know more about their individual experiences. Schools increasingly are telling parents in acting as the parent ambassador. This though is a smart move that should be encouraged; they are always the school’s advocates. Being fans they are likely to evangelize instead of assisting you in evaluating the merits and demerits. So additionally, reach out to parents that left the school or college as well as ask them the reason.
  • Speak to Real Students- Often schools tend to present the finest students to parents during events and school tours. These students of course are specially picked as well as trained for following the script. Speak to them yet also find real students that have passed, students that have left and students who failed. You can take the help of upper secondary students for helping with your kid’s homework or observing and babysitting how they will be conducting themselves. It will provide you with interesting insights particularly if you happen to evaluate any secondary school.
  • Avoid Applying Everywhere- When you follow this, you can get a list of schools or colleges which cater most of your criteria as well as where you possess the decent chance to get accepted. For best results apply in five to six schools at the most.

The bottom line is, filling a form after completing your homework, seeing the school in person and talking to students and parents you can peacefully make the final decision. Next time you or any of your acquaintance looks for a good international school in Hong Kong just simply keep these points in mind and you can never go wrong. Choose wisely after all it is about your child’s foundation.


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Asus ROG Phone: Is it the best gaming phone?

Asus ROG Phone: Is it the best gaming phone?

Your smartphones are not more left in a shell of calling, cameras and music player now. You can go for extraordinary features too by paying some extra grand or bucks for that. Just like that, gaming smartphones are the ones who have caught the attention of smartphone users last year. Along with the better camera, sleek looks and high-end features, these devices are particularly designed for gamers. So, these devices offer high-end processor pair with 6-8 gigs of RAM and a powerful GPU too.

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Asus just like that has launched its ROG Phone which is specifically inclined towards gaming experience. Not only Asus, but many companies’ products like Razor Phone, Xiaomi Black Shark, and Nubia Red Magic have already entered in this niche of smartphones.

Asus ROG Phone has now entered the gaming niche of smartphone devices with features like 90Hz display, design tweaks at the price tag of Rs. 69,999. But at this high range, do you really need this device? You can check out the availability with Amazon Coupons to get best rates.


Asus ROG Phone packs a 6-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. The screen is full-HD AMOLED with Gorilla Glass ) protection for scratch resistance. Above the screen, it bears a selfie cam with some sensors and a notification light. Also, it gets a stereo firing speakers which are very powerful.

Particularly designed for games, Asus ROG comes from the company’s gaming series laptops. Asus sets the phones with a dual cam setup, an LED Flash, and a polygon-shaped fingerprint sensor. It sounds weirder but Asus ROG gets an irregular design. Why would a company use that?

Also, the fingerprint sensor is not in the perfect position but when you get used to it, it will seem fine. Like Razor device, this device also gets a ROG logo with RGB lighting. The rear gets a Gorilla Glass 5 back for smudge proofing and scratch resistance. Coming to the overall design, the device gets a unique look which some users might love.

ROG Phone also packs three ultrasonic sensors on its frame known as “AirTriggers”. While two of them are on the right side, the other one is on the lower left. The right ones are touch-sensitive buttons which can be used while gaming in landscape mode. On the other hand, the left one can be triggered when you are playing in portrait mode.

Performance and Software

Under the hood sits a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with clocking at 2.96GHz. The device bears carbon pads, cooling chamber and heat spreaders for heat dissipation which will cool and help the device in heavy loads.

The chipset is paired with 8GB RAM and 128GB onboard non-expandable storage. Though a 512GB version is also available, Asus has still launched the 128GB one in India.

The device supports HDR and has 90Hz refresh rate to produce a great color gamut. Also, you can control the refresh rate between 60Hz to 90Hz- a selectable tweaking of display output.

The device runs Android Oreo 8.1 out of the box with ROG UI on top. Coming to the phone connectivity, the device has a Bluetooth 5, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac, WiGig, Wi-Fi direct, NFC, and five satellite location systems. This Asus has also brought its own Game Center app where you can have access to the CPU and GPU temperature as well as current amounts of RAM and storage being used on the smartphone. You can also tryout this one with Paytm Mall Coupons to get best prices.

Camera and Battery Life

Coming to the camera, ROG Phone gets a dual rear camera setup with 12MP primary camera and a secondary 8MP camera with f/1.7 and f/2.2 aperture respectively. With AI technology, the camera is far from good and gets a pretty amazing picture. You will get different modes like Beauty, Pro, Super Resolution, Panorama, and Slow Motion modes. Moreover, Auto HDR and Night HDR is also packed.

The front camera is of 8MP with f/2.0 aperture and captures pretty fine selfies with detailed aesthetics.

Coming to the battery life, Asus ROG Phone delivers quite fine battery which can last up to one and a half typical day. With its 30W charger, you can charge the phone up to 85 percent in an hour pretty fast.


Asus ROG Phone is quite a great gaming phone if you are looking for this niche phone. At the price of 70 grand, the device offers everything which a perfect gaming device must offer. So for me, it is a thumbs up

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So what do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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The Importance of Water Treatment Solutions,

What is Water Softener all about?

The water Softener is only an unusual sort of “channel” that evacuates the calcium and magnesium in hard water by utilizing plastic dots and cleans itself. There are chances of having other minerals in your home’s water rather than just having H2O. Water quality varies relying upon where you live and from where you are getting the water.

Ion exchange process:There is a process used in Water Softeners known as ion exchange procedure. With the application of this procedure, limestone or rock like minerals can be removed from the water quickly. It’s vital to recollect that soft water isn’t salt water; it just contains a little measure of sodium because of the application of the ion exchange process. Ordinarily not as much as eating two ounces of cheddar!

However, what we need to understand is that water doesn’t accompany a guidance manual.  One impact of hard water is that soaps and detergents won’t be able to make a good lather. Rather than dissolving totally, Soap gets mixed with minerals, and they might cause clogged pipelines. Disposal of metals from the hard water is the answer to the solution. While there are synthetic medications that do this, the most well-known answer is water Softener.

Cons of Hard Water:

Hard water is the water that presents with a higher mineral substance conversely with water that has a moderately low mineral substance. It is the measure of minerals, magnesium carbonate, and calcium carbonate in your water. Proof that you may have hard water in your house is cleanser filth found on shower tiles, baths, and bowls, or film left on the body that outcome in limp hair and dry skin. Different approaches to distinguish hard water are on the off chance that you see a diminished cleaning capacity in cleansers and cleansers, bringing about a decreased existence of apparel and shabby clothing. There may likewise be an expanded development of scale on cooking utensils and pipes installations, and also stopped up filters and shower apparatuses. The ideal approach to decide if your water is hard is to get it tried.

Hard water represents no wellbeing peril. Then again, the sodium that remaining parts in mellowed water might be an issue for those on sodium-confined weight control plans. Other individuals may wish to stay away from the marginally salty taste of water. In either case, you can introduce a different water container that sidesteps the softener. You additionally can utilize potassium chloride rather than salt, even though this expenses around three to multiple times more.

Why use water Softener?

There are numerous advantages to utilizing a water softener in your home or business. They give a superior taste, and an excellent smell as the filter expels bacterial contaminants and chlorine. Hard water filters can help decline one’s danger of creating colon malignancy, rectal disease, and bladder malignant growth by dispensing with chlorine and its results from drinking water. Utilizing a water filter can likewise give more beneficial and cleaner water to cooking and is more advantageous.


a circular saw

Best brands for a circular saw

Best brands for a circular saw:

Circular saws are one of the major tools present in the toolkit of a technician, a carpenter, and a craftsman. The work related to construction, remodeling of furniture and other objects is all dealt with the help of this circular saw as this provides the basis for cutting and slicing the hard surfaces like wood, stones, and metal. There are different designs of and features provides by different brands of circular tool that enable you to use them for different objects. To know about these features will help you know which circular saw will suit the best for the type of work you intend to do:

Here a few top brands under which circular saws are available:

  1. Rockwell RK3440K:

This is a model that lets you work with a light mode. It is not the full size featured but works best when you want to place cuts in the tough materials with an economic grip at the same time. The extraction of dust from its dust port is very efficient. It lets the user feel at ease as less labor is required to operate it. The motor is of 4 amps, yet you will find it very powerful.

  1. Makita SP6000J1:

This circular saw is also made up of the light metal of magnesium in order to reduce the weight of it. The motor employed is of 12 amps. The robust motor lets you put in a little less effort and helps introduce ease into the work.  The operation of Makita circular saw ends in a precise splinter-free cutting. There is a 55” rail guide, and the tool weighs 16.5 pounds. A unique feature of Makita circular saw is that it allows the user to operate the blade at a varying speed depending upon the material being cut and the type of work done. The speed can be varied from 2000 – 5200 rpm.

  1. Skilsaw SPT77WML-01:

The lightweight and professionally used Skilsaw is as tough as it looks. It employs a motor of 13 amp power. Due to its high power quality, it cuts the lines and curves very easily and efficiently. The angle of beveling ranges from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. It has the cut ready depth system. The motor is of no-load quality, and the speed of its rotation is 5,300 rpm. Its weight is also moderate of 11.5 pounds. The engine of this circular saw is lined with leading-edge magnesium to reduce the overall weight and to reduce the fatigue of arm.

  1. DeWalt DWE575SB:

It is grouped as the most classic circular saw and is powerful as well as light at the same time. The bevel adjustment lets you cut at the angle between 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. The maximum beveling capacity is 57 degrees. The speed of rotation of the motor is 5100 rpm. It has a special feature of the electronic braking system. It has the new expanding depth facility of more than 2.5 inches. There is a light system that helps keep track of line to be cut.


Reduce your Plastic Waste

6 Easy Ways to Reduce your Plastic Waste Today

Plastic pollution is one of the major issues that is destroying this planet. There is no doubt that people are aware of this fact more than ever. Although this awareness is crucial, it does not help until consumers start taking required steps. And, that is to minimize plastic use. It is true that plastic products have become a necessity. But, you can practice these following steps to control paste waste.

1.  Buy Food in Bulk

Purchasing single-serving food may come in handy when you are on the go. Many students and working persons find it convenient to get food in disposable containers. You can change this habit by buying food in bulk.

Almost all the stores sell granolas, dried fruits, pasta, grains, or other items in bulk. You can purchase food this way and reduce using plastic containers.

Take note that buying food items this way will save you money as well. Moreover, you can bring your refillable containers to the stores as well. This way, you will stop using store’s plastic bags.

2.  Plastic-Free Party

Whether it is a bridal shower or birthday party, everyone finds plastic utensils easy to use. This is because most of them are for single-use. You use a plastic disposable glass to drink for once and throw it.

However, you are unaware of how much time it takes to decompose it. Therefore, you need to look for ways that let you party without using plastic stuff. For example, you can ask friends to bring extra plates or cups so you can serve everyone.

It may sound difficult to arrange a party this way at first. But, when you disclose the real cause of doing it, your family and friends might as well start organizing plastic-free parties.

3.  Do not Buy Balloons

Balloons that look fun and beautiful, attract children all over the world. However, these balloons are made of plastic and contribute to damage environment. Not only this, balloons are fly high and reach different areas. They destroy the environment in different ways.

According to a survey, birds mistook them as a material to make a nest. Moreover, balloons are threatening for wildlife as well. Hence, this factor can become a great way to let children know about the damages plastic product caused to the environment and air.

By not buying balloons, you are actually protecting your environment. And when it comes to celebration, you can always for the options such as paper lanterns and tissue garlands.

4. Consume Tap Water

You may have seen several companies selling water in plastic bottles. Once you finish this water, you end up throwing the bottle in the bin. These bottles along with other plastic products pose a serious threat to the environment which is preventable.

You can replace this bottled water with tap water. People who take their water consumption seriously can tell that all water tastes the same. So, you can totally rely on the tap water and store it in reusable bottles. Reusable water bottles are safe and durable. Not only this, you can reuse, recycle, and reduce using extra plastic this way too.

5. Glass Containers

If you really want to protect the environment, recycle all your plastic containers and do not use them again. And, start using glass containers to food, spices, or even sauces. Glass products are sturdy and environmentally friendly.

6. Switch to Soap Bars

Liquid soaps or body washes are convenient. But, they come in either plastic container or bottles which is not healthy. So, you can opt for good quality bar soaps to minimize plastic use.

Bottom Line

There are numerous ways to reduce plastic use. You can begin by taking small steps and stop using daily items that come in plastic containers. This way, you can reuse bottles and containers and reduce the hassle of recycling. Moreover, when you stop using excess plastic, you are sure to protect the environment.


OnePlus 6, a rival of the iPhone X but with half the price

OnePlus 6, a rival of the iPhone X but with half the price

The whole front of it is the screen, practically all with glass. There is a relatively small side at the bottom of the screen where it joins the body, but the frames are narrow around the sides and at the top.

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OnePlus has embraced what appears to be the smartphone trend for 2018, the “notch” – the upper part of the screen trimmed on the screen to make room for the sensors, the loudspeaker and a 16-megapixel camera. The AMOLED display of 6.28 is large, bright, with great viewing angles.

Also new to OnePlus 6 is a rear of the glass, available in both options, mats and mirrors, which makes the phone feel really entertaining in hand. However, there are some weaknesses in the back, where we mention that it is not slippery in the hand and the screen surface gathers fingerprints like a magnet.

Scratches are also inevitable and will be less powerful if you crash it. Fortunately, OnePlus is one of the small non-Apple manufacturers that offers very good products.

Zero delay

When OnePlus claims there is no delay of any kind, this is no joke. The entire system is extremely fast in all directions, from switching applications to camera launch.

The battery life is good but not good enough. OnePlus 6 lasted 29 hours on the battery, starting at 7 on the first day and extending until noon on the second day. Even during these hours there was a maximum use of smartphone services.

Charging is really fast through the Dash charger, reaching 30% from 0 to 17 minutes, 70% to 38 minutes, and a full charge in just under 90 minutes.

OxygenOS 5.1

OnePlus puts a customized Android version on its phones called OxygenOS, this time based on Android 8.1 Oreo, which is the latest available with Android P coming in the summer.

OxygenOS is a slightly refined version of the so-called “stock” Android with add-ons and small tools, such as the ability to duplicate certain messaging applications including WhatsApp. OxygenOS 5.1 in OnePlus 6 is smoother and more refined, comparing it to Google’s Pixel 2 speed.

Missing the Google Feed panel, instead of what OnePlus has called widget containing widgets. Personalization options include the ability to exchange traditional Android navigation buttons, gesture back buttons similar to those used on the iPhone X, and a choice to hide or hide it from the status bar.


OnePlus has tried hard to compete with Apple, Google, Samsung and now Huawei when it comes to the camera. OnePlus 6 has a 16 + 20 megapixel camera system on the back.

Use both color cameras to enhance detail and low light performance, as well as provide a pretty good portrait mode. The camera has improved a lot, producing some really enjoyable, highly detailed and colorful images in good lighting.

Low light performance is also significantly better than last year’s phone and the application is simple and easy to use. But OnePlus 6 is not compared to Huawei P20 Pro or Google Pixel 2. It can not have any real noise features and lack optical zoom, but most will be very happy with the images.

The front camera is very good, saving a large amount of detail, even in very poor fluorescence.

Optional beauty mode also manages soft skin without wiping the beard, which is better than most. OnePlus 6 lacks the slider-motion 960fps that 2018 competitors have, but will record a very good 720p at 480fps as long as you want.


OnePlus 6 is available in three colors and three variants in storage space. It starts at 469 pounds with a black finish, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

The 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space costs 519 pounds in white, glossy or black, while an 8GB of RAM, 256GB of black color costs 569 pounds.

If compared to the Huawei P20 Pro 6.1-inch, it costs 799 pounds with 128GB of space, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro 6in with 128GB costs 699 pounds, the Samsung Galaxy S9 + 6.2in ​​costs 869 pounds with 128GB of space, the Google Pixel 2 XL 6in with The 64GB costs 799 pounds, the Honor 10 6in with 128GB costs 450 pounds and the iPhone 5.8in with 64GB costs 999 pounds.


OnePlus 6 is a premium device that provides the required services in exchange for a price under 500 pounds. Starting at 469 pounds, it’s certainly not a cheap smartphone, but it’s less than half the cost of the Apple iPhone X and much cheaper than Samsung.

Offering a high performance on the inside, it makes it one of the best smartphone experiences available at that offered price. On the contrary, OnePlus 6 shows that no matter what merchants say, you do not have to pay 700 pounds up to 1,000 euros for a really great phone.


What do you think of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.

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