The 5th generation of Apple Watch has a screen that stays on always

Apple unveiled some new models of Apple Watch on Tuesday. 5th Generation Apple Watch with “always on” screen.

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It looks identical to the Apple Watch Series 4. The smart watch automatically adjusts the screen brightness so that when you lower your arm, the brightness decreases.

The screen has LTPO technology with adaptive refresh frequency. In other cases it may drop to 1Hz. So Apple can achieve 18 hours of battery life with the screen on.

Apple Watch has a built-in compass and app that shows direction, width and length. It is very useful when you are hiking.

When it comes to emergency calls, Apple will offer it in 150 countries around the world. When you hold down the button it automatically contacts emergency services.

Aluminum models come in silver, gold and gray. The watch case is made of 100% recycled aluminum. The steel models are in gold, black and gray.

Finally two titanium models and one ceramic model are offered. Apple has also decided to update special editions with Nike and Hermes.

Apple Watch Series 5 with GPS starts at $399. For $499 you get a wireless model. Orders start today and the clock is in stores on September 20th.

Apple Watch Series 3 introduced in 2017 will be sold now for $199.

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