Royole FlexPai 2 5G

CEO Bill Liu announced that the FlexPai 2 is on sale through the Royole website

At the end of March, we were introduced to an early look at the second generation of foldable-screen phone, the Royole FlexPai 2 5G. This phone comes with a flexible OLED panel and a format similar to Huawei Mate X.

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The new panel should have a better folding angle, better screen performance, and most importantly wrinkle reduction during folding. FlexPai 2 should have debuted in the first quarter of 2020 but today the wait is over.

In a virtually broadcast event, CEO Bill Liu announced that the FlexPai 2 is on sale through the Royole website. The base model has 8GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB UFS3.0 storage priced at $1,470 while the 12GB/512GB variant costs $1,710. Both are already available for sale.

The fodable screen is a step forward for Royole. The panel of Flexpai 2 folds outwards thus becoming a dual-screen smartphone when the hinge is at 180 degrees. This technology is called Cicada Wing 3S by the company and it is “mirror-like smooth”, no creases whatsoever after over 1,8 million folds.

Compared to the competition Royole has set quite aggressive prices. The Huawei Mate X costs $2,510 while Samsung is asking $1,999 for the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The FlexPai 2 has a Snapdragon 865 processor, 7.8-inch unfolded panel 1920 × 1440 pixels with 4:3 ratio, four rear cameras and stereo speakers.

Folded the main screen is a 16:9 5.5-inches while the one after the secondary is 5.4-inches with a 16:10 ratio. The main sensor of the rear cameras is 64-megapixel. The phone comes with Android 10 with its dedicated WaterOS 2.0 interface and a 4,450 mAh battery with QC 4.0 fast-charging capabilities at 18 W.

The phone supports 5G connectivity with all the popular bands, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, and has a USB-C 3.1 port. It will be sold through’s own website and will be available starting from September 25 in three color variants Silver, Black or Gold.

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