social security card

It is only during employment that it is mandatory to furnish the social security card for verification. Otherwise, in most other situations providing the social security number or SSN should suffice. However, you must ensure that the social security card is always available with you so that you can furnish it when required. This does not mean that you should carry it in your purse that could increase the risk of losing it in case you lose your wallet. While it might not be a big issue to deal with lost documents, it could be quite painful if you lose your Social Security Card because you must arrange for replacement social security cards by online application. In spite of doing their best for safe preservation of social security card, people still lose it and getting back the card is quite a bit of a process.

Application filing websites

You can contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) and initiate the online application filing process on your own. But you might face difficulties to wade through the complex requirements of information and providing documents along with the application that can be quite confusing for the common man.

To make things easy, you can file the application by seeking professional help from organizations created exclusively for guiding people to file the online application correctly in the first attempt without wasting time. The websites of the application filing companies are private agencies that do not have any connections with SSA but thoroughly conversant with the procedures and documentation that makes the process of applying completely hassle-free. By using special software and providing a completely safe and secured online environment, they complete the process by maintaining complete confidentiality of client data.

Documents required

Even before you start the process of filing application, you must keep the documents ready that would be needed for the application process.  You must prove your identity with the help of a US passport or a state-issued non-driver identification card or a driver’s license.  Sometimes it might be required to prove your US citizenship or legal non- citizen status with the help of a passport or a birth certificate. The documents must be in original or at best copies certified by the issuing authority, but no photocopies or notarized documents are acceptable.

Free replacement

After applying for a replacement card, you will get a card issued free of cost. The SSA does not charge any money for issuing a replacement card. However, you are entitled to 3 replacements in a year, and throughout your life, you can get 10 such replacements. The limits apply to cards requested for replacement when lost, stolen or damaged and not for updates of status, legal name changes and other exceptions.

After verification of documents and ensuring that the filing of application is error free, you will receive the card through mail at the address mentioned in the application. The name on the replacement card as well as the number will be the same as the earlier or original card.



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